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MailGet is the perfect answer for you to achieve high inbox email delivery which equates to greater opens, clicks, as well as conversion rates.

Major Factors That Affect Deliverability In Negative Aspect


Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a way to authenticate domain.

  • Authenticate email by identifying the origin from where the message was sent by signing the email with a digital signature into the headers of all outgoing messages.
If Not Maintained Properly –
  • An ISP will send the emails to the spam folder as it finds the DKIM signature is missing.
  • Cannot verify the trusted source and could affect email deliverability.
How MailGet Overcomes It –
  • It maintains a proper DKIM sign on outgoing SMTP server to authenticate email messages and allow sender reputation to be independent of IP address reputation.
  • Identify and removes forged email messages by claiming to be sent from MailGet’s domain.
  • Maintains a good reputation and various agreements with the larger ISPs due to which your messages more likely to get delivered to the inbox rather than the spam folder.


  • Mail Transfer Agents or mail relay is used to transfer emails from one system to another.
  • Each SMTP Services has its own MTA.
If Not Maintained Properly –
  • Your emails get dropped and do not reach the users inbox without a reliable MTA.
  • No MTA is good all time.
How MailGet Overcomes It –
  • It supports multiple SMTPs integrations decide which one is best for delivering your email campaigns.
  • It uses an MTA to manage emulation of SMTP traffic by blocking it.
  • Provides SMTP routing through which you can send email using multiple SMTPs and guarantees that emails reaches to the customer’s inbox.
  • MTA adds a “Received:” header in your message emails gets authorized when passed through the mail servers.


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is used to detect email spoofing.

  • It is an email validation system to checks if the email comes from an authorized domain.
  • SPF is based on DNS lookups.
If Not Maintained Properly –
  • You will fail to authenticate your emails if your domain is not listed in DNS.
  • Many spam email will fill your inbox that uses forged email addresses that claim to come from sources like Facebook, CIA, etc.
  • Generates 40KB of traffic to the recipient and even more by SPF, if DNS gets corrupt.
How MailGet Overcomes It –
  • MailGet seldom logs SPF based attacks prevents sending of massive traffic to the recipient.
  • Maintains SPF record on the authoritative DNS server for the domain ensuring that the domain is authorized and will pass the SPF validation system.
  • Performs anti-spam techniques by checking SPF records that avoid email spamming and phishing attacks which use forged sender addresses.


Bulking states that –

  • When you send emails to a large number of people at the same time, the emails get routes to customer’s spam or junk folder instead of getting into their inbox.
If Not Maintained Properly –
  • Blocks your domain which could lead to a bunch of bounces and get many major sender’s reputation issues.
How MailGet Overcomes It –
  • It uses a consistent IP address to send bulk emails.
  • Keep valid DNS records for the IP addresses from which you send mail which points to your domain.
  • Use the same address in the ‘From:’ header on every bulk email you send.


  • Emails that cannot be delivered to the customer’s inbox..

..and are returned to the service provider are known as bounce emails.

If Not Maintained Properly –
  • Can damage the sender’s reputation and affect deliverability rates.
  • Treat you as a fake email sender.
How MailGet Overcomes It –
  • Keep the contact lists up to date and removes bounced emails from it.
  • Monitors the inbox delivery reports and performs email list cleaning.
  • Sent email marketing campaigns .to active openers and clickers only.
  • Removes invalid email addresses and undeliverable addresses that have unsubscribed, bounced or complained issues.
  • Quarantine or remove email addresses that haven’t shown any signs of life after 80 days.


  • An irrelevant or unsolicited commercial email message which is sent over the Internet to large numbers of users for advertising, phishing, etc.
If Not Maintained Properly –
  • Could irritate the customers as they receive unwanted emails.
  • Can crash mail servers by filling up your hard drives with irrelevant data.
How MailGet Overcomes It –
  • It scans your email campaign, test for appearance and content-related spam triggers before sending.
  • Monitors all the contact lists and remove inactive subscribers.
  • Sending test emails to your subscribers ensures that they deliver successfully to all of them.

As data varies regularly, it’s not possible to wrap the complexity of email deliverability into a single number.

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