There are people who want to collect data without creating a website. But the problem is they cannot find a solution.

Maintaining website and all coding stuffs are really tough to manage for a normal users but now it’s easy to collect users data without having a website.

FormGet help you to create easy to use data collection forms for collecting users data. Once you create your Form, you can easily view form through Dashboard.

Create Your Form Now - It's Free

 A default design template will appear on your Form. You can simply change the style, color, background, fonts of the template from the custom panel options.

Have a look to this FormGet predefined template.

Share your Form and User Collect Data

Once your form is ready, you can directly share the link of your form on other social networks or  website of your desire. As you share form on other network globally you can leads start collecting on your dashboard.

Moreover, there are some useful social icons that will appear on the left hand side of your FormGet template. You can directly click on the social icons and share the Form on various social networks.



What make FormGet template so effective?

Managing template is so easy, You can easily customize the Template according to your desire needs.

  • You can change the color & header image of your template.
  • You can share form link directly across various social media network or other website of your choice.
  • You can upload your own logo for self branding.
  • You can easily export your collected data via export feature.
  • You can collect payments using forms
  • You can also redirect users to desired page after form submission.
  • Put your website name, contact details and your social information on the footer of data collection form.

Self Branding using Form

You can easily give your branding to the form by setting header & background images. There are some prebuilt templates given in the option which you can use and change the background of the form. Moreover, you can upload your desired image. At last just save your changes.

Pabbly Form Builder


The reason for writing this post is to tell you how FormGet can make things simple for you with an easy to use interface. Remember, you can turn things around for yourself by just creating a form.

The things which a website can do, the same your form can do. Now there is no need to make a website first to collect user’s data. Instead, create a form & start collecting data of users.

If you really want to start collecting data without a website then these FormGet templates are worth using.

So, do you want to create your website first or wanna use these templates to make things easier for yourself.