Suffering from deliverability issues and low responses to your campaigns. ?

If your contact lists are not managed accurately, a user will never respond to your campaign, and you will always struggle to get your emails in client’s inbox.

Want to build a healthy contact list. ?

Maintaining a healthy customer base and managing your email lists properly could result in increased delivery of your emails.

What If You Get Email List Management Along With Inbuilt SMTP Integration?
Yes, You Read It Right! No External SMTP Required 

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MailGet’s Email List Management feature lets you manage the email lists and customer’s data properly.

As a result, you achieve good responses and high email delivery towards your email campaigns.

What is Email List Management?

  • Email list management is a process of creating and managing all your email contacts properly and accurately.
  • It reduces all the possibility of misunderstanding and helps you to send emails to right recipients in a managed way.

Therefore, proper email list management has to be done right from the beginning.

Why Should You Focus On Email List Management?

If your contact list contained bad email addresses and unsubscribed users list then you will face many difficulties while contacting your clients like –

1. Email Deliverability And Relevancy Issues For Email Campaigns

You will face if there are –

  • Improperly managed user lists.
  • Inaccurate contact data i.e. having bad addresses due to which your emails will not reach your customers inboxes. !!

2. Lose Potential Sales

Grabbing customer’s attention is the most difficult task, as they’re not easily swayed in this increasingly competitive digital landscape.

  • So, if you miss managing your email list correctly you can suffer from low responses and higher cost.
  • Subscribers become less active on your email list and you will lose potential sales by not moving customers to the right list.

3. Very Low Open Rates

  • If you are using a purchased email list you might be not able to get a good open rate.

Many of the email addresses might have gone dormant as purchased list are not being cleaned out. !! 

As a result, 

  • Your list comprises of the addresses that are useless to you and waste your time, money and also affect the open rates.

List Management

What MailGet’s Email List Management Feature Provides?

MailGet provides list management facility to remove bad email addresses and unsubscribed users from your contact list.

It allows you to manage your contact lists in the following ways –

1. Bounce And Subscriber Management

  • MailGet stores all the invalid email addresses and spam emails in the bounced contact list.
  • Your contact lists stay updated and clean with automatic bounce, abuse, and unsubscribe management.

2. Create/Import Your Contacts

  • Synchronize your contacts by importing contacts either manually or simply by uploading a CSV file containing a name and email address of your clients.

While importing contacts, MailGet allows you to organise your contacts in different lists.

3. Unsubscribe Contact Lists

  • Whenever you block a user manually, or users click on email unsubscribe link that has been sent along with the emails.
  • MailGet stores these contacts in the suspended contact lists increases your email reputation and saves you from being spammed.

4. Contact Lists From Collected Leads

Forms are a crucial part of building an email subscriber list.

  • MailGet allows you to add subscriber form in minutes to build a healthy list also creates a separate contact list for the collected leads.

5. Contact Segmentation

Segment your list based on people sharing some common interest or some common parameter.

You can segment your customers by open rates, click-through rates, details they provided at sign-up, geographic location and more.

Now you have a clear view of your clients to whom you can send emails without any risk. !!

Benefits Of Contact List Management 

A proper contact list management has been an essential goal of every email marketing services.  If maintained could benefit you in following segments –

1. Time Saving –

You don’t need to filter your contacts again and again. 

  • A proper list management always helps you to save a lot of time by maintaining a precise list of clients to send emails right away.
2. Better Efficiency in Delivering Emails – 
  • Removal of old and inactive addresses who have not engaged with your emails within a range of time results in, increased delivery rates.
  • It also helps you to get great responses on your campaigns.
3. Better Management –
  • A better list management helps you to choose lists of valid email addresses of clients you can easily target your customers to promote your products.
4. Increases Your Email Reputation – 

As list management manages all the email addresses that are unsubscribed, bounced or marked as spams.

You can now block such email addresses and send emails to only valid email addresses which would help to increase your email reputation.

A good contact list is the foundation of a successful email marketing campaign.

Maintaining a strong and healthy email list increases the brand loyalty, brand promotion and helps you to reach your market target successfully.