In such a competitive world where everybody is fighting neck to neck, the factor which is very crucial is the “time”, and you cannot afford to lose it in searching for your potential customer’s information. For that, you should have a tool which helps to Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address.

A software that can give all the social links like the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar other social presence.

An email enrichment software will do the task of digging out the people’s profile. It will be beneficial for the companies who are in the sales & marketing field, banking sectors, medical representatives, media and advertising and similar another sort of organizations and firms.

So, if you want to expand your business through a strategic planning. In that case, lead enrichment software will help you find all the social media profiles of leads just through email address, phone number or Twitter.

Here we have accumulated some of the finest lead enrichment tools that will hopefully do the job for you. All these systems will put an end to your hunt for the perfect lead enrichment software.

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Let’s explore the softwares sequentially:-

1. FullContact

FullContact is the most productive email enrichment software as it manages your contacts very easily. You can perform segmentation, prioritization, as well as lead scoring. Plus, the whole system helps you reduce the churn rate by the targeted management.


Features :-

  • The dashboard of the software enables you to search the people’s profession, social profiles & other information across the web. These can be done using email id, phone number, and twitter id.
  • Entities such as duplicate contacts, scan business cards, capture email signatures can be merged by the software.
  • The system supports an API feature in which a key is provided. The key can be use to integrate other systems with your software.

Pricing :-

For developers, there is a free plan in which they will get 100 matches.

Starter Package:- For the starter plan, the user has 2500 matches which include person matches, company matches, data add-ons for $99.

Plus Package:- In this plan, you will get 15000 matches which includes person matches, company matches, data add-ons for $299.

Premium Package:- In the premium plan, the user can refine 50000 matches which includes person matches, company matches, data add-ons and various other features for $499.

Enterprise Package:- For the details of this plan you have to contact the sales team.

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2. Clearbit

When you think about the software which is unique for email enrichment Clearbit is the answer. It can transform any mail into a complete profile of that person, wherever it is existing on the web. The system searches a number of database which gives the user up to date data in real time rather than a static way.


Features :-

  • Working mechanism of this software is very simple.Relevant information about any person can be fetched with the connected email address.
  • Clearbit provides data like person’s name, job profile, photo, bio, location and work domain.
  • The Clearbit software can be integrated with the Marketo, Zapier,  Segment SalesForce and other such software.

Pricing :-

There are broadly three pricing plans:-

1st Plan :- In this plan, the user will have to pay $99/month and for that, you will get data of 2500 person.

2nd Plan :- In the plan 2,  the buyer will have to pay $149/month for which he can fetch data of 5000 people.

3rd Plan :- Similarly, in the plan 3, the buyer will be paying $199/month and will get profile data of 10,000 people.

Note* : If you are using Salesforce and Marketo then you just have to pay $499 per month for unlimited search data.

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3. Been Verified

Been Verified is a software which is prominently used by the people around the world for finding a person information using their email id. The software provides information like social media profile, name, surname, company name & location, job title, profile, designation and similar other stuff.


Features :-

  • The software gives you verified results and goes a level ahead by fetching the criminal record of that person.
  • The system also provides you the benefit of background reports, contact information, phone and email lookups, address lookups.
  • The Been Verified not only finds the person’s complete information by the email address or phone number. But also lets you search people by their residential address.

Pricing :-

Basically two pricing plans available for this software which are as follows:-

First Plan :- In plan 1 you have to pay $26.89/month for which the user will be able to search people age, location, email, photos, social media accounts, phone number and much more.

Second Plan :- For plan 2, the user will be required to pay $52.44 per month, in which the user will get a 3 month membership where you can search people age, location, email, photos, social media accounts, phone number etc.

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4. Pipl

The software enables you to search people for business purposes, the software also allows you to manage files in which the customers missing email address, phone numbers & address. You can also do the bulk search by which you can get information for over 100,000 individuals at once.


Features :-

  • You can upload a list with names, emails address, phone numbers and the software will manage all types of search.
  • The software will fetch the complete profiles of the individual which will get their name, work email, mobile phone, social handle, job title & more.
  • All the task can be done within a few clicks as no technical skills required. Plus, the software provider gives you an instant price estimate & a quick peek.

Pricing :-

Contact :-  In this plan, the user will be required to pay $ 0.5 per match in which the user will get age, name gender, address and landline phone.

Eg :- For 100 matches 0.05*100 = $5

Social :- In this plan the user will be required to pay $ 0.10 per match in which the user will get everything in contact plan and images, associates and social handles.

Eg :- For 100 matches 0.10*100 = $10

Business :- In this plan the user will be required to pay $ 0.20 per match in which the user will get everything in social plan and job, education mobile number, and email address.

Eg :- For 100 matches 0.20*100 = $20

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5. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is a stupendous software that allows to search people by name, email address, phone number and via address of the person. In other words, the software provides an easy background check which includes criminal & court records of the person as well.


Features :-

  • Apart from the obvious, it also lets you monitor personal identities, updating contact lists, looking up phone numbers & more.
  • The software also traces the date of birth and relatives also. But all these searches are only limited to the United States.
  • It also finds out who called your phone, to research property, or find a person’s public social networking profiles.

Pricing :-

For pricing, you need to get in touch with the sales team.

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6. MailGet Enricher : Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address

MailGet Enricher is one of the best email enrichment software which allows you to find details behind an email id. You simply have to enter the email addrsss and it will present details like age, name, job profile, designation, etc.

Features :-

  • The software mechanism is straight and easy. In it, you just have to upload the email list and it will dig out the enriched details.
  • The system grabs the profiles of the person present on the Facebook LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and similar other social profiles.
  • Another facility that is provided by the software is that it can be downloaded as well, so just after getting the enriched list you can use it for further contacting.


Pricing :-

There are many plans that are available, among them the lowest two and the highest one has been explained here:-

In plan 1 services are available at $19 in which information of 1000 leads can be serached.

Plan 2 is available at a price of $99 in which you can find information of 5000 leads.

For the highest plan, the user can have 1,000,000 leads information in $9999.

Note :- For other various pricing plans, you can visit the service provider website.

MailGet Enricher is the best and cheapest software to Find Social Media Profiles By Email Address at a low price. A single match or lead information will cost you just 2 cents. In addition, it also gives you the chance to increase the open rate upto 55%.

Conclusion :-

We have covered best aspects of leading email enrichment software that will surely help you choose the most befitting tool.

These software will work as a great push for your business. It helps you save your time and energy as it becomes quite easy to work on a specific lot rather than scattered profiles.

But these software will sort out things for you and will return only specific & relevant details of individuals.

So, without further ado give your business a software that provides you authentic & relevant social profiles of the people. Through which you can reach heights in business.