After analyzing the advantages of including the current news posts and magazine blogs, the immediate need was to find out the best approach to accommodate the numerous news posts on the website. For those who want a clearer hint of the advantage, websites with news updates drive more visitors as they want to be updated about the latest happenings across the world while staying on the same website.

News PHP script is an effective way if you want to add up news or blog posts on your website.

The reason of discussing these news PHP script in this blog is that they provide some of the best features. For example, publishing news and blogs on the website in multiple languages, adding up unlimited advertisement in the sidebar of the webpage, using news editor, news moderator etc.

Further, it allows auto posting and auto sharing the news & blogs on the social profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

Along with it, they are very user-friendly script as you can easily change logo, content, theme, favicon etc.

Now let us explore the features of these news PHP script in detail one by one.

Before proceeding, have a look on these amazing PHP script blogs too:

1. News365

News365 is fully dynamic news portal. You can have the best news portal magazine & news reporter system with this PHP script. Also, it provides many attractive themes such as modern, classic, video and next coming themes for news, magazine & blog site.

It allows posting video news as well as image news posting in minutes. Just activate the video theme and you can add an image or video post. Theme activation is as simple as ABC.
This modern news system is 100% responsive for all devices.

The website setting is very easy as you can easily customize logo, favicon, footer logo as per your choice.

News365 News PHP Script


Pay $50 to use this PHP news script and get 6 months to support too. You can extend the support for 12 months at $16.88


  • This news script is developed on the basis of the Search engine. Therefore you can add title, description and it will automatically create meta keyword for every news.
  • It also provides website caching system which helps a lot in fast loading of the website.
  • News365 provides 20+ advertising position which is quite high in number when compared to other news scripts.
  • The news script comes with a multi-language system which is beneficial when it comes to posting news/blogs other than native language.

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2. Flame

It is a social media script with which you can easily start an effective social media & news website.
The user can even share the news piece as posts on their social profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

The website can have various news heads like latest news, top news, trending news etc. Also, there are sections like news, videos, music, polls & quizzes, list of various genres like celebrities, comedy, lifestyle, travel etc. and many more categories.

Further, it gives an option to the users to react on your posts.
It comes with a powerful admin panel where you can manage settings, users, lists, videos, news etc.

Flame News PHP Script


You are ready to use this PHP script at just $32 with 6 months support. To extend the support for 1 year you need to pay $10.33 only.


  • You can easily import videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion & Vine and post them on your site. Similarly, you can import music from soundcloud and create unlimited music.
  • You can also conduct quizzes and polls on your website and drive more users as they can actively participate in them.
  • Create a section of live breaking news & RSS feed on your website too.
  • It also facilitates you to upload all videos & images to Amazon s3 (an Amazon cloud computing web service).

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3. Newspaper

Newspaper is one of the best news and blog portal CMS script. The backend of this CMS contains lots of important features that are must-haves for a professional newspaper website.

There is a check on every page on invalid page URL submission.
Further, it allows scheduled publishing of posts on the website. You can also add unlimited photos and videos galleries under ‘pages’ category.
The admin can also use statistics of important data provided in the dashboard.

Newspaper News PHP Script


You can avail this CMS script at $25 only along with 6 months support. You can also extend this support for 12 months by paying additional $7.50.


  • You can simply export the data of your subscribers in CSV format.
  • The advertising section can be made more dynamic via adding image & links to it.
  • It provides a feature of setting up SEO metadata for each post/page/category. These are snippets that will describe the page content.
  • This CMS allows unlimited menu creation which can have numerous categories like sports, business, travel, entertainment etc. with drop down option.

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4. Osru

This absolute professional and tested PHP newspaper script allows both manual and automatic news posting approach. You can easily use Osru for newspaper & article publishing.
The news posted will be in this format – Title, description (of approx 100 words) & a thumbnail image.

Also, you can insert breaking news section on the web page which will make it more lively from the user’s perspective.

Further, this PHP script allows various setups for website logo, favicon, theme, menu etc.

Along with it, there is an option to switch between different languages to display the news.

Osru News PHP Script


This news script will cost you only $50 along with 6 months support. And further when you feel like extending the support for 1 year, just pay $16.88.


  • On clicking the menu icon, the user will get a list of options such as contact, latest post, subscribe, and post without pictures.
  • You can position the news display on the website in multiple ways. For instance, you can use a slider layout to display news headlines of multiple categories.
  • This PHP script has news editor, news moderator & author system tools for the news to be published.
  • Also, it provides Google Analytics code which will help you to track the website’s performance in detail.

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5. MokoCMS

This news & blog portal CMS script comes with very attractive user-interface. It also provides easy customization option so that you can alter logo, site title, footer section from your admin panel.

You can further add up unlimited subscribers by adding a newsletter section where a user can sign up to get daily news update via emails.

Further, it provides a secure blogging system on the website.
This bootstrap based CMS script is completely responsive for any device screen.

MokoCMS News PHP Script


All you need to pay for using MokoCMS is $21 and get 6 months to support along with it. If you wish to extend this support to 1 year, you just have to spend $6.


  • You can create unlimited advertisements in the specified position, along with unlimited menu (with dropdown) and unlimited category, post & page creation.
  • With disqus comment API integration, you can have a global comment system on various media sections to improve discussion on your website.
  • You can add all major social media networks such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • The CMS script is prepared with PDO (PHP data objects) extension which is an interface for accessing the database in PHP. This feature makes your website very secure as there is no scope of cross site attack.

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6. NewsLite

NewsLite is one of the most attractive and responsive online newspaper content management system. Also, this is one of the most user-friendly script as you can easily change logo, content, theme, favicon etc. according to your requirement. That is the reason why it can be used for any kind of news & magazine related websites since these fields need variations consistently.

Newslite News PHP Script


The cost of this NewsLite is $25 and you will also get 6 months of support along with it. You can extend the support to 12 months by paying $7.50 extra.


  • A user will find the news under various heads such as popular post, latest post under various categories like business, sports, travel, science, politics and a lot more.
  • You can add up unlimited advertisement in the sidebar for the top and bottom section of the web page.
  • There is a multi-level admin panel system i.e. there is separate login available for admin and publishers.
  • This is an unlimited web page creation system where you can add up unlimited menu, categories for the news.

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The above-mentioned news PHP script are compiled here in order to help you out in searching the best solution. All you need is to go through the list and decide which one will suit your website bestin terms of cost & services.

I hope this blog will turn out to be of some help to you.

For any more query or suggestion, feel free to comment in the below section.