Is there a lack of a proper communication channel in the firm that troubles you?

If the answer is yes, then you are recommended to set up an intranet for your firm. An intranet is a private network that serves as a hub for employees by providing a particular space where corporate information such as policies, company, and announcements are centrally located and can be accessed easily.

Further, intranet helps to share information and resources among its employees. Also, it can be easily set up using effective intranet software. Moreover, intranet software is highly effective in enhancing the productivity of an organization by building an effective channel for communication

Service Pricing/per month Unique Features


Share Photos & Videos

Track the Activity Stream



Swift Communication

Multilingual Support



Document Management

Custom Branding



Instant Chat

Multilingual Support



Easy Collaboration

Cloud & Premise Server

But the real question is which one is the most suited software for your firm?

Here is a comprehensive guide presenting the 10 Best Intranet Software of 2019:


Communifire is a powerful intranet software developed by Axero Solutions. It boosts up a social intranet platform that enables a series of benefits for your company.

Communifire is fully customizable and is currently being used by millions of people. Also, It builds an affection to the employees as they can effectively use it for managing tasks, calendar and for sharing messages.

Communifire - Intranet Software

Key Features

  • Document Management Solution
    Use Communifire’s drag and drop feature to easily upload and share your documents with ease. Also, these modern features make you the real boss of your data.
  • Calendar Feature
    Communifire can publish the details of meetings, conferences, and webcasts on its community. Further, it also tracks the response of people related to their availability for the event.
  • Share Photos & Videos
    Communifire enables the employees to upload and share photos & videos into dedicated albums. Also, the drag and drop feature helps to speed up the upload process. Besides this, you can also add a name, description, and rating to the photos & videos.
  • Track the Activity Stream
    The activity stream helps you to easily track all the activities performed by the people, groups or the once you follow.
  • Communifire Chat
    Communifire’s has a built-in chat feature that helps you to get rid of bulky email websites. It’s a responsive instant messaging application which helps you stay connected with your team.
  • Advanced Task Manager
    Keep an eye on which work is due, on which date and who is responsible for its completion. Task manager is also perfect for scheduling project phases and the due dates.
  • Highly Secure
    For Communifire, the security of your data is of utmost priority. Your data is stored on a cloud server, thus losing data is never an issue. Your company and it’s data can also be better protected by deploying Communifire on your own server.


Communifire’s starter pack is available at $10 per user per month. For more information on pricing, visit their official website.

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2. Samepage

Samepage is an award-winning intranet software that helps the team and communities all over the globe since 2013. Its app is available for both computers and mobiles (Android/iOS) devices.

Samepage offer various collaborative tools that enable real-time knowledge and policy management. Its real-time feature helps to track changes as and when done by any team members. You also get the functionality to collaborate with external guests like contractors, clients, etc.

Sampage - Intranet Software
Key Features
  • Team Management
    Samepage allows you to create a separate space for your team. Also, you can add, organize and manage projects in your particular team space. Adding third-party guests like contractors and clients is an easy task with Samepage.
  • Swift Communication
    Samepage helps uproot barriers to communicate within your company. Further, it offers a messaging service to chat with members and guests instantly. Also, it lets you send a private message or create a group chat.
  • Screen Sharing
    Why install third-party software for sharing your screen? Let Samepage do that for you. Now you can share individual windows or the entire screen with anyone on the video call.
  • Easy Content Management
    Samepage allows you to create and edit content in real-time with your team. You can add notes, assign tasks to the team members and also share ideas with ease. As it is a real-time service, so you can always track what and who made changes to the content.
  • Manage Files
    Storing and sharing files is easy with Samepage. Also, you can integrate and collaborate on cloud files stored on some other services. Also, it has the functionality to track the file version history and revert the changes.
  • Manage Projects & Tasks
    Samepage helps you to short-list your task as per the priority and due dates. Besides, you can make a to-do list, add project details and assign the tasks to your team members.
  • Multilingual Support
    Does your team comprise of members from all over the globe? Don’t worry, Samepage is multilingual. Easily co-author documents and manage tasks in over 10 languages. For example, Chinese, Czech, German, French, Italian, Russian, etc.


