If you are an architect designer, engineer, contractor or any construction agencies and aiming to launch a construction website, then you will be pleased to know that there are some construction WordPress themes which are specially designed for these sectors.

These imposing WordPress themes help you to connect directly and effortlessly with your clients through its contact us page. The themes are intuitive with so many advanced features like it is highly customizable, comes with drag & drop interfaces to make your work easier, play/pause image slider to show your business images, portfolios, project details and several other.

By using these free and premium WordPress themes you can create a better website for your construction company, innovation companies, home builders and more. Most of the themes here are fully encapsulated with WooCommerce plugin, google map, and inbuilt lead generation form.

Furthermore, we have added few more blogs which might be helpful for your latest business projects.

Scroll down and find all these popular builder WordPress themes which are listed below:

1. Build & Design: Builder WordPress theme

(An effective solution for construction & building company)

Build & Design WordPress theme lets you create a personalized construction website within a minute with its easy to use visual composer.

Instead of providing an endless feature, the theme also gives you a highly customizable attribute that let you change every part of your website according to your requirements.

Moreover, the theme is well integrated with google map plugin and customer quotation form through which your customer can request for any construction service on your website at any time.

Build & Design Construction WordPress Theme

Pricing –

This responsive build & design WordPress theme costs you only $79 & provides you free updates, instant product access etc.

You can also join its membership at $49/m & get 3500+ WP themes with 24*7 live support.

Aspects of Builder WordPress Theme-

  • On its project/portfolio section, you can define your best work, companies’ achievements, core values and so on.
  • It provides an inbuilt lead capture form so that your customer can easily get in touch with you.
  • The theme has a play/pause full-width slider to showcase your images.
  •  Its 3-column homepage service section lets you showcase all your services.

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2. Architect: Architecture WordPress Theme

( Specific for architecture firms & innovation construction companies)

An architect is a great-looking modern WordPress theme designed by the InkTheme team.

It is a well-documented template which comes with so many powerful & popular features like WooCommerce integration which allow you to develop an eCommerce site. Also, you will get a beautiful image slider to flourish your best architect images, a link panel to exhibit your multiple services, project details, achievements and a lot more.

Apart from these, its CSS code customizer gives you a full control over your website so that you can edit or re-edit each element on your website.

architect Construction WordPress Theme

Pricing –

Install this advanced search engine layout at $79 and get its lifetime benefits with the 24*7 support forum.

Aspects of Architecture WordPress Theme-

  • It supports Ajax based admin panel which provides ease for your customer to search multiple things on your site.
  • The theme provides a visual customizer so that you can modify anything on your website without touching a technical code.
  • Its simplistic widgetized footer section grants you to add multiple widgets such as video, posts, blogs, gallery and several more.
  • The theme provides a breadcrumb background image which makes your website more imposing.

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3. CustomHouse: House Building Templates

( Specialized for home builders, home designers and all type of house building companies.)

CustomHouse is a flexible & customizable WordPress theme created for various house building agencies. The theme comes with a one-page layout which makes your customer more comfortable with your website.

It contains several interesting features like parallax background in feature gallery section which gives a wondrous look to your homepage and a full-width slider image with description.

In spite of this, you will also get a customizable business logo section, navigation menus, contact details so that you will be able to customize these things according to your business demand.

CustomHouse Construction WordPress Theme

Pricing –

CustomHouse costs you only $79 with a lifetime usability and access with free updates.

Aspects of House Building Templates-

  • Provides inbuilt contact us form so that your customer can easily get connected.
  • Back to top button, through which your customer can move directly at the top of your website.
  • It provides a flickering effect on the service section which makes your homepage more engaging.
  • It gives a hexagonal image design to showcase your construction images with a clickable link.

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4. Builder: Freelancer WordPress Theme

(Specific for a contractor, tradesman, builder, architecture, and freelancer)

Builder WordPress theme is an extremely flawless platform for builders to outsource their construction services all over the world by creating an effective website.

Its stylish client testimonial section gives your visitors a wow experience and where you can place your customers’ feedback.

You can make aware your customers about your work by flourishing your website’s features in its 3-column featured area section.

builder Construction WordPress Theme

Pricing –

This theme charges you only $79. This is one-time payment in which you will get unlimited usage and free updates.

Aspects of Freelancer WordPress Theme-

  • You will get a “toggle button” on the theme through which you can hide or unhide your custom menus present on the homepage.
  • Your customer can easily contact you via tap to call button.
  • Shows your clients about your work culture by embedding a video in a video section.
  • Partner client section to show your business partner list.

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5. One Page WordPress Theme Free

(Specialized for various business niche)

One Page is developed by InkThemes which is multipurpose WordPress theme designed for every business niche. It is simple and the fastest loading template, that’s why is one of the favorites theme in the market.

It contains a single layout which makes the user more comfortable to find their desired information.

One Page Construction WordPress Theme

Pricing –

This one-page WordPress theme is available for free of cost, so you should try it once.

Aspects of One Page WordPress Theme-

  • The theme allows you to categorize the post section in a parent page as well as sub-pages according to your choice.
  • The theme provides you a toggle button through which your customer can enlarge the homepage section while using it.
  • Unlimited widgets are available like the search bar, categories, archives and more.

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6. Cloriato Lite: Construction Business WordPress Theme

(An effective solution for multiple business niches)

Cloriato lite is a free WordPress theme which is responsive and fully customizable. It comes with simplistic designs which make the visitors happy by seeing the whole content of your website clearly.

cloriato lite builder Construction WordPress Theme

Pricing –

You can download this WordPress theme from wordpress.org @ free only.

Aspects of Construction Business WordPress Theme-

  • Categories your post section in different categories like parent page, subpage which suits you.
  • Its 3-column footer widget area allows you to display your company’s details, contact info etc.
  • Full-width slider to display your services images in an effective manner.
  • Display your latest or upcoming project details on the right side of the homepage.

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And these are the collection of highly ranked construction WordPress themes from my end. I am very much sure after reading this post, you’ll surely get to know which of these high-quality templates suits on your site.

All these themes are fully responsive, customizable and the most important they are affordable and free as well. Apart from this, you will get advanced features which you can’t even imagine.

Do comment us below the section if you have any queries or suggestion.

Note: These themes also give a 30-days money back guarantee.