A lot of veterinary doctors and their clinics have made their position in the market, why would people take interest in you?

So, it’s your responsibility to show your clients that you are the best from all of them. That’s why we have come here to help you in this work. First of all, you need to create the web presence or a website towards your work. With this website, people will be able to know about you and your work online. In fact, people out there can also make an appointment online through your website. So, this will ease up their work and give a boost to your business.

Here we have collected veterinary WordPress themes for you, which will help to create your website in a detailed way. All these themes have their own unique features. I would like to tell one or two features here – that you can see these themes in any screen size; they all are fully responsive in nature, they all are SEO supportive, cross-browser compatible and many more

Let’s get to know more about these veterinary WordPress themes with their features.

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1. AnimalCare – Pets Doctor & Veterinary WordPress Theme

If you are a doctor and want to give your service online, then a website is undoubtedly the best option to go for. Don’t worry, with the help of this AnimalCare veterinary WordPress theme, your task of getting your own website will be very easy. It would just take a few minutes out of your packed schedule.

This theme helps you to create a website which is responsible to showcase your pet veterinary services fantastically and drives more customers.
It also has the registration form which comes through InkAppointment plugin, service sections and the background image slider that will make your website more attractive.

AbimalCare Veterinary WordPress Theme

Cost –

With lifetime usage and support, this veterinary WordPress theme is available at $79.

Know more about the features –

  • A box slider where you can showcase your business related images.
  • The theme has Ink-appointment plugin which helps your customer to take online appointments from you.
  • This theme will give you 3 column featured area, where you can properly describe your services.
  • Separate blog area by which you can your knowledge regarding veterinary services.
  • Widgetized footer area with 4 sections, in these sections you can roll out your portfolio, service, contact details and the menu panel.

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2. VetMedicine – Veterinary Doctor WordPress Theme

This theme is beautifully designed for those who have their veterinary clinics. This premium theme crafted you with the number of features like – many layout designs, responsive behaviour, SEO supportive etc.

The care centres, animal hospitals & other pet animal health clinics can utilize this theme to create their website.

VetMedicine Veterinary WordPress Theme

Cost –

With 24*7 support forum, this high-quality veterinary WordPress theme is available at a reasonable price of $79. You will also get lifetime free updates absolutely free of cost.

Know more about the features –

  • The theme gives you a lead capture form, by which you can store the information of your customers in a personal database.
  • This theme has a full-width slider of 5 images, where you can set relevant images.
  • You can describe your services in 4 column features section. These columns come in hover effects.
  • Beautiful gallery section in a grid format is here, by which you are able to roll out your images.
  • The theme allows you to upload business related videos to your website’s homepage.

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3. PetHouse – Animal Care WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, ‘PetHouse’ veterinary WordPress theme is something related to the house.

Yes..! of course, this theme is for those who are running an animal shelter or care centres. This veterinary theme helps you to showcase your service online with the high functionalities.

This theme is integrated with many features like – menu panel, blog template, slider, gallery section etc.

PetHouse Veterinary WordPress Theme

Cost –

You can grab this simple and effective veterinary WordPress Themes at $79 with 24/7 support system.

Know more about the features –

  • The theme has a tagline section where you can put suitable punch line for your business.
  • This template allows you to promote your services in 3 column featured area.
  • You can share your intelligence with your customers on a particular blog area.
  • The template has gallery section where you can put the relevant images in the grid format.
  • 4 column featured area in which you can upload business related videos, contact details and other services.

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4. Themia Lite – WordPress Theme

Themia Lite is a simple and accessible WordPress theme. This theme is most suitable for business websites and can be used for different niches.
Also, this theme is highly customizable. In addition, you can change the logo according to your business profile.

Themia WordPress Theme

Price –

This easy to use theme will cost you no money, as it is available free of cost in WordPress market.

Know more about the features –

  • It has a unique set of 4 colours scheme, which you can use to beautify your website.
  • In this, you will have a powerful theme panel option. Using this theme panel you can change the social sharing icons and logo.
  • This theme has a full-width slider.
  • With this free theme, you can write blogs as it has a feature template specially for blogs.

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5. ButterBelly – WordPress Theme

ButterBelly WordPress theme is one of the most used free themes with up to 1000+ free installations. This theme is appealing and has a variety of features. We know, most of the free themes don’t offer much, but Butter Belly offers a lot like – blog section, widgetized area, etc.

ButterBelly WordPress Theme

Price –

With the rating of 3.5 stars out of 5, and a lot of features this theme is available free of cost.

Know more about the features –

  • This theme has a strong and easy to use theme options panel. The Theme Options Panel helps you in changing the business logo and introductory text.
  • It has five widgetized areas, 2 in the sidebar and 3 in the footer.
  • In this theme, you will have a full-width slider where you can display your multiple businesses images with the size of 1600 px x 825 px.
  • You can also show your latest posts and share your upcoming events in the service section.

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6. BlackWell – WordPress Theme

This theme has a well-built Theme Options Panel which will help in customizing the options like logos and intro texts. BlackWell is a multilingual theme and is easy to translate into other languages with help of plugins.

BlackWell WordPress Theme

Price –

BlackWell is freely available on wordpress.org.

Know more about the features –

  • It has a full-width slider where you can add images and their descriptions.
  • You will find a 3 column feature area, which you can use to showcase features of your business or you can display your objectives behind the creation of this website.
  • This theme also provides a blog section area where you can write blogs, articles on any topic, event or related to your business.
  • In this theme, you will have 5 widgetized areas 2 in the sidebar and 3 in the footer.

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Conclusion –

Finally, we would like to tell you all that the paid themes are SEO optimized, compatible with all browsers and responsive to all screen devices. Whereas, free themes are simple, elegant and have all the features necessary for creating a website.

In a word, these are the 5+ veterinary WordPress themes which you can use for the creation of your business website.

We hope you find the best match for your website.

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