Samepage offers a free trial version for smaller teams. It’s PRO version is available at $8 per member per month. You may visit their official website for more pricing information.

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3. Podio

Podio is yet another smart intranet software available in the market. It is developed and sold by Citrix Systems. Also, provides a structured way of collaboration among your team members.

It’s an all in one software offering custom tools to manage projects & enhance communication. Further, you can access it through a website or an app on your handheld device. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS powered devices.

Podio - Intranet SoftwareKey Features

  • Content & Conversations In One Place
    Podio puts everything related to your job at a single place. It may be a particular project or a sales-lead, but now you can have them in one window. Also, it allows you to instantly collaborate with your team and clients with ease.
  • Integrate External Apps
    Podio offers seamless integration with many popular tools available on the web. To name a few, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Zendesk,    ShareFile, Freshbooks, etc. Just a few clicks and you can access them through Podio itself.
  • File Management
    Podio, like other software, enables you to smoothly share the work-related documents easily. You can also organize, discuss and track files anywhere in Podio. Revising the files is also easier since you can keep track of the file’s history.
  • Easy Task Management
    With Podio, you can keep all your team members on the same page. Also, assign them with particular tasks and attach work-related files for the team. Besides, you can have a thorough discussion about the projects using the comment section.
  • Podio Chat
    Podio chat enables the instant messaging feature for you and your team members and also lets you create a group chart like other software. Furthermore, real-time collaboration can be achieved with audio and video chat feature.
  • Dedicated Calendar
    Podio comes with an inbuilt calendar to help you view the events and their deadlines directly. Also, it provides you with a personal calendar and a workspace calendar. Whereas, the personal calendar can be customized to suit your needs and schedule the events.


Podio is available in four different versions namely, Free, Basic, Plus, and Premium. The Free version is available for up to 5 members team. For others’ pricing information, please visit their official website.

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4. Creative Social Intranet

Creative social Intranet is an impressive intranet software which is used worldwide. It serves various international organizations like Zydus and Westside.

Creative Social Intranet stands up to its name because they are highly creative as their team regularly updates the software as per their customer’s needs. Thus, it’s a software indirectly build by the users.

Creative Social Intranet - Intranet Software
Key Features
  • Workplace Gamification
    Creative Social Intranet understands the importance of ‘motivation’ among your team members. Hence, it has developed the workplace gamification feature. It adds reward points to the employee’s account, once the assigned task is done! This improves time management and the quality of work done.
  • Knowledge Management & E-Learning
    The E-Learning platform available in the software ensures the success of your training programs. Further, It helps you identify the key areas of learning by taking feedback from your team members.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement
    Creative Social Intranet employee portal enables a smooth engagement among the employee’s here, they can quickly share ideas, attach documents, upload photos and collaborate on different projects.
  • Instant Communication
    Chat instantly with your co-workers and clients using creative social intranet. sharing documents and files is yet another well-known feature, the software provides.
  • Digital Workspace
    Creative Social Intranet provides you and your team with an advanced digital workspace. Hence, you can easily assign role-based projects and collaborate with employees via any device. It’s a virtual version of the traditional workspace.
  • Multiple Integrations
    The software can easily be integrated with various single sign-on options. Some of the examples are, AD/LDAP, SAML, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Office 365, AD, etc.


Kindly visit their website and ask for a quote.

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5. Wizdom Intranet

Wizdom Intranet is yet another trusted name among the various intranet software. It provides users with a fully customizable workspace solution.

Wizdom Intranet helps you collaborate with your team members from anywhere on any device. It is fully loaded with the necessary tools to manage your projects and create an ultimate virtual workspace.

