“Applying Facebook PHP script in your application helps you to automate your Facebook account.”

We are a community of billions plus people, & Facebook helps us to connect with them in just a few clicks.

Facebook PHP Script

This is the power of Facebook but due to the busy schedule, it is hard to manage your Facebook account and post the content regularly on your FB page.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 top Facebook PHP script. All these scripts will allow you to post content automatically on your profile in just a few clicks.

These Facebook PHP scripts have an easy interface so that it can post your images, status, videos, text links, etc with ease.

You are allowed to add as many Facebook accounts as you want.

It provides you the stats regarding the number of likes and votes on your live voting poll. Also, you can add animated reactions as per your choice.

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There are various features available in these Facebook PHP script. Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail.

1. King poster – Facebook Auto Post

King poster Facebook PHP script is used to automatically posts your text, links, images, and videos on Facebook groups and pages. Further, it helps in doing auto comment, auto like, and auto invite to join groups.

It helps in automatic sharing of your website content on the FB feed. Here you find a dashboard where one can add their Facebook account and default Facebook application.

The noteworthy feature is before posting the real content on your profile you can see the Facebook preview and recheck it for errors & corrections. With the help of the media library you can upload and store all of your photos, and videos for future use.

King poster Facebook PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • It has payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe integrated into it, with the help of which one can sell their services online.
  • One can easily create organized categories to store groups and pages. Also, it allows you to export groups IDs in the form of CSV files without any hassle.
  • Schedule your content so that it will be posted at the specific dates. It has the ability to auto-repeat the schedule every day or even every month according to your setup.


  • Buy this wonderful PHP script at just $22 with full support and future updates up to 6 months. Extend support up to 12 months by paying only $6.38.
  • Cost of Extended license is $99.

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2. Osru – Auto Facebook Post

It is one of the best auto news post script in the list of Facebook PHP script. You can post the news on your Facebook feed either manually or automatically.

Yes, you heard it right. This is a multitasking script through which you can do work in both ways according to your requirement.

Osru has a unique and important feature that you will get the news Title, few descriptions and one thumbnail image in the automatic news. This could be the best possible method to post news and save your time.

Osru Facebook PHP Script

Other Useful Feature

  • With the help of clean frontend UI design, you are able to insert breaking news along with images in a perfect manner.
  • It gives you the option to share posts on Facebook automatically. Plus, it also has an auto new post system through which you can edit or moderate with the help of a news editor and moderator present in it.
  • Osru Facebook PHP script has an amazing separate comment module system with approval. So that spam and unauthorized comments can be prevented.
  • This Facebook PHP script has a separate news list and search option so that you can organize your news in a better way. Also, it supports multilingual functionality so one can change it in their required language.


You can get this auto and manual news post PHP script at a reasonable price of $50 with quality checked by Envato. You will get future updates and 6 months support.

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3. Rocket Post – Facebook PHP Script

Rocket Post is the fastest PHP script in the list which allows you to auto-post your content on Facebook. Also, you can schedule your posts so that your content will be posted at the future time set by you.

One can post text, link, image, video, and album by using this PHP script.

Rocket Post Facebook PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • This PHP script helps you to scan the multiple groups for the number of members in a group. Moreover, you are able to know who add a comment to a post and a lot more.
  • Multiple FaceBook accounts can be added in a single panel further it allows you to add one or more than one Facebook application as well.
  • The data which you post such as images, videos etc., you can save these for future purpose. Also, you can export data in the form of file excel, pdf, CSV etc.


The product comes with two different pricing which are

  • Regular License – This plan will cost you $13 in which you will get free support, future updates, plus it has quality checked by codester.
  • Extended License – You can get this plan at $39 with all the features of the regular license along with advanced features.

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4. FB Eventer – PHP Script To Check Events

FB Eventer as the name defines is used to find new Facebook events or functions posted on various Facebook pages. It helps to monitor Facebook pages and find the relevant news about events date and other information.

Helps you find event name, picture, description, date, event location and even the number of people who are attending or interested in that event.

FB Eventer Facebook PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The important feature is one can search for Facebook pages that are close to real locations. So that it is easy to find the events which are organized at nearby locations.
  • All the analytics like the number of pages added, events found and more will be ordered by date, like the last week, last month, year and so on.
  • One can show the event information to their friends via the Facebook page. The newly found event will automatically share on their Facebook pages by using this script.
  • You will get email notifications about newly found events, which automatically shared on your Facebook pages.


  • FB Eventer Facebook PHP script is available at a reasonable price of $31 with a 6-month support.
  • You can even extend the support up to a year by paying $9.75 with quality checked by Envato. The extended license is available at $155.

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5. Facebook Live Reactions Vote

This one is an interesting PHP script which is used for displaying Facebook reactions in real-time on Facebook Live video voting.

The best part about this PHP script is that you can do a live broadcast of your video on YouTube, Twitch & Dailymotion. Further, it promotes your page on the Facebook platform. Moreover, it helps you to raise the number of likes and followers on your social media accounts.

Facebook Live Reactions Vote Facebook PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • One can add music from YouTube or SoundCloud on their live pages in a fraction of time.
  • You can add various animated reactions to make your profile and live voting more fascinating.
  • This script helps you to choose the number of competitors and add an image for them for doing a competitive voting.
  • It has customization options so that one can change the text color and allows a different type of changes according to their requirement. Further this script is multilingual in nature so that it supports multiple languages with ease.


There are two different licenses available at different pricing plans these are –

  • Regular license – $21 with 6 months support system and regular updates.
  • Extended license – This plan cost you $125 with advanced features and quality checked by Envato.

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Now, as you read all the 5 top Facebook PHP script. We hope you will find the one according to your requirement. All the above-mentioned PHP scripts are best as per our knowledge as we have compiled this list after long research and testing.

If you have any queries, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more important PHP scripts reviews.