Technology keeps evolving so do our requirements. Competition is tough and business has no choice but to use the support of its data entry team with effective solutions. Data entry software is one of the most vital weapons in the arsenal for all types of business, companies, and even organizations. With scores of programs to choose from it becomes hard to make the right decision. This post will help you select the best data entry software for 2019.

OCR technology has made these programs even powerful. It simplifies things, helps save time, and are cost effective too. You need to create a list of the requirements before shortlisting a program for your business.

Some programs are exclusive to certain businesses. Some are good for clinics, while others are good for transportation companies. You first need to consider the specialty of a data entry program.

Service Pricing/per month Unique Features
Zed Axis


Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP
Compatible with the Mac operating system
AutoEntry (DocuRec)


Routing feature to integrate with multiple accounting apps
Supports more than 20 languages


Check stock inventory whenever required.
Cloud supports the filing cabinet for 10 years


Data restore and offline backup
You can create SQL queries


AI assistance ensures auto-identification of errors
Intuitive review and edit feature

Here is our list of best data entry software 2019

1. Zed Axis

Zed Axis is a program that bridges the gap between the operating system and QuickBooks. This integration lets you export and import data from QuickBooks. Zed Axis is useful for almost all industries for tracking transaction details. It is compatible with Excel, IIF, QBO, QFX, OFX, QIF, and text files.

Zed Axis - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • You can find & replace names, items, and classes by using the custom-bill feature.
  • Records transactions related to billing, invoices, estimates, inventory, journals, purchase orders, etc.
  • You can modify multiple transactions in QuickBooks by using the batch update feature.
  • It allows you to download orders from Webstore and eBay. Then you can transfer the same orders to QuickBooks.
  • Zed Axis is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • Its simple interface makes things easier even for the beginners. You don’t need extensive training before using Zed Axis.


  • There are no monthly subscription plans. You have to purchase it by paying once.
  • Price starts from $195.
  • Annual subscription offers live support and a license to the latest versions.
    • $310 – Import lists, import transactions, import bank statements.
    • $450 – Import, export, or delete transactions and lists.
    • $560 – Delete, export, or import transactions, and lists. Connect to osCommerce Store and eBay Store.

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2. AutoEntry (DocuRec)

OCREX DocuRec is the auto-processing software. It reads the invoices and posts data in digital form. It updates accounting apps and verifies data accuracy. AutoEntry allows you to access and edit data in real-time while the program is extracting data from documents.

The integration with accounting apps means that you can update data through DocuRec. It is compatible with Sage 50, Kashflow, QuickBooks, Fuzemetrix, and Xero.

AutoEntry (DocuRec) - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • Bookkeepers and authorized individuals can collaborate on documents by using a collaborative feature of DocuRec’s secure.
  • DocuRec has routing feature to integrate with multiple accounting apps at any given time.
  • It serves with email integration. You can email scanned documents to your clients.
  • It supports 20+ languages including Arabic, Czech, English, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).
  • The Smart Analysis feature enables the program to remember the prominent analytical pattern you follow.
  • The archive stores the images of the scanned documents. You can keep these images for as long as you want.
  • It secures information through data encryption and other security tools.


  • Bronze: $13/month (50 Credits)
  • Silver: $24/month (100 Credits)
  • Gold: $44/month (200 Credits)
  • Platinum: $98/month (500 Credits)

Note- Enterprise Package is quote based.

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3. Entrypoint i4

Entrypoint i4 is the product from a highly credible US-based software company, Phoenix Software (established 1979). The program serves with clinical trial management. Data capture, data transfer, abbreviation detection, search, data verification, Mis-Keyed detection, library conversion, and image entry are the prominent features of this software.

Entrypoint i4 - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • Entrypoint i4 is web-based software. It creates, deploys, and administers data entry apps.
  • There is a web app and a couple of desktop apps.
  • It is one of the most reliable data entry programs for drug trials and treatment trials. It stands out when it comes to clinical trials.
  • Allows you to create a security policy through its inbuilt security features.
  • Uses SQL database for data storage.
  • It features built-in 128-bit encryption that protects communication through the server.
  • The comprehensive file checking system features a complete field and form suite.
  • It is time-saving thanks to its remote data entry. The electronic case report form is tested for accuracy. There is no need to waste time in papers.
  • It can quickly export data for statistical analysis. It is compatible with XML, SAS, PDF, and comma-separated values (CSV).


