5 Nov 2020

  • [Update] Updated the UI of the email templates.

    Team member's credentials

13 Oct 2020

  • [Update] Following Integrations using connect has been added.

5 Oct 2020

  • [Update] The following pages got updated.
    404 Error page
    Email id verified
    Stripe Checkout
    Stripe success page
    404 error page
    Email Id verified

28 Sept 2020

  • [Update] “Plan Details” UI is updated.

26 Sept 2020

  • [Update] UI of both the pages “Social Icon” & “Google Analytics” has been updated.

22 Sept 2020

  • [Update] “Payment Success Page Settings” UI is updated.

17 Sept 2020

  • [Update] “Form Scheduling” UI is updated.

12 Sept 2020

  • [Update] Updated the UI of “Team Members”.

3 Sept 2020

  • [Update] “Dashboard” UI is updated.

26 Aug 2020

  • [Update] “Webhook” UI is updated.

18 August 2020

  • [Update] “Automatic Reply” UI is updated.

13 August 2020

  • [Update] “Autoresponder” UI is updated.

5 August 2020

  • [Update] Updated the UI of “Conditional Redirect” Page.

22 July 2020

  • [Update] Updated the UI of “Thank You” Page.thank_you_page

18 July 2020

  • [Update] New UI of “Email Notification” page is live.

10 July 2020

  • [Update] A new section with the name “Video Tutorial” has been added in the sidebar.video_tutorial

9 July 2020

  • [Update] New UI of the following pages have been launched:
    Share Form
    Embed Sliding Form
    Embed Full Form
    Pop-up Form
    Share Form

26 June 2020

  • [Update] We have launched the new and advanced UI of Submission, Analytics & Report Page.

21 May 2020

  • [Update] “Email To Admin When User Replies To Admin Message” this option has been added to Autoresponder settings.Autoresponder
    30 April 2020
  • [Update] “Email To Admin When Message Is Received” default settings has been Changed.autoresponderautoresponder_email

22 April 2020

  • [Update]  Now “File Size, Multiple Uploads and File Types” options are available in the Upload field.Multiple Uploads

15 April 2020

  • Provided an option to add Form Name with form link in your email content with a click.Form Link


22 Feb 2020

  • [New Update] Added an option to select the “Target Location” of any hyperlink. The default is set to “New window”.hyperlink_target


20 Feb 2020

  • [Update] Added an option for inserting “Ticket Id” in the Autoresponder’s email subject line.ticket_id
  • On every form submission, a unique id will get generated.Ticket_id_


13 Feb 2020

  • [Update] Added a new feature “Duplicate Fields”. Now you can duplicate any field with just a click. All the corresponding settings and styling will also be copied once you click.

Clone Fields



11 Feb 2020

  • [Update] Introduced new feature i.e “Import List”. Now importing choices in bulk can be done just by using copy & paste mechanism as well by typing manually over text-area. Some common predefined choices also available using which you can save your time.

Import List

Predefined choices



22 Jan 2020

  • [Update] Added basic authentication to protect your Webhook URL.


20 Dec 2019

  • [Update] INR Currency is now available in Pabbly Form Builder. Now collect payments from your Indian Clients via forms.

25 October

  • [Update] Now you can add a link on the Image element in your form.
    Image Link
19 October
[Update] SMTP Option is now available under the Email Notification section.
Send email notifications through your own SMTP server. Check the box if you want to connect your SMTP or you can un-check it anytime to send notification with the Pabbly Form Builder server.
16 October
  • [Update] We’ve optimized the performance of Drag & Drop Form Builder. It is much more Smooth, Fast, and has a pleasing Animated Effect when adding an element.

15 October

  • [Update] Pabbly Form Builder is now SCA compatible.

12 October

  • Updated all the help texts and subheadings of all the pages in the application.

07 October

  • [Update] Changed the default form template by “Ready to use” form.
  • [Bugfix] Star Rating alignment and hover effect on form builder.

12 September

  • [Update] We’ve launched the Auto-Save and Undo Changes feature. Now your forms will be saved automatically and you can go back to your last saved form with a hit of Undo button just next to Save.

27 June

  • [Update] We’ve updated our Google Analytics Integration. FormGet comes with a custom Google Analytics event that triggers when a form is successfully submitted. Moreover, you can also track your redirected URL sessions by setting up the destination goal.  How To Integrate Google Analytics.

