Who does not want to be a boss of their own work?

Everyone wants that whatever they do in terms of work, they own the terms and conditions of their job. Who likes to work under someone’s pressure?

No one.

And here Freelance work come in the picture. So, when you work at any time, at any place, on your terms, then this is what we called Freelancer. Everything here is done by yourself, even if it is to make your company website then you also have to do it yourself. In fact, you have to handle this website too.

Now it is difficult when you do not have any knowledge of web designing, then how would you create your own website? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you in this article.

We compiled the collection of best WordPress themes for freelancers by which you can build your business website within a minutes. And this website helps you to increase your value in the freelancer marketing space.

All these themes are professional and are full of features. Some of the features like – you can showcase your portfolio, affix contact form, describe services well and many others in the line.

So, what are you waiting for?

Quickly select your favourite themes and make your clients happy with your work.

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1. Harrington – Super WordPress Theme For Business

If you own some business and you want to promote it globally then this Harrington freelancer WordPress theme will be the best for you.

This professional theme can be used to design a website for your business firms, multinational companies, IT industries and the other related agencies. Several individuals can also utilize this template like retailers, agents, brokers and business partners to promote their business-related services online.

There are so many unique features in this theme that will make your website even better. Some of the features are – this theme is responsive in nature, it means your website can run in any screen size and resolution. Also has a cross-browser compatibility, so that no need to install a specific browser for your website.

Further, there are many features other than these, which we will discuss better in the below segment.

Harrington Freelancer WordPress Theme

Cost –

The Harrington WordPress theme for freelancers will cost you $59 with a developer license and 24*7 support.

Know more about the features –

  • Multiple layouts – The theme has 3 layout designs on the homepage, you can set as per your needs.
  • A slider along with images – Here is a rectangular slider on the homepage, in which you can insert photos and write some text related to that photo. Also, you can affix links through this slider so that user can get access to redirect on other pages.
  • Featured area – This template gives you the 3 column featured area, where you can describe your business services in brief. In addition, you can add some pictures to this featured area.
  • Blog area – The theme has a blog page in which you can reach your business-related thoughts through your website. You can also showcase some of these latest blogs on your homepage
  • Testimonial section – When your clients appreciate your work, then this compliments will become a plus point for you. You can showcase some selected comments through your website, which will allow new users to know more about you.

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2. Business Deal – Online SubContracting WordPress Theme

If you do subcontract business, that means subcontracting is the work of a freelancer in which you can tie up with other company and do their work on the contract basis.

And, the BusinessDeal WordPress theme for freelancers is the finest way to boost your subcontracting business all over the world is to introduce your business website.

This template is integrated with tons of features, we have explained them below.

BusinessDeal Freelancer WordPress Theme

Cost –

The BusinessDeal WordPress theme for freelancers has an instant product access plan of $79 only with 30 days money back guarantee.

Know more about the features –

  • Lead capture form – This is a special feature that will be on your homepage in the form template. With this option, your users will have to fill the required fields, so, that you can store their basic information for the future purpose.
  • Tab featured slider – This theme has a unique slider that will accompany your images along with links that can be attached to the right side of that slider.
  • Separate gallery section – You can also create portfolio page on your website by which you can upload business related pictures.
  • Contact us page – This theme gives you the contact page template. So that you can connect with your users and simultaneously provide your contact details to them.
  • Widgetized footer area – With this theme, you can also make your footer attractive. In this area, you can set up 4 columns to describe your services, gallery, contact details and the categories.

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3. PerfectPage – Land Page Specialist Responsive Theme

If you want to grab the attention of visitors through your website or convince them to take action and hire your professional landing page designer, then this PerfectPage WordPress theme for freelancers has become the best choice for you.

Who can utilize?

PerfectPage is a landing page WordPress theme which can be utilized by freelancers, entrepreneurs, franchisers, tradespersons, business owners, venture executives, or any other organizations. There are so many features in this theme, let’s get to know them well.

