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Top Email Marketing Services And Their Comparisons

Services Pricing Subscribers List Management           Free Trials
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/m 5,000 Yes connect 3 SMTP
MailGet $49/m 50,000 Yes      30-Day Free Trial
SendinBlue $25/m 100,000 emails No 300 emails per day


$40/m 10,000 No Up to 1000 subscribers
GetResponse $65/m  10,000 No      Month Free. 250 Users
Pepipost $25/m 150,000 emails No Forever Free Plan

We all are aware of the fact that how important is email marketing these days. Many online studies say that it has become one of the most convenient resources for promoting products and services online.

This is the reason why everyone is in a rush to find a good email marketing service which is affordable, user-friendly, comes loaded with features and serves the best.

But what is more important is how to know the best software for email marketing of your business.

So, we took the pledge and after doing a lot of research & testing founded the 10 Top Email Marketing Software 2022 that will help you send promotional as well as transactional emails that land in the inbox of the customer.

So, what is the wait, let’s dive into the details of the 10 Top Email Marketing Software 2022.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing– Email Marketing Software

Pabbly Email Marketing is the most efficient and easy-to-use email marketing software currently available in the market.

You can start sending emails within 5 mins with this service as it comes with its own SMTP and allows you to add multiple SMTPs in easy steps. This best email marketing software has got all the latest features offered at a very low price.

This price plan for this emailing service starts as low as $29 a month for unlimited email delivery.

Get an open rate of 43.64% on promotional and 29.47% on transactional emails in real from bulk email marketing campaigns.

Yes, this is true! while doing online promotions via Pabbly Email Marketing we personally got an awesome open rate of over 43% on promotional emails from a single campaign

Should try this service once as it helped us gain huge profits at the cost of $29 a month for UNLIMITED EMAILS.

More About This Email Marketing Tool

Some of the best features that Pabbly Email Marketing are given below-

  • Drag & Drop Email Builder
  • Effective List Management
  • Subscriber Segmentation
  • Autoresponder & Drip Email Option
  • Auto Follow Up Emails Facility
  • Mobile-Friendly Email Designs
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Unsubscribe Handle
  • 24×7 Email & Chat Support
  • Email Inbox Preview
  • Add Personalized Tags
  • Subscription Form
  • Email Tracking
  • MailGet API

Pros of Pabbly Email Marketing

  • Explore Pabbly Email Marketing without paying any cost.
  • 500+ pre-designed email templates
  • Allows sending unlimited emails.

Cons of Pabbly Email Marketing

  • Users are restricted to send emails in a free trial plan.

Note:- If you already have an SMTP service no worries Pabbly Email Marketing will help you send emails via Amazon SES and many other popular SMTP services.
Starting at $29 a month with unlimited email delivery to 5,000 subscribers.

2. MailGet: Online Marketing Software

MailGet software allows you to create retina-ready email templates to engage more visitors and subscribers.

It lets you easily create templates with Drag and Drop Builder. Furthermore, MailGet provides you a powerful dashboard to easily manage and track multiple statistics of the email system.


Quality Features of MailGet email marketing service are given below:

  • Drip Automation
  • Schedule Emails
  • Real-Time Support
  • Easy To Use Dashboard
  • Robust Reports Section
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • 10+ Block For Create Templates
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Amazon SES Integration

Pricing Plans

MailGet creates different pricing plans according to every business person.

Starters: Get this plan is only $ 7/month in which you get 10 campaigns.

Rookie: Pay only 29 in which you can add unlimited campaigns.

Pro Plan: Buy this plan in $49 which empowers you to send 50000 subscribers.

Advanced Plan: To purchase our advanced plan pay $79 in which you can send emails to 1,00,000 subscribers and create unlimited campaigns.

More About This Email Marketing Tool

3. Pepipost: Email Marketing Tool

Pepipost is a friendly and extremely easy to use email campaigning tool. With the help of their API, you can send emails through SMTP without any trouble.

This service provides an interface that is very easy to use and manages your account in an effective way.

