Online file sharing was a complex task.

Therefore, to overcome its complications file sharing scripts were designed.

Especially the file sharing PHP script helped people store, manage, share and exchange files as well as folders online. That is not all, all these scripts were responsive, browser friendly and supported latest versions.

File Sharing PHP Script

Today, we are going to discuss some of the popular and top selling file sharing PHP script. Through these scripts, you can easily upload files in bulk and share them with your clients in a protected way.

Most of these scripts are fully customizable, offer plenty of services like password protection, multiple file storage options, various file formats, file upload limit, the captcha for anti-spamming, API and more.

In addition, you can implement these scripts on a live website with minimal code changes, create folders and define custom upload settings as well.

Now, let us get started with the details of file sharing PHP script.

1. UpDown – File Sharing Script

UpDown is a PHP file sharing script which can easily be applied on a website as a well-defined code structure and CSS structure documentation with it. It gives you two different options for file upload which are direct upload through a system and Remote access URL.

With this file sharing system, you can easily upload files with a maximum size of 750MB. UpDown also helps you track number of downloads for files, status and you can edit as well as delete files anytime.

UpDown File Sharing PHP Script


  • The Regular Plan:- This plan is priced around $25 with which you get multiple file upload and download facilities.
  • The Extended Plan:- For all the extended file sharing services you will have to pay $425. This plan includes various advanced features, future updates and 6 months support as well.


  • A user-friendly dashboard is provided through which you can manage details upload files, categories, advertise, settings, users and more.
  • The dashboard gives you a clear view of the total number of files, number of categories, and total users available.
  • With this PHP script, you can download and upload files in various formats like mp4, mp3, HTML, jpg, png, gif, movie, apps, games and other formats.
  • It also provides single-click file upload and easy file search options, using which you can add as well as fetch files with ease.
  • This file sharing PHP script allows you to put file share option in the sidebar, header, footer and other widget areas.

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2. DropShare – File Sharing System

DropShare is one of the cheapest and secured file sharing system present on the list. This system allows you to conduct easy sharing of password protected files without any hassle.

The admin panel comes with several settings and options for file share customizations. Admin has the permission to create as well as delete user accounts. Plus, you also get email sender facility with this file sharing system.

DropShare File Sharing PHP Script


  • $17 will be charged for this license holds the basic version of this file hosting script.
  • For the extended features of this PHP script, you will have to pay $85.


  • DropShare provides an uploading system through which you can add files by drag & drop function or manually.
  • It allows you to define the maximum file size in KBs. Plus, you can also display an error message to users when the file is too large and show successful file upload message as well.
  • With DropShare file sharing system you get Captcha facility before file upload through which you can avoid spam entries. This is an optional facility that can easily be enabled or disabled.
  • You can also deliver email messages with file details like name, file link, etc. In addition, the admin is also allowed to add a maximum email limit.
  • This file sharing PHP script helps you define different types of errors messages for uploading, incorrect captcha, file not select, extension error and more.

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3. Secure File Sharer – PHP File Sharing Script

If you are looking for PHP file sharing script through which you can upload a file and the script generated a password protected URL that can be shared online for downloading, then Secure File Sharer will be right PHP script for you.

With this, you can create file download link with multiple passwords. It also permits you to upload files on a website using the FTP program. You can track file downloads, URL expiry, and more.

Secure File Sharer File Sharing PHP Script


  • The regular license of this PHP script offers various file sharing facilities, updates and support all at a cost of $14.
  • $70 is the price which is been charged for extended file share features and services.


  • The dashboard offers various details like public URL, file name, file size, expired, trigger, download log, password and more about the shared files.
  • Through the admin panel you can easily setup file options like URL expiry, IP whitelist, generate URL for downloading as well.
  • You can easily apply password protection of files shared. This will protect your content and files from unauthorized download.
  • This PHP script allows you to view shared file download history, files expired, files deleted, IPs disallowed, wrong password and more.

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4. ZipFileMe – Secure And Easy File Sharing Script

ZipFileMe is an advanced file upload and sharing PHP script that allows you use multiple file storage options, send email notifications, add timezone, and define the maximum file size as well.

That is not all, you can add file share validity, add & remove already shared files, add Database settings, emails settings, etc all from a single dashboard.

ZipFileMe File Sharing PHP Script


  • The first plan will cost you just $23 and it includes regular file-sharing services and hosting facilities. Plus, you also get 6-month support and updates along with it.
  • Second plan of this file sharing script has got enhanced features and it will cost you $60. For extended 12-months support, you will have to pay $13.13.


  • This file upload and share PHP script come with an easy to use drag & drop file upload system. With this, you can share files with multiple people at once.
  • Easy download option is also available with which you can zip all the files and download them all at once.
  • With this file sharing PHP script there is less dependency on the server as streamed zip and download are available.
  • Allows you to use Amazon S3, Backblaze b2, as well as local storage for file storage, can also be used.
  • You can also delete the shared files, ban users IP address and send notifications via email to file sender and file receiver.

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5. uCloud – File Hosting Script

uCloud provides you a robust, secure and scalable file hosting script with which online file sharing becomes an extremely simple task. It comes with an inbuilt URL shortener, drag & drop file uploader, and multiple servers for file uploads.

With this system, you can manage different types of files, create multiple folders for file storage, and send emails. The dashboard provided displays file upload date & time, file size, and sharing status as well.

uCloud File Sharing PHP Script


  • It offers only a single price plan which is priced around $36. It comes with multiple file sharing features, frequent updates, and full support for 6-months. To get the extended support for 12 months you have to pay $11.63.


  • Provides file preview option for various file formats like jpg, jpeg, png, gif, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, mp4, flv, ogg and many more. Plus, for fast load caching of image thumbnails is also provided.
  • It allows internal sharing of files and folders through which registered users can view, upload and download files.
  • With this file sharing PHP script you are permitted to upload files with sizes over 5GB. In addition, you can also upload multiple files simultaneously and view the upload progress.
  • Extremely user-friendly dashboard through which you can manage and view all files, folders, settings and upload files as well.
  • You get each and every detail like daily, weekly, monthly file downloads, total file downloads, active files, storage used, available storage and more.

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6. Tequila – File Sharing PHP Script

Last but not the least is Tequila a PHP file hosting script which helps upload multiple files all at once through the drag & drop uploader. With this script, all the codes provided hold well-explained comments which makes it easy to implement.

You are allowed to generate thumbnails for images, automatic updates are provided, plus file sharing with password protection is also available.

Tequila File Sharing PHP Script


  • To enjoy file sharing and other hosting services of this PHP script you will have to pay $20.
  • $100 is the cost which is payable for the extended services and features of this PHP script.


  • The dashboard gives you the option to view images, sounds, videos, folders and other types of files. You can also create new folders, upload files with drag & drop, move, copy and remove files as well as folders.
  • It provides a full fledged API using which you can connect data available on Tequila directly to any application.
  • With this PHP script the admin can define various user functions like create folders, upload, copy, move, delete, search, rename, share, download, etc.
  • This file sharing PHP script offers a fully responsive system and provides multilingual support for languages like English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
  • The admin is allowed to define the maximum file upload limit, but each user can individually share files with a password.

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Final Closure

PHP scripts for file sharing are not hard to find, but here we have listed some of the best selling file sharing PHP script that are tested and verified. All these are loaded with an enormous amount of features and facilities that can simplify the complex file handling and uploading process.

As we have arrived at the end of this blog, I hope that you will find one suitable PHP script which can fulfill all your file sharing needs.

If you have got questions or doubts related to this topic or service, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. We will be glad to reply.

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