MailGet allows you to connect multiple SMTP services with your account to send email campaigns.

In this article, we are going to discuss connecting Gmail SMTP with MailGet to send bulk emails. Gmail only allow sending 150 email in a day in the initial phase.

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Connect Gmail SMTP with MailGet – 



Step 1:  Go to your MailGet Dashboard and Click on the “Settings” tab.

Step 2: First you need to click on Other SMTP on the left panel.  Now SMTP section gets visible, where you can add new SMTP service.

Step 3:  Now click on “ADD NEW SMTP” button at the bottom of the right panel to add new SMTP service.

Step 4: Fill all the required information in the form.

From EmailAdd email address from which you want to send emails. Eg: (Senders email) In your case it’s your email address.  

SMTP Name: You can set any name to recognize Gmail  SMTP.



USERNAME/API: Gmail accounts login email address.

PASSWORD/Secret KEY: Gmail account login password.

Step 5: Now hit the green button to “SAVE SMTP CREDENTIALS” to save details.

If information is correct, then you are ready for sending the email. Otherwise, you will get an error message.


Here is the image to show if your credential is correct.

Now you have successfully connected your MailGet account with Gmail SMTP.


Changes in Gmail settings –

Before connecting Gmail with MailGet, You have to make some changes in your Gmail account settings.

Step 1:  Go to your Gmail dashboard and Click on the “My Account” tab.


Step 2:  After then click on Signing in to Google link.


Step 3: After clicking on Signing in to Google a new page will openYou have to keep the 2-Step verification off, if you’re using it.


Step 4:  Now click on “Connected apps & sites” link on the left panel.

Step 5: And in the last step set Allow less secure apps: ON.



Step 6: Click on this link , just make sure you are login to your Gmail account.

If you are not logged in then please make a Gmail login to your account after clicking this link.

By clicking this link we enable the google captcha security . See the image below:

captcha security


google captcha enable



Now you can use your Gmail SMTP to send emails from MailGet.