Form Captcha field is an automated system integrated into FormGet.

It ensures the security of your form and checks the user authentication by avoiding the automated bots while submitting the form.

Automated Bots or Web Robot – a software that runs automated tasks over the internet and simulates the human activity.

Forms with captcha provide spam prevention and allows to pass an authenticated user by blocking any unauthentic user if found something wrong.

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FormGet- payment collection tool has a best captcha service that uses humanly conceivable font styling. A user can easily understand it in a fraction of seconds and bots can’t break it up..!

Benefits Of Auto Captcha Form Using FormGet –

  • Detects bots and allow only valid data in your dashboard.
  • By smart captcha feature – avoid any spammy actions.
  • No captcha integration required.

Add Google captcha to form by simply drag and drop the form fields inside your form builder that helps you to stop spam bots and check authenticity of a user.

More Features: