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  • Helps you build customer reliability by keeping your subscribers involved.

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Below I’ve listed out 10 Best Free Hair Salon Email Templates built with MailGet’s responsive email template builder.

Select a template from our gallery of free mobile responsive email marketing and email newsletter templates.

Steps To Use The Template With MailGet Bolt- 

Step #1 – Sign into your MailGet Bolt account.

Step #2 – Now select Create Email tab from the dashboard and select Custom Code Editor option.

Step #3 – Now copy and paste the code given in the zip file.

You’re all done now. !! Save and Start sending beautiful templates to your clients. 

Check out this professionally composed hair salon email templates for the stylish email marketer –

1. Beauty Salon Email Template

A dynamic email template exclusively for hair salons who wants to provide discounts and OFF during special occasions can grab this beauty salon email template and send millions of emails instantly.

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2.Hair Salon Email Template

A perfect alternative for hair salons who wants to showcase their salon services services to people brilliantly and allow their clients to schedule appointment easily. Use this attractive email templates and do the email marketing of your salon & feminine shop.


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3. Barber & Hair Styling Email Template

Combined with modern look and content, this email template is a suitable choice for hair salons and barber shops. The template would be beneficial to showcase your hair styling services through its highly dynamic design. You also get to feature your crew members on board to earn your customer’s trust. Use this template and begin email marketing of your fashion & styling business.


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4. Men’s Hair Studio Email Template

Filled with all essential elements that any hair studio would require for showcasing their work along with a nice welcome offer for your new clients. The template also exhibits a classy header image with a custom designed logo and a 2-column field, describing your services.


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5. Hair Stylist Email Template

Barbershops will absolutely love to use these sort of templates for email marketing because they get to  demonstrate their hair styling and shaving techniques through this. Eye pleasing image sections adds extra flavour to it along with an easy “make an appointment” button. Send emails to thousands of customers and promote your styling store quickly.


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6. Makeover Salon Email Template

An incredible choice available for those who are into any kind of hair salon business. This template not only provides catchy header image but also a text section, describing your work along with a 3-column field and a quick link button to your official website.


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7. Shaving Salon Email Template

Incorporated with impressive and simple design, it’s a perfect option available for hair salon services to display their beard shaving skills and services. Every email reader will be forced to avail your services after seeing  a very attractive zigzag text-image section and an appointment booking offer.


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8. Beauty Parlor Email Template

Spectacular email newsletter crafted keeping in mind of all details that any hair salon business could require. Readers would be swarming towards your establishment after viewing this email template. Header image, 2-column field, text-image field and an appointment button are some features that makes the template so efficient.


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9. Hair Care Email Template

Display your off-season discounts and special packages through notable hair salon email template. The template packs a text and images field, presenting your work and its details.


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10. Unisex Hair Salon Email Template

Hair salon businesses looking for enticing email template will love to see this template since it will definitely grab the reader’s interest because of its unique design. You allow your potential clients to book an appointment through this email template. Not only this, you can also inform your clients about your history, services and offers through various inbuilt fields and buttons.

Free Hair Salon Email Templates

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Final Words..

So, these were some top-notch hair salon email templates that will surely make an amazing impact on your hair salon in front of customers.

Want to try building email template yourself? Try MailGet Bolt, which possesses an amazing Drag-n-Drop responsive email template builder that lets you design stunning emails within few clicks.

Now, when you are done with choosing your favorite email template, it’s time to get one of the best themes for your hair salon website.