Wizdom Intranet – Intranet Software

Wizdom - Intranet Software
Key Features
  • Custom Design & Branding
    Wizdom Intranet enables you to change every nook and corner of your intranet. You can choose from various visual designs that look appealing to you. Furthermore, you can also streamline your intranet as per your brand identity.
  • Project Collaboration
    Wizdom Intranet provides dedicated workspaces for your teams. You can add your to-do list in the software and can assign different tasks to the members. Hence, they can easily communicate, organize and deliver the task when it’s done.
  • Training Material
    Wizdom Intranet has a dedicated training portal to help you and your team members. As it provides a wealth of easy to learn training material and video guides. Thus, learning even small details about the software becomes easy.
  • Mobile App
    Wizdom Intranet has a dedicated mobile app called ‘Intranet on the go’. Also, it is available for Android and iOS platform. Hence, you always stay connected with your team and never miss an important update.
  • News & Notifications
    It is an essential feature that keeps your employees engaged and motivated. As provides you with the latest news, communications, and updates related to the happenings in the company.
  • Service Desk
    This feature enables employees to initiate and handle internal inquiries and concerns. For example, office supply requests, IT issues and other employee queries, from the intranet. This service generates an inquiry ticket that can be resolved by the concerned department.


Please visit their official website for pricing details.

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6. MangoApps

MangoApps is one of the most impressive intranet software available in the market. It provides the user with a digital hub and is loaded with collaborative tools and works smoothly on both computers and mobiles.

MangoApps has put knowledge sharing and collaboration into one comprehensive portal. Also, it claims to improve your firm’s productivity by more than 20%.

MangoApps - Intranet Software
Key Features
  • Build An Online Community
    MangoApps Intranet enables the user to create a vibrant online community. It can be used to collaborate on work projects and share knowledge with other members. These groups or communities can be private or public.
  • Polls & Surveys
    Get instant opinions of your team members using polls and survey feature. Get feedbacks and popular opinions on specific question or topic on the go!
  • Events & Calendar
    Organize your events as per priority on private and workspace calendars. Keep your team-mates updated about the events that matter them the most.
  • Instant Messaging
    MangoApps instant messaging service is one of the best in the market. You get tons of useful features through the app. For example, delivery report, notifications, availability detector, etc.
  • Team Management
    Connect with experts all across your organization and get their opinions on the project. Make a dedicated workspace to assign tasks to every member like share details, upload documents and track the status easily.
  • Custom Branding
    The experts at MangoApps can easily give an appealing look to your intranet. The best part is that the look will align perfectly with your brand. Also, it provides you with a fully customizable dashboard.


Please visit MangoApps’s official website for pricing details.

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7. Igloo

Igloo is your private workspace that enables perfect collaboration among your teammates. It offers next-generation intranet solutions to its clients. Also, It helps you work smarter and faster with its advanced intranet tools.

Igloo - Intranet Software
Key Feature
  • Internal Blogs
    Igloo allows the company to share stories in the form of blogs. As they are highly effective and consists of features like comments section, a number of views and the average rating. Further, it improves internal communication of the firm.
  • Shared Calendar & Schedule Maker
    The software helps to keep every employee up-to-date with a company-wide shared calendar. It contains a bunch of important deadlines, event, and meetings.
  • Easy File Management
    Streamline your work-related file storage by keeping them all in Igloo. Further, let your team review and edit them. This is the next level of collaboration among employees.
  • Task Management
    Igloo helps you create and manage your to-do list with ease. You can also add separate private tasks to your Igloo. As it is different from your companies task.
  • Virtual Workspaces
    Create areas for collaborating across projects, teams, departments, committees or clubs. As every virtual workspace has its own navigation and permission.
  • Interactive Search Bar
    Finding the necessary information for your work is now easy with Igloo. Get work related stuff within seconds, using Igloo’s superior search feature.


Please visit the official website and ask for a quote.

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8. OnSemble

OnSemble is a premium intranet software that is empowering more than 55,000 people today! Its intranet tools enable the users to collaborate with their work teams 24X7.

OnSemble provides an easy communication channel for your employees. It helps to eliminate the use of bulky emailing websites. Further, you get a unique functionality to create beautiful pages without any coding. Just use the drag and drop feature and you’re done!