26 June

  • Introducing a new feature “Star Rating” Field Type in Form Builder. Star Rating element built in our Drag n Drop builder and comes with exciting customization options like default color, active color, star size and number of stars etc.

FormGet Star Rating

24 May

  • [Update] Added an option to insert your form fields in Autoresponder email subject line.


23 May

  • [Update] Updated the email editor in Autoresponder. Now user can send beautiful customized  emails. And provided an option to add Client Data (Form Submission Summary) in your email content with a click.

19 May

  • [Update] Added customization options for Page Break (Next & Previous) buttons. Now you can easily customize these buttons as per your multi-page form design. Furthermore, you can also adjust its radius to make them even more pleasing.

13 May

  • [Update] Webhooks integration is now available on FormGet. Now you can easily send form submissions to your endpoints.

04 March

  • [Update] Added a new option to sort your form on the dashboard. Now, you can list out your forms on the basis of -1. Total number of form submissions (Inbox).
    2. Recent form entries or submissions.
    3. Form Name in alphabetical order (A-Z)

Furthermore, you can also view them in ascending or descending order.

FormGet Template Sorting

14 January

  • Launched a new feature “Partial Submission“. Now users can save the form at any point and can fill it later. FormGet Partial Submission
  • Link of the partially submitted form has been sent to their registered email address. So, a user can complete the form anytime using that link. Moreover, a user can also enable/disable the save & resume functionality.FormGet Partial Submission

11 January

  • [Update] All the customization and styling options has been distributed in categories such as border, border shadow, and typography etc. Now it has become so much clear and easy to style our forms using FormGet.

31 December

  • [Update] Added a new option of shadow and border of the form fields. Now user can apply different shadow and border styles to the form fields.

18 December

  • Introduced a new feature of “Conditional Redirect”. Now you can add conditions to redirect the users to another URL or customized “Thank you” Page as per the choices they’ve made in the form.

FormGet Conditional Redirect

12 December

  • A new update in the payment system “Product Inventory and Quantity Setting“. Now user can set up their available product stock and also limit the quantity of the product that a user can buy with a single form.

06 December

  • Launched our new payment system with all new interface. Also, this time users can integrate their forms with both Stripe and Paypal.

29 November

  • Introduced new “Themes” in form editor. Now you can use predefined themes to make your already created form even more beautiful. Using theme will only change your form design such as background, fonts, colors, field style and so on.

FormGet Themes

28 November

  • Added a new feature “Hidden Field”. Use hidden field if you want to receive the information that is not submitted by the users or you don’t want to show this field to users.

formGet Hidden Field

24 November

  • Added a new functionality of form “Background Color”. Now user can also set colors as a form background.

23 November

  • Added a new functionality of “Pre-Populate Fields Via Query String”. Now each input fields will have their unique pre-fill key which can be used to pre-fill the information in a form field.

13 November

  • Launched our new powerful Drag and Drop form builder. All you need to do is drag and drop the fields and build your form in just a few clicks.FormGet

06 November

  • Now user can adjust the top & bottom margin of all elements of the form individually viz., form fields, section break, image, video and so on and so forth.

01 November

  • Introduced a new sidebar menu in the form builder. Now, you can have the complete settings and integrations options on the left side of the builder.

23 October

  • Added a new property to set Header image width. Now user can adjust the image size as per the need.

22 October

  • [Update] Added a new property to set Submit button font hover color.
  • [Update] Introduced a new width field option (33%). Now you can adjust the form fields in proper three columns.

17 October

  • Added a new page-break feature that allows you to create stunning multi-page forms. Now, you can split a lengthy form into multiple pages along with smooth navigation bars.

FormGet Multi-page Form

  • Added a share button on the builder. Now you can directly share or embed your form right away.

12 October

  • Added a functionality to adjust the width of the form fields accordingly.

11 October

  • Added a settings option in the builder. Now you can go to the settings of that particular form right away in a click.
  • [Update] Now user can see the preview of the unsaved changes of the form.

10 October

  • Added a new box-shadow feature for the form layout, checkbox and radio fields.

09 October

  • Fixed the alignment and designing issue when we add long text in radio and checkbox.

08 October

  • [Update] Now user can create a form without signing in.