Pepipost Email Marketing - Top Email Marketing Software

List of features that Pepipost emailing platform possesses-

  • It is easy to configure with major website creation tools.
  • 100% inbox delivery
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly emails
  • Pepipost has the best delivery protocols and guidelines to fight spam.
  • This software is easily scalable.
  • With all that it has a powerful trigger ware rule engine.

Pros of Mad Mimi

  • It provides Bounce notifications
  • Data is fully secure
  • You will get real-time reports

Cons of Mad Mimi

  • No list management
  • Costly as compared to other software

More About This Email Marketing Tool

4. SendinBlue: Online Marketing Solution

SendinBlue is an advanced emailing tool that will add a great help to your online marketing and promotional needs. With this marketing solution, you can easily reach the audience and customers.

You can send transactional as well as marketing emails and promote products and services globally.

Top Email Marketing Services

Key features of this affordable email marketing service are listed below-

  • Email designer
  • Easy & fast contact management
  • Campaign reports
  • Transactional email templates
  • Responsive design
  • Spam checking & inbox testing available
  • Email & SMS personalization
  • Fully customizable sign-up forms
  • List segmentation
  • Phone & email support 24/7

Pros of SendinBlue

  • Offers free plan with multiple advanced features
  • Responsive email templates available

Cons of SendinBlue

  • Account set-up is a bit confusing
  • Can’t upload contacts from third parties

More About This Email Marketing Tool

5. Moosend: Email Marketing Agency

Moosend has partnered with IBM to support your email marketing efforts with a leading reliable cloud hosting environment that will help you deliver your campaigns faster.

It is one of the cheapest still reliable email marketing service. You can start sending emails with its free trial which includes all features.

Best Email Marketing Software

MooSend emailing agency features are listed below-

  • Drag & drop email builder
  • Advanced email marketing automation
  • Contact segmentation and grouping
  • Real-time analytics of campaigns
  • Supports 3rd party integrations
  • Spam testing & A/B split testing
  • Cross-device newsletter preview
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Personalization tags

Pros of MooSend

  • Interface is user-friendly
  • Easy to understand color-coded reports

Cons of MooSend

  • Response time is a bit slow

More About This Email Marketing Tool

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6. ConstantContactEmailing Platform

Using ConstantContact email marketing templates you can create and deliver emails that are modern and looks professional.

This platform comes pre-loaded with multiple futuristic features that allow quick & easy email automation that too at an affordable price point.

Best Email Marketing Software

Email automation features by ConstantContact-

  • Ready-to-go customizable email templates
  • Get access to unlimited email every month
  • Automatically send personalized emails
  • Advanced contact management with auto removal
  • Real-time email tracking tool
  • Fully responsive email templates
  • Multiple list building tools
  • Keep connected with an autoresponder
  • Step-by-step seminars, training, and online support
  • Mobile apps for monitoring on the go

Pros of ConstantContact

  • 60-Days free trial period to perform testing
  • Over 400 attractive email templates

Cons of ConstantContact

  • Overpriced: the prices are comparatively very high
  • Difficult to cancel services as you have to call them for cancellation

More About This Email Marketing Tool

7. MailJet: Email Marketing Solution

Right now MailJet is a top-class emailing solution that will boost your business growth. With this service sending marketing and transactional emails in bulk becomes very easy.

It’s a one-stop solution which is reliable and will fulfill all your email marketing needs. A simple 3 step process of creation, send and optimization is being followed which delivers high success rates.

MailJet Email Marketing Solution comes at a reasonable price of $74.95/m for 150,000 emails.

Best Email Marketing Software

Full set of features that MailJet offers-

  • Automate email triggering based on scenarios
  • Enhance with A/B testing
  • Segment all your e-mail data
  • Get dedicated API support
  • Real-time monitoring & email tracking
  • Send API for advanced mail delivery
  • Send personalized emails by location, subject lines, etc
  • Improved email deliverability service
  • Deliver both transactional and marketing emails
  • Choose from pre-designed email templates
  • Send emails that are fully responsive
  • Instant 24/7 support is available

Pros of MailJet

  • Powerful template design
  • Good interface easy to understand
  • Mailjet supports different languages

Cons of MailJet

  • Support only includes emails, no toll-free number is available
  • Social media integration is not supported

More About This Email Marketing Tool

8. GetResponseEmail Marketing Service

The benefit of using GetResponse email marketing service is that it comes along with the webinar facility. With this service, you can simultaneously send emails to users and use the webinar feature to give the attendees online presentations as well.

