FormGet can be used as an integrated powerful helpdesk tool that provide information to customers related to any product or service.

Using helpdesk forms feature –

You can filter all the incoming messages & entries and categorize it in 4 different ways:

  • New Message: All new queries comes under this category.
  • On-hold Message: Pending queries that need to be resolved more comes under this category.
  • Replied Message: Queries that have been resolved comes under this category.
  • All Messages: All kind of queries comes under this category.

FormGet is not just a form builder tool, you can use it as a complete customer support managementto manage all your customers & their queries.

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Benefits Of Using Helpdesk Services Using FormGet –

  • Manage your forms & fields by assigning different kinds of queries to the different segment of the department.
  • Quickly add team members to your account and share the form messages by giving form access to them.
  • Facilitates real-time conversation with your prospects using an instant messaging tool.
  • Manage your team by assigning different forms to them based on their expertise.
  • Reply to the customer queries.
  • Track down all the previous messages with the same customer.

In this way, our powerful online form builder tool lets you perform all these activities in a most simpler way under Help desk forms support feature.

More Features: