This is our new plugin for J2.5/J3.x which give you ability to customize your contact form with few clicks and to integrate it on your Joomla website.


Step 1 : Download Plugin And Upload It.

  • Download FormGet Joomla plugin from here.
  • Login to your joomla administration and go to Extension Manager.
  • Now browse the plugin from your pc and upload the FormGet plugin as shown in below image.

  • Click on Upload and Install.
  • You will find the successful message as “Installing The Plugin Was Successful“.
  • It means plugin has been installed.


Step 2 : Enable Plugin.

  • Enable the plugin before use.
  • Go to Plugin Manager and click on cross button as shown below.


  • The plugin is now enabled.



Step 3 : Create Your Form And Save It.

  •  Now click on FormGet Contact Form.
  • You will see the plugin window.
  • There you will find the option as  Create Form Builder in the top bar. Click on it to go to FormGet site.
  • Signup and login to your account. You will find the FormGet dashboard, now click on Create New Form.


  • Add the fields in your form.
  • And Click on Next Step to save the form.



Step 4 : Get The Form Embed Code And Use It.

  •  After customization go to your FormGet Dashboard, pick exact form and go to “Embed Form” section.



  • You will find the form embed options as Embed Sliding Form, Embed Full form.
  • Based upon your requirement use the code.

        1. Step 4.1  : Use sliding form view to embed.

  •  Now the go to first option Embed Sliding Form and after setting form preferences copy the code.


  • Now go to Embed Code For Tab View section.
  • Copy the code there and click on save option.
  • View the website page now.
  • You may find this output.



        2. Step 4.2 : Embed Complete Or Plain Form View.

Now there are two options to embed the from one is complete form view with form header & footer and another is without them i.e. plain form.

So first we will be going to embed complete form view in the joomla article and pages.


#Step 4.2.1 : Embed Complete Form In Articles.

Before that we need to do some settings to enable the iframe code supportable in articles. Follow up these steps:

  • Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager.
  • There you will find plugin as Editor – TinyMCE.


  • Click on it and under Plugin you will find Prohibited Elements, in that remove iframe and then click on Save and close.

Joomla Contact Form Plugin



  • Now go to Content -> Article Manager -> Add New Article.
  • Click on New. An article editor window will open up, under Content write your content.


  • Now get the iframe code from FormGet Contact Form plugin.
  • To get the code follow this path Embed Full Form -> Embed Form 1 (With Design Including Header & Footer).
  • Copy the code and go back to your article.



  • Now in your article you will find the option as Tools -> Source code, paste the iframe code here at the place where you wish to make form appear.
  • As soon as you will paste the code you will find that form will start appearing.


  • The form output will look like.



#Step 4.2.1 : Embed Plain Form In Articles.

  • Like wise you can embed plain form in your article, you just have to get the code of plain form from Embed Form section.
  • You may find the form output as.



Hope the above tutorial have helped you to install formget plugin and to embed the form into your joomla website , if you have any doubt and query then feel free to contact us.

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