Passageways - Intranet Software
Key Features
  • Team & Workgroups
    OnSemble keeps all your projects and team members in a single hub. It enables easy communication and collaboration across projects. Furthermore, you can assign individual tasks and get information about your role in the project.
  • Create Rich Content
    As aforementioned, this is the feature that separates it from other intranet software. As it allows you to create beautiful landing pages and add content to them with zero coding skills. Thus, every department is empowered to create and share.
  • Document Management
    OnSemble creates a dedicated document management system for your company. You can easily pull out files from shared drives or SQL database. Also, the version history of the files can be easily traced.
  • User Management
    Setting up new users is like is an easy task in OnSemble. Admins can easily manage member profiles and assign permissions as per the roles and workgroups. Furthermore, there are unlimited custom profile fields.
  • Active Discussions
    Create various forums for quick resolution of issues or for having discussions on them. You can start a thread, ask questions or help others via such conversational platforms.
  • Analytics & Reports
    It has this unique feature that allows you to keep an eye on the performance of your organization. It provides several metrics to track goals and set objectives. Its Analytics tool sets it apart from its competitors.


Visit their official website and ask for a quote.

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9. Staffbase

Staffbase can be deemed as the champion among intranet software, in terms of internal communication. It allows the companies to reach each and every employee with instant notifications.

It is loved by employees because it provides various user-friendly features. For example, instant messaging, integrations & easy content distributions.

Staffbase - Intranet Software

Key Features

  • Communication App
    This communication app is proven to improve workflows in companies. It is possible because the users can easily find all work-related data in one place. The staff gets an easy way of notifying managers about leaves, work status, and schedules.
  • Instant Chat
    You get the functionality to chat privately or in a group with your team members. Not just text, you can share photos, videos, and documents using Staffbase’s chat feature. It assures that your conversations are highly secured and private.
  • Multilingual Support
    Staffbase makes it easy to deal with overseas clients or co-workers. It has dedicated support for more than 30 international languages.  
  • Analytics Feature
    Staffbase is loaded with awesome analytics features. It helps keep a track on most frequently read article, engagement analytics, and adoption rates. This trait makes it, one of its kind.
  • User Management
    Onboarding a new user is a simple task. All you have to do is invite them to the app and add them to the member directory. Further, the user data is created using a detailed form which is customizable.
  • Easy Publishing
    It takes pride in developing the easiest content publishing tool. You can choose any device for generating and sharing content. Also, adding photos and videos to your content is quite easy with this software.


Visit the official website and get a quote right now!

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10. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is one of the largest intranet service providers in the world. It is successfully helping more than 3,00,000 organizations worldwide. The reason for its huge success is their ability to understand their customer’s needs. They take necessary feedbacks and implement the changes to the existing software.

Bitrix24 - Intranet Software
Key Features
  • Initial Free Plan
    Bitrix24 offers this unique feature of giving away its services for free to its clients. The initial ‘forever free’ plan lets the clients test the software extensively. They are prompted to switch to the paid version only when they are fully satisfied with it.
  • Easy Collaboration
    Bitrix24 helps encourage active communication among your team members. It comes pre-loaded with an instant messenger which allows video and voice call too. Also, you can stay connected with not only your team members but also external guests.
  • Cloud & Premise Server
    Bitrix24 allows you to access your workspace from anywhere, anytime. It is available on the cloud, on your own company server, computers, and mobile devices. Bitrix24 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices also.
  • Highly Secure
    The intranet offered by Bitrix24 is a highly secured network. It provides several layers of protection in order to keep away any cyber threat. Furthermore, its cloud accounts are hosted with Amazon Web Sevices in the USA and Ireland. Also, Bitrix24 uses 256-bit encryption for data transfer.
  • Integrations & Customization
    Bitrix24 offers direct access to its source code and is thus fully customizable. You can change the functionalities as per your requirements as and when required. Also, the software is integrated with various external services like Google Drive, calendar, etc.


A one time fee of $1490 can help you own Bitrix24. Also, as aforementioned, you get a 30-day free trial. For more information, please visit their website.

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In this article, we discuss the interesting features of different intranet software. This software builds up a social intranet platform that enables companies to instantly reach each and every employee in the company. You can try the intranet software based on your requirements and constraints.

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