Attracting the customer towards your product is the toughest task ever.

If you are unable to do so, you will lose your identity among customers.

Branding helps you to build up a reputation in the market and grab customer’s attention.


Create beautiful and attention-grabbing forms by adding branding + logos + images + colors using FormGet’s custom form branding feature.

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Custom Branding Form In FormGet Allows You To –

Design Template Colors

Change the form background color, text field color, font schemes colors, etc.

Add Image

Display the image of your organization in header banner that reflects your unique identity.

Display Logo
  • Add unique logo on the top of your form by logo branding.
  • Link logo to your desired webpage link.
  • Add or change the logo that gets display after form submissions.
Custom Message

Shows custom message after successful form submission like thank you messages, etc.

Include links

Include the social networking as well as personal links.

Header Image

Change header image as per your brand necessity.

Benefits Of Customize Form Branding –

Promotes Your Product And Outreach People

Promoting is an effective way for you to market your business, products or services. You can outreach people and increases the chances of sales by promoting your product.

Increases Reliability

By adding forms on different web pages, ads, etc., users come to know that you are a trustworthy organization. Hence, it increases the customer’s reliability.

Increase Submission Rate

The more you share your forms, the more chances you have of increasing the submission rate which in result collects more users.

Makes Your Brand Recognizable 

As customers find out your brand again and again, it makes your product and brand recognizable across many different channels.

Increases Popularity And Lead Generation

By sharing your brand in social networking sites, you can increase the popularity of your product among people which in result generate leads.

Increase Brand Awareness 

Display the information about your organization and products via forms and increase the awareness among people which could lead to increase sales.

Makes Your Brand Look Polished And Professional

Design more stylish and attractive web forms by giving a professional and polished look to your forms.

In this way, customization and other form capabilities help you to build a unique corporate identity design within your form.

Online branding of forms plays a crucial part as your web forms reach out to a large audience. Hence, do the custom branding of your products, services, or organizations to reflect a brand identity.