04 October

  • Fixed the background issue of reCaptcha.
  • Added an option to align the reCaptcha in the form.

28 September

  • Added an option to disconnect the existing payment gateway. Now users can disconnect their payment gateway and switch to other given payment options easily.

27 September

  • Fixed the issue of the appearance of font range picker on all the browsers.

26 September

  • Fixed the issue of adjustment and appearance of font family and font size on IE browser.
  • Fixed the issue of the builder layout on IE.

25 September

  • Added new functionalities in the Separator (Section Break). Now the user can set the separator width, style, radius, and color etc.
  • Added an amazing feature to adjust the form layout width in px or in Percentage (%) as per your requirement.

24 September

  • Added a new feature to adjust the form fields border with its radius and color.
  • Fixed the issue of both scrollers in the form builder.
  • Added an editor in the paragraph field. Now, you can make the paragraph Bold, Italic, Underline etc.
  • Resolved the issue of the form size when we search for a specific form on the dashboard.

22 September 

  • Fixed the issue of compatibility with other browsers such as Safari, IE, Firefox etc.
  • Added a new feature in the form layout. Now you can adjust the form border along with its color and radius.
  • Added a new functionality to download the submissions of the desired choice in the CSV format from the Reports section.

21 September 

  • Fixed the Submit button alignment issue in the form.

20 September 

  • Fixed the captcha issue not showing in IE.
  • Fixed the sidebar alignment for IE browser, before fix it is not aligned properly and whole design gets lost.
  • Created the form setting and edit form setting in the navigation sidebar.
  • A new feature of border width and border radius to FormGet forms.

19 September 

  • Set the default value in the sidebar section.
  • Re-design sidebar functionality for active elements: Now you can set the style of active elements.
  • Fixed image align center functionality.
  • Upload fields issues (validation).
  • Checkbox and radio button styling issues.
  • Added functionality to send email while deleting the user account.
  • Fixed issues of google recaptcha in Internet Explorer.
  • Show the file required validation msg or Invalid file validation msg on submitting the form for required file option on file upload element.
  • Fixed alignment of checkbox and radio button in editor view as well in embed and form preview.
  • Fixed the issue image not uploading more than 2mb, now it will accept upto 8mb.

18 September 

  • Added a new functionality to set the Form Title as the first mandatory step towards the Form creation. Further, you can reset the title from the dashboard.
  • Created the new feature of Popup Form. Now you can embed the popup form on your website. All you’ve to do is embed the code of action button and form on your website page or post.
  • The new Reports section will give you the users’ responses that you’ve received from total submissions with charts and graphs. With this, you can summarise the survey form and understand the percentage of results. (Reports will generate only for the dropdown, radio and checkbox field.)
  • Launched a new SMTP feature. Now you can send your email notification using your own SMTP server. Also, you can set different SMTP for all your forms.
  • In the new update, the “Powered By FormGet” branding can be removed.
  • Now you can design the element right away by clicking on that particular element.
  • Previously, in the team member section the admins set the password for their team members to access that form. But due to privacy concern, in the new update, we send an email containing username & password to the assigned team member.
  • In the team Member, you can see the assigned team members in the comprehensive tabular format.
  • Changed the design of Autoresponder Section under Email Settings. Now it is more comprehensible.
  • Added the functionality to add a video in your form from the different sources like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Custom iFrame code.
  • Introduced separate fields for Heading and Paragraph.
  • Fixed the design of the conditional logic. Now it is more understandable and properly segmented.

3rd March


FormGet Update Feature Image

We have launched the new and advanced UI of FromGet.

You’ll love to create forms with a soothing drag and drop form builder.

Moreover, such designing and customization options are also available in the new update that you’ll not find in any other form builder.

To explore the new updates make sure to log in to your FormGet account.

Have a look at the screenshots of the new interface. (click to enlarge).

1. Form Builder is much cleaner now.

Form Builder


2. Form Design Panel simplified

Form Design Panel Simplified

3. Final Form Layout

Final Form Layout

4. Form Entries Dashboard. All the form entries can be seen here.

Form Entries Dashboard

5. On Clicking the form entry. A popup opens up with the submission details. You can reply from within the same interface.

On Clicking The Form Entry

We are in the process of adding new form layout templates which are slated to be released soon. I will keep you updated on that.