Email marketing- what is it exactly? The term refers to promoting your products and services using email as a channel for reaching out to your audience. Email marketing is used to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness in the targeted market. 

For email marketing, you need to collect email IDs of the potential customers and develop a list of the email IDs .You have to build a healthy email list, making sure that  you’re complying with CAN-SPAM regulations.

There are many email marketing service providers available these days, you just need to subscribe to any of their plans according to your need , upload your email list , draft an email and send it to the targeted audience. But drafting a proper email can be tricky task , so one should follow some of the key tips mentioned here to draft a proper email and to enhance your email marketing.

1. Never spend $100 for something that you can get for $1

There are email marketing service providers available these day, choose one for yourself wisely. Some firms charge a fortune to provide email marketing services, that you can get for much lesser amount , so look for companies that fulfill your needs and do not over charge you. Before deciding on anything conduct a small research for yourself and you can save huge sums of money.One such example of such a service provider is MailGet.

Tips for email marketing

2. Segment your email list

Segmenting your email list means that divide the email IDs that you have collected in different groups depending upon the targeted audience, priority and some other factors. This will help you to send emails only to a relevant group of people every time  you launch a new campaign.

Tips for email marketing

3. Plan a follow-up email for every email campaign

Never give up upon your customers, if you want a good response try sending more emails. Once you launch a email campaign, set a auto follow-up emails to increase the frequency of your email sent resulting in increase of conversion rate.


Tips for email marketing

4. Always personalize your emails

Personalization of emails is when marketers use subscriber’s data like name, within the email content to make the it feel tailor-made for the individual subscriber. It has also proven very useful to increase opens rates of the mails sent as it engages the reader more and they can easily relate to it.

In one of our case studies, we found over 100% increase in email open rates by personalizing the email subject line.

Our best performing subject line was –

Hi {firstname}, Need your advice

It went to people like –

Hi John, Need your advice


Tips for email marketing

5. Establish a clear call to action in your email

In emails marketing CTA or call to action is very important, it grabs subscriber’s attention and encourages them to act immediately. Your email must have clear call to action as it informs the user what is expected to be done at their end.

Some of most commonly used CTA are Shop now, Join Us, Call at etc.

Tips for email marketing

6. Use friendly language instead of robotic one

Drafts emails in interactive ways, they should not seem robotic of auto-generated responses to engage more and more subscribes. If the email language will be robotic or monotone, there are high chances that they land into the spam folder or user might not open it or unsubscribe it.

Tips for email marketing7. Keep your email list updated

Your email list needs to be updated regularly.Make sure to check the spelling errors and typos in the emails IDs added to the list each time. Keep cleaning all the inactive and invalid email ID from the list to avoid hard bounce emails. Follow the feedback and remove complainers immediately from your list so as to decrease the complaint rate in future.

Tips for email marketing

8. Write emails with respect to customer’s interests, not your’s

If you want a subscriber to read the email you have sent, then send an email with content that shows benefits for the subscriber excluding your personal interests from it. If the email only contains information about what your product does and it features instead of how it is beneficial for the subscriber, they will lose their interest in reading the email.

Tips for email marketing

9. Keep your emails short and simple

Length of the emails drafted matters a lot. Do not scare the subscriber by sending lengthy emails to them.

Try to keep your emails short and simple so that they can scan the email and find the crux of it easily without spending much time on it.

Tips for email marketing

10. Send emails using multiple STMPs to improve reach and engagements

No one email service is good all the time. Different email marketing service usually put you on their shared IP resources for sending emails. Due to which one sender bad sending can affect your email sending engagements and reach as well.

It is generally recommended that you should use at-least connect 2 to 3 SMTPs in your account and send emails using each one of them and keep on experimenting. One best way is to send your first email campaign through SMTP A and than re-sending the same campaign through SMTP B to maximize your opens, reach and engagement.

For connecting and sending through multiple SMTP’s you can try out MailGet – email marketing platform which is an email front-end for sending emails through multiple SMTP relays.

Tips for email marketing