  • A 30-Day Free Trial is available for you to try Entrypoint i4.
  • You’ll have to submit the quote to get the price for your requirements.

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4. WinSQL

This software integrates all databases a company is using. It can easily connect heavy-duty DBMS to small systems. If you are using Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB3, Informix or Sybase, then you can connect any one of them with Paradox, Microsoft Access, Dbase, etc.

WinSQL - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • WinSQL can facilitate as a multipurpose data entry platform. It can perform as:
    • Data importer/exporter
    • Database design and reverse engineering
    • Data restore and offline backup
    • Testing data generation
    • Data diff and schema
  • The package includes the ODBC drivers. DataDirect Technologies programs these drivers. You don’t have to pay anything extra for these drivers.
  • The Free Version (Lite Edition) does not expire.
  • WinSQL wizards simplify complex tasks. Even a beginner can use this program easily.
  • You can create SQL queries, update date to tables, and learn new SQL statements.
  • WinSQL features a responsive and user-friendly interface. It works better with the help of multi-threaded architecture.


WinSQL pricing policy doesn’t involve monthly subscription plans. The software is available for a one-time purchase.

  • Lite – Completely Free (with limited features). The good news is that the Lite (Freeware) for as long as you want as there is no restriction in terms of expiry.
  • Standard$99 (One-Time)
  • Professional$249 (One-Time)

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5. Docsumo

This is capture software that facilitates document processing. The software is popular for its use of Artificial Intelligence. It simplifies and improves the extraction, storage, utilization, and sharing of data. This program can extract vendor name, paid amount, tax details, and transaction date.

Docsumo - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • Facilitates accountants with accurate extraction of data from the documents.
  • Docsumo uses the latest technology to extract data from the documents. This is why it is compatible with any layout.
  • It imports documents via emails or online drive, for instance, and Google Drive.
  • The AI assistance ensures auto-identification of errors.
  • The program has an intuitive review and edit feature. It helps you deal with tons of documents in minutes.
  • Docsumo facilitates data sharing with colleagues, partners, and clients. It is compatible with Excel and CSV.


  • You can try Docsumo by using its Free Trial.
  • The free trial doesn’t expire but it serves you with just 50 invoices per month.
  • Business Plan $0.10 per invoice. You can order for up to 2000 invoices per month.
  • Enterprise – Contact Docsumo to get the quote.

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6. Kalpvaig

This data entry software is the production of Kalpvaig Technologies. It aims to help data entry companies. You can order for the software as per your requirements. They customize it for your business. You can also opt for a license key with the software. It gives you the freedom of selling the software to your clients. It means that you get the copyrights of the software you order (a custom program for your company).

Kalpvaig - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • You can order for a license-key based software. It means that you’ll be able to sell it to your clients. You’ll be able to create multiple copies and maintain complete control.
  • If you are already using a data entry software, Kalpvaig Technologies can create a similar copy with the modifications you want.
  • Complete security features are available. You can narrow down or open the window to authorized access as per your desire.
  • Kalpvaig data entry software specializes in Cargo, Telecom, Medical, and Mortgage Industries.
  • The administration of the program is super easy. They create the program keeping in mind the expertise of your data entry team.
  • The software records, searches, and edits any file any time.
  • The program automatically generates database log.
  • You can also opt for a web-based app and mobile app to work with your data entry software.


  • You’ll have to get a quote according to your specific requirements.

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7. Kordata

This software serves with data collection. It is equally good for small businesses and large companies. Kordata can efficiently gather as well as store information. It can control critical information remotely. Field-based inspection becomes easier with this software because you don’t have to use clipboards. You can effectively monitor, mine, and inspect utilities with better accuracy.

