Event organizers who are conducting events on the global level, cannot rely on manual management.

Instead, they prefer handling events via online mode so that they can manage events, users, sponsors at one place without spending much time.

So after a lot of research, we have come across a fact that most of the people are using event management PHP script for managing their events through online mode.

Hence, we can say that event management PHP script has become the ultimate & an impeccable tool for online event management.

Event Management PHP Script

Using these scripts, you can easily keep your web audience updated about the upcoming events & allow them to make an online reservation for the event.

Further, with Google Map integration, you can help them locate the venue with much ease.

There is a long list of functionalities that these event management PHP scripts provide.

Let us explore each one of them one by one.

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1. Event Management System – Perfect Day

This is a powerful event management PHP script that lets you manage and organize all your events at one place and handle user booking system with much ease.

Further, admin can make various customizations from the robust admin panel in every aspect. For instance, you can upload the images on the web page via dragging & dropping and keep a complete log of booking and payments.

Perfect Day Event Management PHP Script


  • With this script, admin can facilitate the website visitors with various add-ons like subscription box for newsletter, past & upcoming events list and many such elements as per his choice.
  • You can feature the events on the website and can provide important details like date, time, countdown timer, rate etc.
  • Besides, you can also offer various coupons for the events which users can redeem while making payments for booking.
  • Moreover, you can accept payments from the users either via PayPal or through the offline payment option.

Pricing Plan

Get the regular license of this super amazing script at a very economical price of $30 and extended license at $110 only. You will get unlimited features like multiple mail templates, future updates and a lot more with these pricing plans.

Also, if you wish to extend the given 6 months support to 12 months, just pay an additional amount of $9.38

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2. Eventsys & Events Management System

It is one of the best platforms for any kind of event management. This is because you can use this script to automate and simplify the process of event management without spending much cost & time.

Not just this, it provides you with the perfect analytics tools & lets you manage multiple event, booking & reservations more effectively.

Eventsys Event Management PHP Script


  • Webmaster can easily check all the event reports on daily, monthly, yearly, or between a date range.
  • For every user, you can provide QR code on the ticket for booking that will hold various details like event name, users name, booking date, event address etc.
  • Furthermore, on every booking, both users and admin will get notified by email.
  • This CMS helps you to manage upcoming events, schedules, reservations, sold tickets and much more from the back end.

Pricing Plan

Avail the regular license of this PHP script for event management at just $40. Get the extended license with a lot more enhanced features along with future updates by paying $455.

Along with this, you will get the dedicated 6-month support which you extend to 1 year by paying a minimal amount of $13.13.

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3. Event Manager PHP Script

This event management PHP script lets the users organize and plan the event in the most convenient way.

The PHP script provides a lot more functionalities like you can display the map location using Google Map, form validation etc.

Further, this multilingual script comes with the easiest installation option.

Event Manager PHP Script


  • You can create custom pages for events of different types and edit them as well. For instance, you can add different elements related to events like map location, initial & final dates and a lot more.
  • Furthermore, the script has various integrations to enhance the overall functionality of your event website. For example, it has FullCalendar, Font Awesome Icons, jQuery, Bootstrap and a lot more.
  • Besides this, you can also add event calendar/picker for the event and configure its layout setting such as enabling inline/drop-down option etc.
  • With this script, you can certainly secure the website & system from different vulnerabilities such as SQL Injections and XSS attacks.

Pricing Plan

You can purchase the regular license of this event management PHP script at a very reasonable price of $24 and extended license at $65 only.  Moreover, you can extend the 6 months support to 12 months by paying a basic charge of $7.13 only.

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4. Viavi Event Management

This simple event management PHP script is a bliss for those who want to have event-based functionality on their websites in minutes.

You can easily manage your events list of different categories, users, bookings and a lot more from the dashboard.

The script helps you to have an utmost responsive layout of your event website.

Viavi Event Management PHP Script


  • You can display the event sponsors and month wise upcoming events list on your event website.
  • Users can submit events from the frontend which are not subjected for approval by the admin.
  • Furthermore, you can easily create, modify, and delete single and multiple day events with this script.
  • Additionally, you can have an AJAX based login & registration system for users & also have the Disqus comment system on your website.

Pricing Plan

The regular license of this PHP script is available at just $27 and provides you with all the basic features. Whereas, to avail even more advanced features, you just need to pay $135 for the extended license.

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5. Event Pursuit

With this PHP script, organizers can create, edit or cancel events online and do many other important settings regarding events such as ticket scheduling, validating user’s inputs, manage guest list and a lot more stuff.

Moreover, you can share the event on Twitter & Facebook pages with just a click.

Also, the webmaster can configure social meta tags to control the way the website content is displayed in feeds.

Event Pursuit Event Management PHP Script


  • The Google map integration will assist the users to find the location of the venue easily by displaying landmarks like hotels & restaurants around the venue.
  • Further, the script uses EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) to send signup welcome, password renewal, purchased tickets and other notifications to user’s email.
  • Organisers can keep their web audience informed about the website maintenance via displaying maintenance pages when the site has undergone for any kind of updations.
  • The smart search algorithm helps to display the most related result based on keywords whenever a user browses about an event. Also, users will have countdown timers & upcoming event list on the event web page.
  • The script has built-in SEO & is integrated with Google tag manager so that you can do the updations in Google Analytics codes as well.

Pricing Plan

The regular license of this PHP script is available at $45 and the extended license can be purchased at $125 only.

You can extend the 6 months support to 12 months by paying an additional amount of $15 only.

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As you can see, we have discussed some of the best event management PHP scripts in this article that are being used in abundance.

These scripts are already tried and tested at the personal level, so you do not have to think twice before using them.

All you need to do is, figure out the best script that blends well with your event website and start using it straight away.

Just in case you find any of these scripts ambiguous or have a suggestion to make, feel free to comment in the below section.

Thanks for reading.