Being a doctor, you might be interested in creating your online presence to reach out to your patients more easily. Here are some of the best doctor WordPress themes that are designed especially for doctors, surgeons or any other medical professionals to cater their website needs.

Doctor WordPress Themes

These themes come with impressive features like blog section (to share health tips), services section (to list your services like – general checkup, cardiac care or pediatric care) or an inbuilt appointment form (to let your patients book an appointment as per their flexibility).

Our selection of themes is highly responsive to go with any modern gadget and they are also cross-browser optimized.

Before we dive into the details of the Doctor WordPress Themes, here are few blogs related to other WordPress themes that might interest you.

Now let’s explore our best doctor WordPress themes with a fresh mind.

1. DocCare – Doctor WordPress Theme

DocCare Template comes with a transition effect on the homepage. It provides you with 5 image slider with a description. It also lets you display your services like ortho care, dental care or first aid care, through its 4 column service area.

This theme also provides you with a 3 column review section where your team of doctors can provide the patients with their personal reviews. The DocCare theme also supports an inbuilt 24/7 appointment form so that your patients can comfortably book their appointments.

DocCare Doctor WordPress Theme

Price –

  • The DocCare – Doctor WordPress Theme comes for just 79$ with lifetime support and free installation


  • DocCare Theme comes with a variety of page templates like blog page where you can share few medical tips with your patients or our doctor’s page, that is a gallery section to post the images of your team members. The “who we are“ page helps you describe your business in a detailed manner.
  • 4 column widget area in the footer and a 3 column widget area along the sidebar. You can use this widget area to showcase the options like search boxes,  recent posts or contact details.
  • DocCare template is available in 8 color schemes.

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2. WellBeing – Healthcare WordPress Theme

The WellBeing – Doctor WordPress Theme is designed in a way that allows you to list a number of healthcare services.

This theme comprises of a 3 column feature area, where you can promote your services like child care, cardiac care or neuro care along with the image of the doctor who is responsible for that service. A special service area is also included where you can give a brief description of that particular service.

It also includes a special blog section, with an option to add comments so that your patients can post their reviews on a particular blog.

WellBeing Doctor WordPress Theme

Price –

  • WellBeing – Doctor WordPress Theme is available for $79 along with full-time support, lifetime membership and free installation.


  • This theme includes a 6 image full-width slider on the homepage. You can also add the description to these slider images.
  • Apart from the gallery, blog and about us page, the WellBeing WordPress theme also includes a medical procedure page where you can provide information for your medical treatments like blood tests, cancer treatment or any type of surgery.
  • An integrated appointment booking plugin which can be added to the sidebar of the widget area.
  • It comes with an option of 8 unique colors.

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3. Women’s Health – Gynecologist WordPress Theme

If you are exploring the opportunities to promote your gynic services, then you can start with creating your own website with the help of Women’s Health – Doctor WordPress Theme.

This theme is specially designed for gynecologists or women’s doctor. It comes with the features like inbuilt appointment form which would help you attract more customers. The theme also includes a space for business logo and social icons in the header. The custom menubar in the header comes with a special transition effect.

The Women’s Health WordPress theme also consists of separate page templates like blog, gallery, medical services page, about us and contact us page.

Women's Health Doctor WordPress Theme

Price –

  • Grab this Doctor WordPress Theme for $79 with 24/7 support services and 30-day money back guarantee.


  • The homepage of the Women’s Health WordPress Theme comes with 3 column feature area, to post about your services like women healthcare programs, maternity care or child care.
  • There is unique blog section on the homepage with a special transition effect. A video section is also available, where you can upload videos related to pregnancy.
  • The theme also comes with a space for business taglines and advertisements banner. You can use the advertisements banner in the footer to promote another business and can earn through it as well.
  • A newsletter form is also available in the footer area which can generate email leads for you.

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4. Bone Surgeon – Orthopedic Surgeon WordPress Theme

The Bone Surgeon – Doctor WordPress theme is specially designed for orthopedic centers, bone health clinic, and other ortho care institutes.

This template consists of various essential features like an integrated booking plugin on the home page which can land your patients directly on the appointment form so that you can easily attend more patients, 3 column service area, where you can post the services offered by your clinic like pediatric orthopedics or joint replacement surgeries.

Through the blog and gallery section, you can share facts and images about the bone health or the orthopedic surgeries. Explore more features for this template below.

Bone Surgeon Doctor WordPress Theme


Get the orthopedic surgeon theme for just $79 with free installation and 24/7 lifetime support.


  • The Bone Surgeon WordPress Theme features a dual video section, where you can post videos related to bone surgeries or bone healthcare.
  • Includes an about us and contact us page, so that you can share your business related information with your patients and they can reach you out easily.
  • This theme comprises of a 4 column widget area both in the footer and at the sidebar. You can add options like recent post, search bar, gallery or contact information to these widgets.

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5. Appointway – Free WordPress Theme

Appointway is an easy to use free WordPress Theme. It includes an inbuilt booking form so that you can easily attract more patients and can manage multiple bookings to your schedule.

The homepage sidebar of the template comes with the contact details that also includes an inbuilt google map that can point the exact location of your business area.

Appointway Doctor WordPress Theme

Price –

  • The Appointway, WordPress Theme is available to you at free of cost.

Features –

  • The Appointway theme comes with a box slider where you can add multiple images related to your medical field.
  • You can add your business logo or contact information in the header.
  • This theme also includes a testimonial section where you can read the reviews posted by your patients.
  • This WordPress theme is available in multiple color options.

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6. One Page – Free WordPress Theme

One Page is a free WordPress theme that will include all the features of your medical website on one page. It is a completely customizable theme available with unlimited color options.

OnePage Doctor WordPress Theme

Price –

  • One Page WordPress Theme is available at no cost with Full-Time Support.

Features –

  • The theme includes a custom 4 column service area with font awesome icons. You can describe your multiple services over there like first aid care, child care or any medical or health camps.
  • This theme includes a unique gallery section with hexagonal images. You can put the images of your team over there.
  • All the sections in the One Page template are completely customizable. You can add or remove any section as per your website design.

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Conclusion –

These were some of the WordPress themes that we would suggest you if you are coming from a Medical Profession. They are easy to use and would help you design beautiful websites without any chaos.

We hope that the blog must have helped you in choosing the right theme.

We would like to know your suggestions and answer your queries so, feel free to comment in the comment section below!