Creating a website is actually a tricky thing for those who don’t fall into the category of skilled programmers. For example, a business owner, may not be a professional developer. However, he may want to create a long lasting impression on the web audience when he introduces his product through a website.

Now, you certainly need an impressive website but you don’t want to hire a developer. So, how will it be? Here, you’ll definitely need a powerful tool.

That is when you need the drag and drop website builder PHP script, which is meant to reduce your work of building a website from the scratch.

You can add up any required elements like pictures, videos and more by dragging and dropping on the web page at the desired position.

It’s really that simple. Just pick the elements and place them. And you are done with the website construction with least time spent!

Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script

In this blog, we’ve discussed some of the best drag and drop website builder PHP scripts that you can easily rely on while making a website.

Let us learn how these scripts will help you out.

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1. SiteBuilder Laravel – Drag & Drop Site Builder And CMS

SiteBuilder Laravel is a popular website/page builder and light CMS.

With this PHP script, you can instantly start building websites with a customizable user interface.

You can use this intuitive drag & drop builder along with almost 44 pre-designed blocks to produce a dynamic website.

Sitebuilder Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script


  • The script lets you create unlimited user accounts & provide them with different roles and access.
  • Website creator can easily use the site elements like slideshow blocks, content sections, footers, dividers etc. simply by dragging & dropping them on the web page.
  • Further, you can save the page as a template and also check preview in parallel.
  • Besides, you can export or publish your websites/page directly to a live server using FTP.

Pricing Plan

Get the regular license of this amazing script at a very economical rate of $40. You can also purchase its extended license at $225 and avail all the advanced features.

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2. Drag and Drop Website Builder – Quick Site Builder

This is one of the simplest yet amazing website builder script that helps you to develop a website via dragging & dropping the desired components.

The drag and drop functionality cut down the efforts of designing a website from scratch and also saves a lot of time.

Further, it is equipped with unlimited add-ons that help to enhance the overall functionality of your website.

Quick Sitebuilder Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script


  • The script is integrated with some of the finest image effects options such as parallax, isotope which you can use on the images of your web page. Further, it has various page layouts, unlimited theme colors, 800+ icons and many other amazing add-ons.
  • Moreover, the script provides you with several texts, image, HTML, & WYSIWYG editors. Additionally, it is also integrated with 14 CKEditor Bootstrap plugin.
  • You can use the templates of the CKEditor for a variety of purpose such as pricing templates. Also, you can create buttons using its button generator.
  • It is also integrated with multiple useful widgets like FAQ, YouTube video, tabs, links and many more.

Pricing Plan

Buy the regular license of this script at $50 only and get future updates along with it. You can extend the given 6 months support to 12 months with by paying only $16.88 as an additional amount.

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3. Restaurant Responsive Drag & Drop Website Builder

This drag-and-drop website builder PHP script helps you to create a dynamic & eye-catching restaurant website just like that.

You can seamlessly add up various sections on the web-page as per your choice & requirement.

With this script, you can easily manage users, system logs, social share, and a lot more stuff for a better website performance.

Restaurant Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script


  • The script comes with several built-in widgets such as Google Maps, accordion slideshow, gallery, slideshow and a lot more.
  • You can easily organize the web components by dragging & dropping them. Also, with its integrated IPE (In-place editor) you can easily edit those components without page reloading.
  • Furthermore, it gives you 17 image effects, 30+ layout options, 68 animations, sliders, font awesome icons, themes (with demo content) to enhance the look of your website.
  • It is integrated with Google website translator so that your website can be translated in 100+ global languages easily.

Pricing Plan

Avail the regular license of this PHP script at a very affordable price of $50 and get consistent future updates. You can anytime extend the given 6 months support to 12 months with just $16.88.

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4. PHP Beaver – Drag and Drop Website Builder

PHP Beaver is a perfect solution for creating a responsive website with drag and drop functionality to cut down your efforts of making a website from the scratch.

This website builder helps you a lot in building websites of different genres with the unique layout. Moreover, you can use this script without any prior coding knowledge and build a dynamic website in few minutes.

PHP Beaver Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script


  • The script aid you with various customizable web elements like contact forms, social share plugin, navigation bars etc.
  • Also, you can create unlimited layouts for your web pages using its built-in 15+ Bootstrap themes.
  • Besides providing you with such amazing web elements, it also facilitates you with a preview area to have a live preview of all your configurations.
  • Webmaster can easily configure the site elements like a newsletter, latest tweets, menu, meta tags for SEO from the back end.

