Is your email marketing account suffering from permanent suspensions, penalties, or even fines. ?

  • Having bad and inactive email addresses would result in increased bounces, spams, and unsubscription rates that affects your email deliverability and response rates very badly.

Want to clean your email list to get rid of spam complaints and bounces.?

  • Cleaning out inactive emails from your contact list helps to boost up your marketing campaign with 99% delivery, high responses, and subscriptions.
  • MailGet incorporates Email List Cleaning feature that helps to get increased subscription rates, responses and delivery rates by filtering out all the bad emails from your email list.
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What is Email List Cleaning?

  • Email list cleaning performs email list validation and verification on your existing email addresses.
  • It maintains healthy contact list by freeing up all irrelevant contacts i.e. bad, duplicate and inactive addresses that can affect your email marketing campaign.
  • An uncleaned list is a big trouble for ISP .and a signal for blacklisting or filtering.

Why Email List Cleaning Is Necessary?

There are several ISP’s email security services that have set some standard for emails.

  • These security services continuously monitor and block the domain, IP’s and others services..

..which are not following the guideline and sending emails beyond their standard.

  • So, to prevent your email marketing service being blocked..

..keep your email lists up to date by recognizing and cleaning bad, invalid, undeliverable and duplicate email data.

1. Increased Spam Report – 

  • If your email list is not synchronized concerning the quality of contact list, recipients will mark you as spam or unsubscribe you from receiving emails.
  • Hence, it will adversely affect the email deliverability of your email campaigns and make a bad impression of company’s reputation.

2. Emails Reach To Junk Instead Inbox – 

Email deliverability purely depends on your email reputation.

Factors responsible for email reputation –

  • Number of hits your emails get for bounces, complaints, and spam traps.
  • So, when you crosses the thresholds limits set up by ISPs your emails can reach to junk folders or can even be also blocked.

3. Account Suspensions – 

  • Internet services, email security and spam monitors set up threshold limits that any acceptable email campaign should constitute.
  • Number of spam complaints, undelivered messages and unsubscribes should be maintained by email sending services within the threshold limit.
  • Sending emails to an unqualified list ..results in account suspensions, fine and may even cause legal trouble also.

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Email List Cleaner

How MailGet Accomplishes Email List Cleaning.?

MailGet follows a secure and effective email list cleaner mechanism to clean your contact list.

The email list hygiene tasks accomplished by MailGet are listed below

1. Domain Check – 

  • Checks, whether MX records for the email domain, exist or not and the basic rules of popular ISP’s email (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL,etc.) to find the true status and provides correct results.

2. Bounce Clean – 

  • Delete bounces emails if this list contains emails matched with your bounce list emails.

3. Spam Clean – 

  • Delete spam emails if this list contains emails matched with your spam list emails.

4. Suspended Clean – 

  • Delete suspended emails if this list contains emails matched with your suspended list emails.

5. Removes Duplicate Email – 

  • Issues related to duplicate, syntax errors and improperly formatted email address altogether handled out by MailGet.

6. Validate Emails – 

  • MailGet enhances data quality by helping you to catch mistyped email addresses and prompt users to make corrections when they go to signup or subscription process.
  • Hence, it validates every email address in the contact list and checks whether the address does exist or not.

7. Removal of Role Accounts

  • Detects and removes all role account emails like support@, sales@, info@, etc.

8. Bounce File Compare

  • Compare all email addresses against a list of 100+ million hard bounces and removes affected email address.

9. Throwaway Disposable Email Addresses

  • Detects and removes all junk and temporary email addresses as such email addresses are used for one-time usage during signup.

Benefits Of Cleaned Email Lists

Major benefits you could achieve by maintaining a healthy contact list are –

1. High Email Delivery – 

  • Higher deliverability rates indirectly mean having high email open rates.
  • Altogether it increases sales and conversions which you could not be achieved without having a clean list.

2. Save Money –

  • By cleaning email list, you can save money by avoiding sending emails to the non-responsive and inactive addresses.

3. Get Reduced Spam Complaints –

  • Spam and ISP blocks issues occur only when you send emails to bad email addresses.

So, keeping your list clean help you to achieve better email deliverability rates and inbox placement.

4. Get Reduced Reputation Risks –

  • Regularly sending emails to the invalid email addresses could affect the sender’s reputation of your company and registered domain.
  • With an increase in the engagement ratethe delivery rate also boosts up.

5. Maximizes Revenue Opportunities –

  • Removes invalid and harmful email addresses from your contact lists.

Further, enhances email delivery and increases the ROI of the email marketing campaigns.

6. Improves Reputation Of Your Domain – 

  • Cleaned emails reduce bounce rate of your emails and protect your domain from the blacklist of several security services.

7. Increased ROI –

  • No sales can be generated if you go for sending emails to bad addresses.

Keeping list hygiene will increase your ROI.!!

Maintaining list hygiene can enhance the percentage of email that makes to the recipient’s inbox and reduces the risk of being blocked by ISPs.

MailGet a secure, easy-to-use and cost-effective email marketing helps you to move in the right direction by keeping your email list clean.