Whether you live in an urban or rural society laundry services are an essential part of daily lifestyle everywhere.

So, if your business is offering premium laundry services which you want to manage online without much hassle.

Laundry Service PHP Script

Then we have got 5 top class Laundry Service PHP Script which are stacked with multiple features, easy to use facilities and various management functionalities.

Most of the PHP scripts defined here are offering:-

  • Online payment collection through PayPal and Stripe.
  • Advanced admin panel with add, edit and delete operations.
  • Order booking system to manage invoices, receive and delivery details.
  • Customize invoices, email designs, and website page creation.

and much more.

Now, for more details let us get on with the details of these scripts.

1. Laundry Service PHP Script

This Laundry Service PHP Script will provide you with a powerful admin panel through which you can apply various customizations.

You can manage a variety of laundry services, accept orders, add a contact form, and create packages for laundry services.

It offers user login, registration along with forget password facility. Plus, you get detailed documentation, responsive design, inbuilt SEO tools and more.

Laundry Service Laundry Service PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • This laundry script will charge you $79 for the regular plan.
  • The extended plan will cost you $999 with the all laundry management features and services.

Features That Laundry Service PHP Script Offers:-

  • You can create packages for the laundry services offered by your business with different names, pricing, and description.
  • The script allows you to manage user details, laundry orders with multiple fields, services offered, and web pages.
  • Payments can be collected via PayPal or cash as both payment modes are allowed.
  • Post order is another important feature in which a form is provided to collect laundry orders. It holds the add to cart facility as well.
  • With this script, you can become a service provider, where anyone can apply for a job just by filling up a form.

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2. iWash – Laundry Management System

With iWash PHP script, you can handle various activities of commercial as well as industrial laundries.

The script holds separate sections for service, customer, washerman, and billing. All these sections allow you to bifurcate various details and manage them with ease.

You can perform billing, inventory management, and reporting. Plus, all these details can be managed by different devices.

iWash Laundry Service PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • For the regular license, you will have to pay just $23 which holds various basic features.
  • The extended license will cost you $115. It includes frequent updates, 6-month support, and various advanced features.

Features That Laundry Service PHP Script Offers:-

  • Using this PHP script you can generate invoices with a single click that hold customer name, amount, date, and other details.
  • iWash helps you manage washerman details like their salary, work schedule, time slot, work specialty and other essentials.
  • The admin can perform add, edit, delete operations on customer profiles and laundry services with ease.
  • This script is compatible with multiple browsers like IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge.
  • Search option is provided with the help of which you can fetch invoices, customers, services from a bulk list.

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3. Creative Agency – Complete Agency Management System

Creative Agency script is specially designed for people who are looking for a professional laundry system. It comes with a dynamic system to manage orders, services, reviews, pricing tables, etc.

This script has got inbuilt PayPal, Stripe and one-click order system which facilities your business in many ways.

Creative Agency Laundry Service PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • $36 is the price that is charged for this script with which you get online payment options, responsive design, and various dynamic facilities.

Features That Laundry Service PHP Script Offers:-

  • This PHP script comes with inbuilt About Us, FAQ and Contact Us pages.
  • Allows you to add multiple price plans with details like title, description and price details which can be edited and deleted by the admin.
  • Provides an easy to use dashboard which helps you manage plans, orders, member details, subscriber info, etc.
  • It is a fully responsive script which is compatible with the most recent browsers and supports multiple languages as well.
  • You can add and manage unlimited services, portfolio, blog posts and team members with this script.

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4. Laundry Booking Script

Laundry booking script is a cost-effective solution for those who are involved in laundry business and want to grow it online.

With this script, you can define cities, categories, locations, ratings, user reviews, etc. The visitors can view all the details just by clicking the laundry name or profile.

It helps you stay connected with your customers, manage order details, etc from the admin panel.

Laundry Booking Laundry Service PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • You will have to pay $99 for the full feature access of this Laundry PHP script.

Features That Laundry Service PHP Script Offers:-

  • With this laundry PHP script, you can simply manage orders, track bookings, and handle doorstep pickup, customer ratings & user reviews.
  • The admin gets the facility to create different categories for laundry services which he can edit, delete, activate or deactivate as well.
  • This script is pre-loaded with social media sharing and social login option.
  • You can collect online payments for the laundry services provided via PayPal payment gateway.
  • Visitors get the option to search laundry services by selecting the city and category in a simple form.

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5. Clean Master – Cleaning Domestic Service PHP Script

Finally Clean Master is an all-in-one PHP script which helps you manage different type of cleaning services from the same dashboard.

Admin can also define keywords and description to create an SEO friendly website.

In addition, the script will help your users to apply for jobs, locate cleaning services near them, and submit online payments for services.

Clean Master Laundry Service PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • With the regular license, you get multiple basic services at a cost of $79.
  • The extended license comes at a price of $999 with enhanced features for laundry management and add-ons.

Features That Laundry Service PHP Script Offers:-

  • It provides a dashboard which delivers a precise summary of total users, orders, order report for the last 7 days, and other important statistics.
  • You can apply various website settings, images and payment gateway essentials for PayPal.
  • Create different types of categories and sub categories for the services provided with pricing and other details. You can easily edit or delete them as well.
  • Helps you manage user records like name, email, phone, city, address, etc.
  • This is an SEO friendly script which allows you to manage keywords, meta description and provides a responsive design.

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Now its time to close it up.

As we are done with the explanation of 5 best laundry PHP scripts. I hope that you find a script which is best suitable for your business.

We are always open for any type of questions or queries related to this blog or scripts in it.

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