Kordata - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • You can configure Kordata completely according to your needs.
  • It gives you far more control over information and data flow than conventional data entry platforms.
  • Kordata facilitates your business with excellent data management approaches. You can change data collection modes and generate comprehensive data reports for analysis.
  • Conditional form logic allows Kordata to achieve a higher accuracy level. Therefore, it can easily handle a high volume of information during monitoring and field inspection.
  • You can also customize fields as per your requirements. In this way, you can get rid of the fields you don’t need at a given time.
  • The If-Then scenario helps you to collect precise information you need.
  • Form filling and report creation are super easy.
  • The User-Role feature allows you to gain more control over data. You can set authorization policy that allows a specific user to access the information you want him/her to view.
  • It highlights the users and their status about the progress on the assigned task.
  • The users can access the platform remotely to update data on short notice.
  • Kordata can perform mathematical calculations to interpret data. This makes it easy for you to analyze the information.


  • Limited features are available if you opt for the Free Trial.
  • You can ask for a quote-based pricing plan by submitting your requirements.

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8. Gtechwebindia

Gtechwebindia serves with digital marketing solutions. It offers data entry software. You can order for customized software to make it precisely applicable for your business. You can also opt for outsourcing data entry service. Gtechwebindia offers its services worldwide. 

Gtechwebindia - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • Enables you to dictate your terms. Suggest your requirements and get the quote.
  • A good choice for all types of businesses. Small businesses on a shoestring budget can opt for Gtechwebindia.
  • If you don’t have a data entry team, you can opt for data entry services instead of purchasing the software.
  • The company ensures the application of strict privacy and data security policy.
  • Offers online as well as offline data entry software.
  • Major capabilities include data entry, data processing, image processing, catalog processing, form processing, data enrichment, XML/HTML conversion, and PDF conversion.
  • The quality assurance team tests the program before dispatching. The test comprises of multi-level quality control evaluations.
  • This is a good option when you have a low budget. Small companies can make the most of it. It becomes difficult to pay for monthly subscription plans. You can purchase it once and use it for as long as you want.


  • Gtechwebindia offers quote-based pricing.

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9. Velocity

If your company deals with plenty of handwritten documents then Velocity Data Entry software can simplify things. It converts handwritten documents into forms hence saving a lot of time. It speeds up the processing of information. The software can export data in Excel or CSV format. You can link it with the CRM or database management system. Velocity can import forms from the scanner.

Velocity - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • Velocity Data Entry software can run behind a Firewall. It manages on-premise installation with the help of AWS instance.
  • Velocity support team helps you by solving the issues. The support team ensures optimal accuracy by guiding you during the setup process.
  • You can add links to the forms to make it easy for the clients to access the form they need to fill.
  • With this software, you can manually upload the forms in batches and opt to import forms from a scanner.
  • Velocity can compare the submissions from a user to ensure accuracy.
  • It allows you to set specific fields to improve the results of the verification process.


  • Free trial of Velocity is available with limited features.
  • Business – £49/month for each seat/user.
  • Enterprise – You need to request for a quote to get the price for your requirements.

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10. AccountsFlow

If you are looking for a promising invoicing data entry system you need to consider AccountsFlow. This is specifically recommended for retail stores and restaurants. It generally works for all business having to deal with an inventory. The platform integrates with ERP, POS, and inventory system of your business.

AccountsFlow - Best Data Entry Software

Key Features

  • AccountsFlow serves with optimal accuracy thanks to its EDI technology. It increases the accuracy level of OCR and data import.
  • It automates invoices from suppliers and enters data into the back office system.
  • AccountsFlow can store invoices in Cloud. 
  • You can check stock inventory whenever you want.
  • The program can capture invoices automatically. It can upload data to POS, inventory system and any back office system.
  • Timely updates to POS ensure that everyone is accessing the latest information. There remains no chance of doubling.
  • Electronic Data Interchange eliminates the risk of OCR mistakes.
  • It comes with a rebate calculator and price checker.


  • Free trial is available.
  • Basic plans start at $49 per month.
  • Further pricing depends on the number of invoices per month.

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Accurate data entry is vital for the success of any business. In this fast-paced world, you can’t compete without a fast and accurate data entry software. You can select software keeping in mind the precise requirements of your business. The customization feature makes things even better. Best data entry software for 2019 will help you to improve the productivity of your business.

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