Just think of the situation when you are ready with your business plan but you don’t have the capital for its execution. Isn’t it scary? Now you may ask a bank to fund it but what about the situation when bank loan process fails? The one-word solution for all your problems is a building a crowdfunding website with crowdfunding WordPress themes.

Crowdfunding will not limit you to get the funding from limited investors, instead, you will get a global access to get the funding.

The sorted list of 5+ crowdfunding WordPress themes has every important feature which makes these themes the best. You will get PayPal integration with the premium themes for easy money transaction without any hassle. You will also get a blog section for sharing the cause for which you are looking the funding and other interesting stuff.

These themes are perfect for NGOs, fundraising companies, humanitarian agency and related segment.

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So, without wasting more time lets jump into the informative article of 5+ Crowdfunding WordPress Themes.

1. CrowdFund – Best in Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

CrowdFund is one of the best in crowdfunding WordPress themes. It will help you to build an informative crowdfunding website for your business. This theme has certain features that are prerequisite for an outstanding crowdfunding website.

The PayPal plugin will help you in easy payment by your customers is one of them. It will organize payment in the proper manner on your website.

CrowdFund WordPress Theme


Get 24*7 support and lifetime free updates with crowdfunding WordPress theme at $79.


  • The theme is equipped with social sharing icons like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can share the fundraising words on social media for the better presence
  • It also has a video section where you can showcase a video sales pitch in a better way.
  • You will also get a blog section with the sidebar. Here you can share crowdfunding knowledge, its importance, and interesting stuff.
  • The theme comes with a beautiful gallery section where you can showcase images of crowdfunding activities.
  • You will also get a contact form so that your customers can contact you without any hassle.
  • The theme comes with several unique template color skins which ads beauty to your website.

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2. FundProject – Crowdfunding WordPress Theme & Template

FundProject is the premium, powerful and advanced Crowdfunding theme that will give your website complete perfection. This theme will be an asset for NGOs, fundraising companies, and related organization.

3 banner section and contact display area are some of the many features of this theme.

FundProject WordPress Theme


This theme is available at a very reasonable pricing plan of $79. As this theme comes with developer license so you can use it for multiple purposes.


  • Comes with an important feature of NextGen gallery plugin. This will allow you to add informative images on your website.
  • You will also get 6 blog layouts and banner space where you can display images and advertisement banner with ease.
  • Equipped with 4 column footer section that is fully customizable.
  • The slider images are fully animated and give a stunning look to your website.

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3. FundSupport – Fundraising Company WordPress Theme

Create a communicative website for your fundraising company with a feature-rich Fund Support WordPress theme. This theme is perfect for religious organizations, public broadcasters, & all other humanitarian agencies.

The USP of this theme is InkDonation Pro which enables you to collect offerings via an online desk. Moreover, you will get social sharing icons to spread the noble message of conation on social media platforms.

 Fund Support WordPress Theme


FundSupport Crowdfunding WordPress theme is available at $79 which comes with a 24*7 support forum and lifetime free updates.


  • Integrated with PayPal which will help you to get donations in an organized manner.You can also display the office address in contact us section for offline donations.
  • Comes with a useful slider section to make your website look good.
  • You will also get a blog section to engage your philanthropist with interesting humanitarian blogs.
  • The icons are retina ready which will give an everlasting experience to the website visitors.

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4. ButterBelly – Free in Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

The ButterBelly WordPress Theme is a plain and attractive theme, with numerous customization options. The theme offers features like logos, intro texts, and background. Moreover, it supports widgetized areas and featured images.

It also offers stylesheet for print. The theme can variably be used for crowdfunding projects online. The theme has special styles for posts in the full width and gallery categories and has an optional one-column page template that removes the sidebar.

ButterBelly WordPress Theme


The ButterBelly WordPress Theme is easy to use and is absolutely free!


  • The theme provides a full- width slider which helps in showcasing quality images on the homepage.
  • The 3 column feature section comes with the theme that gives your website a stylish layout.
  • The Blog Section in the theme promotes blog writing related to your crowdfunding campaign on your homepage.
  • The theme offers a widgetized footer where widgets can be added as per your requirement.

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5. Black Rider – Free in Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

The Black Rider WordPress Theme is a user-friendly theme, with multiple browser support. It offers a wide variety of functionality that comes in with its features. The theme looks professional and is very easy to set up on your website.

It has a full width featured image area that lets you place a picture and give your website an elegance to it. Black Rider is simple yet powerful and can help you raise funds for your crowdfunding project.

Black Rider WordPress Theme


The Black Rider WordPress Theme comes with awesome features and costs you nothing as it is completely free.


  • The 4 column feature section comes with animation that gives this theme a profound professional feel.
  • The blog section in this theme lets you publish blogs to help you get maximum exposure which in turns gets you optimum funds raised.
  • The theme offers multiple browser support that helps to magnify your website reach on various platforms and connect with people around the globe.

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6. ColorWay – Free in Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

The ColorWay WordPress Theme is one of the most popular and widely used themes in WordPress. It offers great features that stand out from rest of the themes. The theme brings in lots of customization options and it’s very easy to set up.

ColorWay WordPress Theme


The ColorWay WordPress Theme can be yours without spending a single dime. Yes, it’s Free!!.


  • The Logo Section is available in this theme, that gives you the liberty to add your logo to the website, giving it a professional look.
  • The Blog Section promotes you to write a blog on your website, which is visible on the homepage to the site visitors.
  • The Search Bar option adds on to the utility as it helps the visitor search on your website saving their precious time.
  • The ColorWay Theme as the name suggests gives you different color options to choose from, which makes your website unique.

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We have covered the very Best CrowdFunding WordPress themes both paid and free on this blog. You are FREE to explore these theme and choose the best-suited theme for your website. We hope our blog was helpful to you.

In case, you have any doubt or suggestion, then feel free to comment below.