Pricing Plan

The regular license of this script is available at 20 and extended license at $140 only where you will also get future updates.

If you wish to extend the provided 6-months support to 1 year, just pay $5.63 extra.

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5. STSBuilder – Website Builder Service

This is a professional drag and drop website builder PHP script that allows the users to create a responsive website drag and drop functionality.

Furthermore, this is a multi-user website builder script where you can provide the subscription to other users as well for creating websites and collect payment from them through PayPal.

STS Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script


  • The PHP script provides you with a huge variety of templates to can create websites of the different niche in no time.
  • Further, you can have multiple social modules like Facebook comment & like option, microblogging system in your website.
  • Moreover, you can have a custom domain or add the subdomain for your website with the help of this script.
  • The admin can make various changes in terms of themes, video backgrounds, switch color scheme & modules and a lot more as per the requirement with least efforts.

Pricing Plan

The regular license of this script comes with a price tag of $37. Whereas, the extended license can be purchased for $234 only.

Besides, you can extend the given 6-month support to 12 months with an additional amount of $12 only.

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6. Pixpa – Drag And Drop Website Builder

If you are looking for an all-in-one platform that does not need any coding knowledge to set up your galleries and website, Pixpa is an excellent choice.

Pixpa’s drag-and-drop website builder enables you to showcase, share and sell your work easily with pixel-perfect portfolio websites that not only allow them to showcase their work but to sell their creations through the built-in eCommerce shop.

Pixpa website also allows creators to publish and share their blogs to clients.

Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script


  • All-in-one platform for creative professionals to create their website with an integrated e-commerce store, client galleries, blog and much more.
  • Unlimited images, galleries, pages, blogs and much more.
  • Best in class hosting with SSL.
  • 24/7 live chat and email customer support.
  • Choose from many mobile-friendly, fully-customizable themes. Change themes anytime.
  • E-commerce enabled Client Galleries platform to share, sell and deliver images to clients.
  • Full-featured, integrated e-commerce store. Sell physical products, digital products or services.
  • Integrated blogging system.

Pricing Plan

Affordable and straightforward monthly and yearly pricing plans.

Plans range between $6 – $20/month. Get started for free with the 15-day trial.

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7. Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Layout/Website Builder CMS

This is the simplest CMS for the users who want to design static pages for their website in minutes. It does not require any technical knowledge.

You can use it to create web pages from scratch or you can use its 200 preset components via dragging and dropping.

Website Builder CMS Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script


  • The admin dashboard will keep you updated with various important statistics about total users, banned users and a lot more.
  • With this script, you can easily manage multiple users like grouping them and assign different roles & access.
  • Besides this, admin can also set parameters for input validations from the users.
  • The script is absolutely compatible with all the modern browsers like IE 11, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.

Pricing Plan

Purchase the regular license of this script at $21 & extended license at $125 only.

You can anytime extend the given 6-month support to 12 months by paying a minimal amount of $6 only.

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8. Bookmark – Drag And Drop Website Builder

This PHP-based, free drag-and-drop website builder uses an artificial intelligence design assistant (AiDA) to help you automate the creation of your website in less than 2 minutes.
You can seamlessly creates websites between 750 various business types by answering 7 simple questions.
With Bookmark, you can easily build an attractive, mobile responsive website with E-Commerce store integration without any coding or design experience.

Drag And Drop Website Builder PHP Script


  • Bookmark doesn’t use templates. Instead, it uses modules, allowing you to mix and match modules across your website to give you more design freedom than a template ever could.
  • Furthermore, you can easily integrate images from its large stock photo library and incorporate its powerful photo gallery and slideshow features as well.
  • It is optimized for mobile, meaning all your website will be fully responsive on phones and tablets.
  • Best in class hosting with SSL.
  • Fully developed E-Commerce store, blog integration, and E-Learning.
  • Live chat customer support.

Pricing Plan

Bookmark offers free service and affordable monthly and yearly Pro and Business plans ranging from $15 and $30 a month. Get started today and make the most out of their services.

Note: Bookmark is not a PHP script, it is a dedicated website builder software.

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As we have reached at the end of this article, I believe you have jotted down all the advantages that these drag and drop website builder PHP script provide.

Needless to say, you are going to save ample time while using these scripts. And at the same time, you will not have to compromise with the quality of website you are going to present to your web visitors.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the one which you find best for your purpose and start using it.

If you have any doubt or want to make any suggestion, you can drop your comments in the below section.

Thanks for reading.