“Ebook PHP script helps you to create and sell electronics books on your website.”

Most of the people nowadays prefer reading books online. There are many advantages of using Ebook such as accessibility, portability, responsive and a lot more.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 best Ebook PHP scripts by which you can create the electronic books and publish them on your website. Further, your users can download the books in the PDF and ePUB format.

Using these scripts in your website, you can give access to your users that they can register, log in and create their own Ebook to your site. Further, your users can edit, save and download the content within a few clicks.

Also, it supports a dictionary so, your users can find the meaning of difficult vocab while reading.

You can sell your books and collect money with the help of payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and more.

Further, these scripts have a feature of zoom in or zoom out the book content. This helps in making your site more user friendly.

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There are so many unique features present in these scripts. Let us discuss each Ebook PHP script in detail.

1. Ebook – Online Ebook PHP Script

If you have an online Ebook selling website, or if you want to create the same then this Ebook PHP script is made for you. This script is highly responsive so, you can manage Ebook download management system in your desktop as well as in your mobile device.

With the help of this script, the website owner can arrange the Ebooks in categories and publish online in an organized manner. Further, after applying this script to your site, it becomes very easy for your users to download the Ebooks in PDF format from the site.


  • The script supports powerful admin panel where you can take full control on your Ebook selling site. Admin can categorize the Ebook on the basis of the author, publisher, and more.
  • Using this Ebook PHP script you can share the books directly from your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Also, it has an option for Facebook comment for each book.
  • There is an option for advertisement creation in the categories section. Also, it allows admin to place ads on the book page sidebar in just a few clicks.
  • It has an advanced search option where your users can find the Ebooks by book or author name. Further, users can search for books in no time by filtering the categories.


Buy this Ebook PHP script at just $25 with 6 months support. Further, the extended license will cost you $125 which provide you more enhanced features and quality checked by Envato.

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2. Digital Downloads Pro Ebook PHP Script

You can easily sell Ebook online on your website after applying this Ebook PHP script to your site. This script helps your users to download the book in just a few clicks by paying the required money.

The script supports payment gateways such as PayPal, Skrill, Stripe and more. Admin can collect money from their users for the individual book download.


  • It not only help you to sell Ebooks, but it also allows you to quickly set up an online store for digital downloadable media like CD keys time-cards, and more.
  • The admin is allowed to categorize their selling items in various categories so, it is easy for users to buy or download the book in just a few minutes.
  • Using this script, you will be up to date about users comment on each book. Also, you can view all the stats such as total registered users, active users, total products and more in the admin panel.
  • After applying this Ebook PHP script in your site, you can display books images, name and their price on the homepage of your website. Also, there is an option for your users to add the books into the wishlist which they want to buy later.


  • Buy this script at a reasonable price of $45 with quality checked by Envato. Also, you will get 6 months of support.
  • The extended license is available at $195 where you will get all the features present in the regular license as well as advanced features.

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3. eBook Creator – Online Ebook PHP Script

Using this Ebook PHP script, you can create and sell the Ebook in various form such as PDF, ePUB and more.

This script permits you to edit your books content with the help of an integrated editor. Further, you can create ebooks, save them for writing later and download the book on your device with ease.


  • It has a useful WYSIWYG homepage editor where you can edit your site frontend page according to your need in the fraction of time.
  • The script provides you sorted dashboard through which you can view all your created documents with its name. Further, you can edit, add, download or delete documents according to your wish.
  • You can customize almost everything in your books such as author name, language, a short description about the book, publisher and a lot more.


This script is available at two varied pricing, these are –

  • Regular License – This plan will cost you $20 in which you will get free support, regular updates and more.
  • Extended License – Buy this plan at $100 with quality checked by Envato, future updates and a lot more.

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4. eBook Creator – Multiuser eBook PHP Script

This is one of the finest Ebook PHP scripts for electronic book creation and publishing the books online. It comes with the with two accounts i.e regular & admin accounts.

However, the admin has a full control of their Ebook creation website & in the regular account, visitors can create their account and make an ebook on their own in just a few minutes. Also, the admin can set a limit for how many books can a regular user make at a time.


  • The script permits you to create and download Ebooks in the form of ePub as well as in PDF format.
  • It has an integrated WYSIWYG editor where you can edit the homepage of your website according to your requirement.
  • You can save your created book and continue writing it later after sometime according to your convenience. In addition to this, admin can edit, or delete books and export them to formats with their own choice.


You can purchase this useful Ebook PHP script at just $29 along with 6 months support, and regular updates. Further, it’s extended plan is available at $75. In this, you will get quality checked by Envato and future updates.

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5. BookStore – eBooks and Audiobooks Affiliate Script

With the help of this BookStore Ebook PHP script, you can create a useful automated books affiliate website. Here, you can create and sell books, ebooks, and audiobooks in the fraction of time.

The script consists of top books genre chart where you can display the book list by categorizing them according to various genres.


  • This script provides you an amazing scrolling slider where you can showcase anything. Like your best selling books with the help of images and posters.
  • You can showcase your upcoming books on the homepage of your website along with a brief description of the book. Further, you can display a book release date and genre along with the book image.
  • The best part is the homepage of your website is being cached which further helps in reducing the loading time of the website.
  • There is a book star rating section where your users are allowed to give ratings to the book. Also, they can give their reviews for each book of your site.


  • You can buy this Ebook PHP script at a reasonable price of $29 with quality checked by Envato
  • The extended license is available at $115 where you will get regular updates and advanced features.

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Now, this is all about 5 best Ebook PHP script. We hope you have found the best Ebook PHP script according to your requirement.

All the listed scripts are best as per our knowledge and we have compiled them after doing proper research and testing.

If you have any suggestions or queries, you can share with us in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more updates.