When you contact people for domain-specific purposes, you tend to waste a lot of time talking to those people who don’t even fall in the league. This is because, apart from the email id, you don’t know what the person’s profile is. To make this job easier, you should have Email Enrichment Tools which can dig out all the social information.

A software that can present to the individual’s all the web existence in whichever form he is prevailing on the world wide web. One can analyze the person more deeply and communicate with him accordingly when he got the social profiles & other information of a person.

Email Enrichment Tools will allow you to connect and integrate multiple other software of yours through an API key. There are similar other features which will help to manage data and email enrichment task smoothly.

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Let’s explore these contacts digging software one by one:-

1. FullContact:-

One of the finest data and email enrichment software in the market that you will come across today, the FullContact like its name manages your contact related activity fully, the software keeps you all the contacts in one place. The contacts which have been updated within the software are traced all over the web and are enriched with the social profile data.

FullContact-Email Enrichment Tool


  • The software gives you a special feature to enrich your API. An API key of random characters is generated which can be used to integrate other software with this service.
  • In the software’s dashboard, you’ll get a feature of fetching the person’s social profiles. It retrieves all the relevant stuff of the person being searched.
  • Merge duplicate contacts, scan business cards, capture email signatures, and similar other stuff. Contacts continuously get synced with all the devices as well.


For a developer, there is a free plan in which they will get 100 matches.

Starter: In the starter plan, the user will get 2500 matches which includes person matches, company matches, data add-ons for $99.

Plus: In the plus plan, the user will get 15000 matches which includes person matches, company matches, data add-ons for $299.

Premium: In the premium plan, the user will get 50000 matches which include person matches, company matches, data add-ons and various other features for $499.

Enterprise: Get in touch with the sales team.

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2. AeroLeads:-

AeroLeads is a cloud-based prospect generation tool suitable for businesses in a variety of B2B industries. AeroLeads is a lead generating software that is used to find email addresses, phone number of prospects. It is a chrome plugin that will collect the data from platforms like LinkedIn, AngelList and many more.

Clearbit-Email Enrichment Tool


  • The user can capture contact information in real-time from very valuable sources like social profiles, company databases, Crunchbase, etc.
  • With the help of AeroLeads, you can get the specifications such as Industry, title, location, email and phone number in a CSV format.
  • You can transfer your prospects to sites like MailChimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zapier with one click.


Take off Plan:- $49/Month The user will get 700 credits under this starter plan.

Climb Plan:- $149/Month In this plan the user will get 2500 credits and some extra features.

Cruise Plan:- $499/Month The user will get 10000 credits under this plan.

Enterprise Plan:- You Quote your needs as per your Requirements and We Quote you a price.

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3. Clearbit:-

Clearbit is an amazing contact finder software through which you can easily find someone’s data at your fingertips. For that, you just need to enter a person’s email address, and Clearbit transforms that data into a complete person’s profile.

Clearbit-Email Enrichment Tool


  • Clearbit provides a person’s information including person first & last name, job profile, photo, bio, location, company name, size, and even which technology they are using.
  • The software only works with an email address that associates with a person and finds information related to that person.
  • Easily integrates with SalesForce, Zapier, Marketo, Slack,  Segment and many others.


$99/month:- Under this plan, you can find data of 2500 people.

$149/month:- In the plan, you can find data of 5000 people.

$199/month:- Here you can search for data of 10,000 people.

Note: If you are using Salesforce and Marketo, then just need to pay $499 in a month for unlimited lead data.

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4. Been Verified:-

Been verified is one of the most popular email enrichment software which gives a wide range of information on a person by using their email address. It provides complete information including all social media profiles, gravatar, name, surname, company name & location, job title and much more.

BeenVerified-Email Enrichment Tool


  • BeenVerified helps you get the verified results i.e you can even see the criminal history of the particular user which you’re looking after. This will help you understand your lead in a much better way. 
  • The benefits offered are background reports, contact information, phone & email lookups, address lookups, and sex offender lookups. You will be also notified quickly if there is any variation or update in a report.
  • With the help of Been verified software, you can fetch complete information about someone via the email address or phone number. The best thing is that you can search for people by their residential address.


In $26.89/month, you can search people age, location, email, photos, social media accounts, phone number and much more.

You get a 3-month membership for $52.44. With which you can search people age, location, email, photos, social media accounts, phone number, etc.

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5. MailGet Enricher : Email Enrichment Tools

With MailGet Enricher, you can simplify the process of lead enhancement either with email contact, phone number or Twitter handle. Either one of these contact info will help to extract information from multiple sources with just a few clicks.

The add-on to this enrichment service is that you get access to multiple other features as well. The starting plan of service is very low i.e 2 cents per lead which is very cheap as compare to other software.


  • More authentic and verified data is returned, as the sources searched for results are trusted ones on the web.
  • Details like gender, age, workplace, professional details, education info, social media details and much more can be extracted easily.
  • Social profile details are searched on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and multiple other sources.

Top Email Enrichment Tools: Personalized Customer Experiences


  • Start your lead enrichment procedure just by paying $19 and process 1,000 emails with ease.
  • The second plan will cost $99 and will allow to refine 5,000 emails.
  • The next plan gives access to 10,000 email enrichment at a price of $175.

MailGet Enricher offers more plans which can be helpful for larger email lists.

Interested in reducing lead enrichment costs and want to have a service that is good, user-friendly and delivers authentic data?

Well, my personal recommendation will be the MailGet Enricher tool. This is one service that we found capable of delivering data accurate user details at the cost of 2cents per search only.


All these software will give you an authentic customer database or social profile of the customer and save a lot of energy and time which you can utilize in some other productive work. Start analyzing all your leads in deep and simplify your email enrichment task with these amazing tools.