Are you unable to send the mass emails.?

  • Even though you are sending a legitimate email there are restrictions placed by email servers which block you to send mass emails.
  • Sending bulk emails can cause all sorts of issues on your networks, such as emails taking a long time to send, a painfully slow network, and server.

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Thinking On How to Send Bulk Emails Now.?

  • Well, MailGet has an inbuilt feature known as SMTP Routing that permits you to integrate with multiple SMTPs relay for sending emails as per your requirement.

What is SMTP Routing?

If you are sending the number of campaigns to your customers with multiple SMTP relays.

Then, MailGet SMTP Routing allows you to select the number of emails to be sent from each SMTP relay.

For example,

If you have selected four SMTP Relay for sending the campaign to customers and 1000 subscriber’s are available in your contact list.

Then, SMTP Routing will let you send the email to those 1,000 subscribers from any of the email sending server as per your need.

In other words, you can manually select the emails (in %) to send from any of the particular SMTP relay based on your requirement.

So, start getting high email delivery rates using MailGet’s SMTP routing.

SMTP Routing

Benefits Of SMTP Routing

1. Maximum Inbox Delivery Rate

MailGet follows SMTP routing which uses multiple routes to send emails.

It will protect your domain from various ISP’s security services and helps in delivering messages in the inbox.

2. Reduce Bounce Rate

SMTP routing increases the chances of delivering the messages in the inbox of clients which helps in reducing the bounce rates of emails.

3. Load Balancing

MailGet does not send all the messages from a single SMTP server.

It uses SMTP routing which helps in managing and balancing all the load.

As a result, the message will be easily delivered to the recipient.

4. Avoid Message From Going To Spam

If a bulk email is send using single server then the probability for the message to be delivered as a spam increases.

So, MailGet uses SMTP routing for bulk emails which restrict messages from going into spam.

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