Point Of Contact/Referral Tracking is a very interesting feature of FormGet. 

With Point Of Contact,

You can know from which specific page the user has referred to your forms. Hence, you can track the forms and increase conversion ratetraffic of your websites by tracking URL path.

For example,

Suppose you have a form ‘F’ in your site ‘A’ and a user visits your form who is referred by some other site say ‘B’.


The user point of contact will be ‘User->B->A->F’.

FormGet uses tools like Google Analytics and Heap Analytics to track user’s activity.

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Benefits Of Referral Tracking/Point Of Contact Using FormGet Forms-

Ability To Track The Referral Path

URL tracking helps you to track down the full path or URL of a user from where he has submitted a query on your form.

Ability To Track Location

By tracking the location, you can know from which location the traffic is coming on your forms.

Track IP Address 

Tracking Referrals lets you track the IP address of the user who subscribes to your form.

More Features: