Email hosting is a boon for small to medium sized enterprises who cannot afford the cost of running their own email servers, yet would like to have professional looking email addresses associated with their domain names. These definitely give a neat look to the business contacts. We have several email hosting services available in the Internet market today providing top class security and spam protection. These can be easily customized according to the individual or business requirements and can be operated on a variety of platforms including Microsoft Exchange Server hosting services. So, with all these, access to business email features is just a breeze.

Here we list the services and key features provided by ten of the best email hosting providers.

1. UK2

UK2 is a London-based email hosting company that provides numerous other services as well. It is a seasoned provider with two decades of experience in the hosting industry. Its customers are spread across in world in over 200 locations. It provides two packages one is the personal email costing at £0.99 per month and another is the professional email costing at £1.99 per month. It is one of the most pocket-friendly email hosting services out there.

Key features:

  • Synchronizes on any device
  • Built-in spam and virus protection
  • Can be accessed from any device anywhere
  • Reliable and affordable

2. Namecheap

Founded in 2000, Namecheap is a private email hosting service that is powered by Open-Xchange and boasts of 2 million customers and 5 million domains under management. It provides a fast and a lightweight webmail interface to easily manage email, contacts and calendar. It gives the option to try its various email packages free for two months. The various packages are Private for $9.88 per annum, business for $28.88 per annum and business office for $49.88 per annum. It offers a decent 10 GB mailbox storage capacity.


Key features:

  • Web-based email
  • Mobile support for business and business office plans
  • Multiple email accounts can be managed together
  • Up to 10 GB email storage and built-in virus protection

3. Yahoo Aabaco Small Business

They provide Yahoo mail for business usage. Their basic plan starts from $1.59 per mailbox per month. They boast to offer all the features of Yahoo Mail plus and in addition the following features. The highlight of this email hosting service is that it offers 1 TB of mailbox storage. Customers who are fans of Yahoo email find Yahoo email for business quite easy to use.


Key features:

  • Easy management of all mailboxes from different providers together on the same screen
  • Easy addition of new mailboxes and transfer of mailboxes in case of staff changes and reassignments.
  • Provides alias management, document handling, analytics etc.
  • 1 TB of free space
  • Encrypted and secure
  • Easy contact management by an import feature that slows you to copy contacts from Facebook and other email providers.

4. (Gmail for Work) provides Gmail for work where you can enjoy all the benefits of Google email plus access to google apps for online storage, calendars, video meetings etc. It is a blessing for people who are already avid Google app users such as Gmail, google docs, hangouts etc.

It costs $4.17 per month i.e. $50 annually. So, with this email hosting service, you not only get professional email but also free cloud storage for documents etc.


Key features:

  • Google drive control panel integration
  • Customer connections tools such as hangouts
  • Document sharing made easy
  • Premium security and privacy
  • Access to Google apps like docs, sheets, included.
  • Operable from any kind of device including smartphones, laptops and tablets

5. Lunarpages

They provide Microsoft exchange email 2022 hosting services. When it comes to email, nothing can beat Microsoft exchange. It is the most professional email service out there. They offer three kinds of packages including Basic exchange from $3.95 per month, Advanced exchange from $5.95 per month, Premium exchange from $10.95 per month. With the premium exchange subscription, you can enjoy access to email calendar and contact list sync services.


Key features:

  • Virus protection and spam filtering
  • Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web access
  • Data sync with smartphones including ActiveSync
  • Exchange archiving

6. GoDaddy

It is an email hosting service provider based in India. The unique features that they offer are around the clock customer support services and a 30-day money back guarantee. They provide Email essential package from Rs.99 per user per month that allows you a 5GB of email storage, Online essentials that gives you 50 GB of email storage and 1 TB of secure online storage from Rs.299 per user per month and Business premium that in addition to online essential plan includes office 2022 installation on up to 5 desktops and office mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.


Key features:

  • Accessible from any device
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Outlook web application
  • Data security and spam filtering

7. iPage

iPage provides two kinds of email hosting. One is Gmail at your domain meant for small business and individual users/teams. The other one is Enterprise service using MS Exchange 2022 preferred by mid-sized business and Outlook users. The first service is available at a monthly cost of $5 whereas the second one is available at $12.95 per month. In addition, you can opt for their add-on services such as premium spam filter and larger mailbox storage. So, in short, iPage has email solutions for every kind of user requirement.


Key features:

  • Email, calendar, contacts and task management
  • Spam and Virus protection
  • Secure Webmail access
  • 24×7 support

8. Hostpapa

Hostpapa is an affordable email hosting option for small businesses. Based in the US, it boasts of being an award-winning email hosting company. It provides services that are available at just $2 per month per mailbox. This professional email management solution offers a host of features that include the following. Apart from numerous other features, the ease to send bulky files is the main feature that Hostpapa offers.


Key features:

  • Keep email in sync on all devices
  • Generous sending limits
  • Large attachments up to 35 MB can be sent per email using the file sharing feature
  • 5 GB inbox storage
  • Unlimited IMAP connections
  • Security using anti-spam and anti-phishing protection

9.  Heart Internet

Heart Internet provides all features of Exchange email by the means of its email hosting service. It offers the Microsoft Exchange 2022 platform and includes all the core features such as OWA webmail, ActiveSync, enterprise-class virus and spam protection. The main feature is that the already existing email accounts hosted on MS exchange 2003, 2007 or 2022 can be quickly transferred without loss of data or any downtime. The unique selling point of Heart Internet email hosting service is that it provides full free access to Outlook 2022 along with.


Key features:

  • Free Outlook 2022 full access
  • Sync across devices
  • 24×7 UK support team
  • 30 GB mailbox storage

10. Easyspace

Founded in 1991, this UK based company is one of the leading UK’s group hosting services company. It offers a variety of email hosting solutions that include basic email services, Microsoft exchange email and also a professional mail filter service. It can be operated securely from any device including desktop, webmail or mobile. The price per month exclusive of taxes for each of the package is from £1.49 for Easymail, from £5.99 for Microsoft exchange and £25 per annum for email mail filter. The main feature is that Easyspace offers up to 100 GB mailbox storage.


Key features:

  • 100 GB mailbox
  • ActiveSync for mobile and PC
  • Outlook Web access and mobile access
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection


With numerous email hosting services, available in the market out there, the professional email solutions have become so easy to maintain and manage. These services range from Gmail, Yahoo for Work, to Microsoft Exchange 2022, 2022 platforms with mailbox storage ranging from as low as 2 GB to as high as 1 TB.

With all of these, you can choose the service that best suits your affordability and the needs of your business. These hosting services are quite secure to use and free of virus and spam threats. Moreover, you can manage multiple email accounts from different providers on a single screen using these. With a number of service providers and a wide range of packages provided by them, you are indeed spoilt for choice to choose the best one for yourself.

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