Everyone knows social network is a good platform for the engagement of the audience either through blogs, or via some great content and drive huge traffic to your website. Use of social media to explore things is mainly because-

  • It is the fast channel to distribute information.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Broad reach, i.e. brings millions of people all around the world.
  • Free and cost effective

Similarly, you can also take the advantage of these social media tool to collect leads.


With FormGet, you can directly share your forms among various social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc and collect the user leads. Moreover, you do not need to have any website or any other source for sharing these forms with the audience.

So follow these steps to share your forms and generate more and more leads.

Step 1

You just need to create your form using FormGet in few simple steps.

Step 2

Your form is listed under FormGet dashboard. Now click on the View Form option.

view form option

Step 3

Your form is open now.


You can directly share your forms to Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest by click on the options given below.


Step 4

You can also write some content in your Facebook status and share with your audience.


Step 5

Now, the form is successfully shared into your social network profile. This is how it looks on your Facebook status.

Facebook status after sharing

In a similar way, you can share the forms in other social networking sites. And with every form share,  the counter is increased by 1. You can see here, the Facebook like counter gets incremented by 1.

 number of shares

So you can also analyze the popularity of your form with these number of shares. Moreover, your form goes viral among these platforms and get maximum views, which ultimately helps you to collect more and more leads.

Note: You can also watch the video tutorial of the shared information in order to understand better.

Alternative 1 :

Apart from social network you can also share your forms to any website you want by giving direct link.

For that, go to the Embed option given under FormGet dashboard.


As soon as you click on the Embed option, you can see the direct link of your form.

You need to copy this direct link and paste it to any page, post or website wherever you want to share your form.


Alternative 2:

Above all, FormGet also comes with additional feature where you can directly share your forms with your gmail contacts.

You can see the google plus share option appear under FormGet dashboard, which allow to share the forms directly with your saved gmail contacts.

For that, follow the steps given below-

 Step 1

You need to click on the g+ share option under FormGet dashboard.

 google plus share option

Step 2

You can write the subject and the email message related to your form in the respective fields that you want to send to your friends.


Step 3

You can either select all the contacts or select the respective contacts whom you want to send your form.


 The form is successfully send to the respective emails.


Leads are the most crucial element for any business to grow. Once you have the user leads, you can make them aware about your latest products and services and convince them to become your potential customers. I hope you will definitely use this amazing app and take the full advantage of its effective feature. You can also share feedback about this one. 🙂