With GetResponse you can simply grow your email list, increase conversions, optimize engagements with the latest features.

Price plans for this emailing solution start from $15 and go up till $1199 for a month.

Best Email Marketing Software

Features that are provided by GetResponse email marketing service-

  • Custom domain
  • Campaign consulting
  • Webinars 500 attendees
  • Drag & drop email builder
  • Supports multiple integrations
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Guaranteed inbox delivery
  • Fully responsive emails
  • Bulk emailing facility
  • Track user activities
  • Automation segmentation

Pros of GetResponse

  • Automated list management
  • Design testing and spam testing facility

Cons of GetResponse

  • Lots of templates but the designs are retro and looks outdated

More About This Email Marketing Tool

9. AWeberEmail Marketing Service

AWeber is an amazing email marketing service that permits you to design eye-catchy emails, manage contacts, track user actions and conduct bulk-online marketing campaigns.

You can stay on top with this easy-to-use email marketing and automation service without spending a fortune on it.

Best Email Marketing Software

Some latest facilities that AWeber provides-

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Email marketing API
  • Measure email deliverability rate
  • Sign-up forms to grow a contact list
  • Easy to use drag & drop editor
  • Import contacts from different file formats.
  • Select from 700+ responsive email templates
  • Email tracking for details about email campaigns
  • Easy subscriber management & segmentation
  • Integrate with various, social media, e-commerce, and other applications

Pros of AWeber

  • Compared to others the price is reasonable
  • Setting time-based autoresponders is easy
  • Responsive email templates
  • Strong reporting feature

Cons of AWeber

  • Some templates are a bit outdated
  • Multiple email segments can’t be done at once
  • Split testing is currently unavailable

More About This Email Marketing Tool

10. MailChimp: Advanced Email Marketing Software

MailChimp is one of the largest marketing automation platforms with which you can send stunning emails that perfectly land in the inbox of customers.

It’s an email marketing software that helps people find the right audience and increase customer engagements through fully automated advanced features.

With MailChimp, you get free as well as paid plans starting as low as $10 a month.Best Email Marketing Software

Features For Email Marketing Automation-

  • Multiple e-commerce integrations
  • Drag & drop designer for fast & attractive e-mails
  • Work quickly with pre-developed email templates
  • Create full automation funnels
  • Re-engage stale subscribers
  • Analyze performance with A/B testing
  • Segmentation to send the right emails
  • Email tracking to know user action
  • Trigger multiple emails with a single API request
  • Access anytime, anywhere with MailChimp Android & iOS app

Pros of MailChimp

  • You can import your own email templates
  • Thorough reporting which includes locations, social media and more

Cons of MailChimp

  • Limited email automation
  • High-cost plans

More About This Email Marketing Tool

11. Campaign Monitor: Mailing Software

Campaign Monitor is a professional-grade email marketing and automation service designed for today’s fast-growing businesses.

This service guarantees 100% inbox delivery, plus many other features that will automate your email campaigns and help you generate good sales results.

Best Email Marketing Software

Some of the features of Campaign Monitor are-

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Simple drag & drop email builder
  • Completely responsive emails
  • Numerous professionally designed templates
  • Deliver personalized mails
  • Bulk emailing facility
  • Segment your customers
  • Sign-up forms to grow a contact list
  • Multiple integrations supported
  • Priority phone and email support

Pros of Campaign Monitor

  • A ton of templates to build emails
  • Simple list management facility

Cons of Campaign Monitor

  • Lacks in live support and third-party integrations
  • Prices are higher than other services

More About This Email Marketing Tool

Final Closure

I hope this blog helped you find a good email marketing service. As the main motive of this blog was to provide the readers’ information which helps them to find an email marketing solution that is affordable and allows active promotion of their business online.

Most of the listed services offer free trials. So, I would like to recommend that you should try them out once and test their features before subscribing.

For more info on email marketing services & software, below are few blogs which will help you get more data about email marketing services:-