The e-learning platforms are a comprehensive system that provides secure & web-based training to peoples and helps them with their questioning.

The popularity of online education is on the rise and unlimitedly making its roots stronger over conventional face-to-face teaching methods.

Online Learning Platforms

Here we want to bring your attention to the next important aspect. You guessed it right! We are talking about the popular platforms that help you in perceiving online education. Actually, there are numerous educational websites that are presently flourishing too fast.

Here, in this blog, we are highlighting some of the best & leading online learning platforms that are convenient & manageable, not only for the educational providers or trainers but also for the students or trainees.

Also, the best thing that we want to mention here is that some of the websites also comprises absolutely free packages for their users.  Thus, this article will help you to analyze the best one for you.

Let’s begin…

Top Online Learning Platforms Comparison Table

Service NamePricingMultiple CoursesSchool-Related TopicsIncludes Mobile App
Magnet BrainsFree of cost
CourseraIncludes both free & basic plan of $29-$99

Below is a list of Best Online Learning Platforms:

1. Magnet Brains

Magnet Brains associates with top-rated instructors to deliver online courses on numerous topics like coding, marketing, business & much more.

One of the most amazing and differentiating factors about Magnet Brains is that it offers personalized learning to users for free of cost.

Moreover, it empowers visitors to download the courses and watch them offline whenever needed.

Magnet Brains - Online Learning Platforms

Few more features that help you to understand about Magnet Brains online learning platform are as follows –

Multiple Course Categories

This e-learning platform provides you with different course categories, for instance, development, business, app design, photography & much more which you can select as per your needs.

Apart from the technical or other business related videos, Magnet Brains also renders free online classes on school-related topics for class 4th to 12th such as –

  • NCERT subjects like Social Science, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, etc. (for class 9th to 12th)
  • PHP videos tutorials
  • jQuery videos
  • AJAX video tutorials
  • Machine Learning

And much more…

Create Account

Magnet Brains enables you to create your own account on their platform. So, you can view and manage all of your activities through your profile.

Search Bar

It allows you to easily find any of your desired courses with the help of search bar so that, you don’t need to explore the entire website.

Some More Interesting Features About Magnet Brains –

  • It is easy to view the live practicals on this online learning platform.
  • This platform enables visitors to easily give reviews & ratings.
  • Magnet Brains support team always helps you with your queries.

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2. Coursera

Coursera is yet another well-established name in the eLearning industry. This online teaching platform delivers unrestricted access to people to study high-grade education. Also, it has a partnership with topmost universities & organizations to offer courses online.

Moreover, here we can understand the popularity of this platform with some enormous traits such as 35 million learners, 150+ university partners, multiple basic & specialization courses,  special certifications & so on.

Coursera - Online Learning Platforms

Want to know more about Coursera? Just take a look at following wonderful features –

Courses To Learn

Coursera provides you with 2700+ courses that are taught by best instructors. Thus, you can learn any topic like business, computer science, information technology, etc. at a cost of $29-$99. Also, you can get a certificate after the completion of a course.

Further, it includes recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, community discussion forums for users.

Specialization Courses

Coursera enables you to study any specific skill by joining its specialization program at a price of $39-$79 per month and also receive a certificate.

Get University-Recognized Degree

With Coursera, you can also get a university-recognized degree, as it has connections with reputed institutes and organizations.

Henceforth, you can join its affordable online degree programs for different topics like business, computer science, and data science at a cost of $15-$25,000 and earn a certified master’s degree.

Some More Interesting Facts About Coursera –

  • Coursera provides mobile learning through apps that fully supports iOS and Android devices.
  • It empowers you to add course & specialization certificates in your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • In addition to this, Coursera includes video subtitles in more than 30 languages.
  • You will always obtain a complete academic & technical support from its knowledgeable support team.

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3. Udemy

Are you looking for a platform that is convenient for learning as well as to build own online courses? Then stop your search right now & get a look at the remarkable features of Udemy.

Udemy is one of the leading online learning platforms that not only provide you with unlimited kind of courses to study but also enables you to start your own teaching program on its platform.

Udemy - Online Learning Platforms

There are more impressive features of Udemy we are presenting for you, so let’s just start with this –

Top Categories

Udemy comes with its top-most course categories such as development, business, IT or software, photography and much more. Hence, you can choose any category and start learning on your desired topics.

Online Videos

Apart from text-based learning, the study via videos helps you to understand any subject in a better way. Udemy provides you with over 22M informative videos that perfectly helps you with your training.

Supports Multiple Languages

Language is no longer a restriction in your education with this e-learning platform i.e. Udemy carries its content in more than 50 languages.

Compatibility With Mobile Devices

Udemy is fully cooperative with iOS and Android devices so that, users can start learning anytime, anywhere with its mobile app.

Some More Interesting Features About Udemy –

  • Udemy is compatible with Chromecast or Apple TV.
  • You can watch courses offline whenever you want by downloading them.
  • It empowers you to listen to the courses with podcast-style audio.

Pricing:  Udemy comes with multiple pricing for each and every course. Hence, you can pay and easily learn for your desired subject on this platform.

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Wrapping Up:

Here, in this article, we have mentioned the top-most online learning platforms that will give you the best opportunity to learn things online anytime. Besides, learning you can also create your own videos with some of these platforms.

Still, in case of any kind of queries or suggestions related to the above-mentioned e-learning platforms, feel free to get in touch with us by commenting below.

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