PerfectPage Freelancer WordPress Theme

Cost –

The PerfectPage WordPress theme for freelancers has a cost estimate of $79 only. We recommend the membership plan for 24*7 support and lifetime multisite usage.

Know more about the features –

  • Full-width slider – With this theme, you will find a slider where you can set the background images and their descriptive text as well.
  • Featured area – The theme has the 4 column featured area, where you can elaborate your business services well.
  • Blogging section – Through this theme, you can interact with customers and can tell them your business-related opinions.
  • Hexagon portfolio section – With this option, you can show images in a hexagon grid format.
  • Service plans – You can also put the purchase plans for your products. Membership plan can also be taken through the site.

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4. Covera – Ultra Modern Technology WordPress Theme

The Covera is the premium WordPress theme that helps you to demonstrate multiple services of hosting companies, consultants, technical associations, corporation agencies and other scientific professional business.

This template comes with numerous features such as font-awesome animated service section, homepage product area, feature section, testimonial blog section with carousel effect, etc. Using such elementary features you can promote your hi-tech quality services around the web.

Let’s discuss more the features.

Covera Freelancer WordPress Theme

Cost –

The Covera WordPress theme for freelancers has an estimated plan of $59 with regular product updates and complete access to the member’s area.

Know more about the features –

  • Animated full-width slider section – This theme has a full-width slider where you can set parallax images of your products and services. In fact, you can write some related text on the slider itself.
  • Tab column featured area – You can showcase your services in 3 column featured area with the image. This column section is in the tab format.
  • Woocommerce compatible – You can also sell products from your website, the Woocommerce plugin will help you in this work. Users can make their payments through PayPal payment gateway.
  • Social icons grid – Here at the sidebar of your homepage, you can give all the social keys of your company like – Instagram, facebook, twitter and other social connectivities.
  • Full-width option – One of the menus of this theme is fullwidth, where you can list out the installation steps for users.

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5. Start Point – WordPress Theme

What do you think by name?

Yes! yes right, here we are talking about the startup of your business in a positive way. The layout of this theme is very simple and easy-to-understand. With an on-page theme, it is absolutely free of cost. This startup point WordPress theme is best suited for those who want to start their business in any field.

The features of this them theme are also put an amazing effect on your site, below we are going to elaborate them.

StartPoint Freelancer WordPress Theme

Cost –

The Start Point WordPress theme is a free product of InkThemes.com and you can download it directly from wordpress.org.

Know more about the features –

  • Full-width slider – You can showcase your business related images in this slider with their intro text.
  • Awesome Icons – This theme is integrated with awesome icons. You can showcase your services with these icons on the homepage.
  • Blog posts on the home page – This template being a separate page for blogs, you can also keep some latest blogs on the home page.
  • Testimonial Section – You can also show reviews from your happy customers through the website.

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6. Traffica – WordPress Theme

The Traffica is one of the simplest and fastest WordPress themes. It is perfect for any type of business so you can use this theme to create your freelancer business.

The theme is translation ready so you can translate it to any language that you want. Apart from this, it is the most widely used WordPress theme that offers amazing functionalities at no cost.

Traffica Freelancer WordPress Theme

Cost –

The traffica WordPress theme for training courses is a Free product of InkThemes.com with 1000+ active users.

Know more about the features –

  • The theme gives you a box slider of 2 slides. Also, you can set images here with intro text.
  • You can showcase your products with their short description on the homepage. You can set symbols for all products and can apply hover effects to them.
  • This template provides a 4 column widgetized footer area where you can put your services, about us page and others.

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Wind Up –

I’m sure that the collection of 5+ freelancer WordPress themes will work great. With the help of these themes, you can enhance your business around the freelancer marketing on the sole online platform.

Say you can create a good website that will help you to take your business to new heights.

We hope you have liked this article and you will definitely choose your favourite one from these themes collection.

And even if something is not feeling right or some questions are raised, tell us in the comment section below. We will definitely help you out.

Thanks for reading!