Ever wondered if you can also monitor your website performance just like Google Analytics does it for every website?

Well, in this blog, we are going to discuss one such solution in the form of Google Analytics PHP scripts that will equip you with all the key metrics like social media interaction, session rate, bounce rate, page views and many other stats of your website.

Based on these analytics tools, you can strategize your website functioning on the fly.

The reason why we have compiled these PHP scripts is you do not have to purchase multiple software to get details about your website performance.

Now without any further delay, let us quickly get into the scripts to know the functionalities of these scripts in depth.

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1. Google Analytics Multi Website

This PHP script will help you manage multiple accounts on the Google Analytics website. Hence, you can have a better overview of the websites to develop strategies for improving the overall site performance.

You can get the complete analytics report in terms of technology used, service provider etc. Further, you can download the report in PNG/JPEG image or PDF document format for your reference.


  • The script helps you track various parameters such as the total number of sessions within the date range, pageviews, bounce rate, geographic details & demographic details (such as age, gender) and a lot more stuff.
  • You can classify the users in affinity and in-market categories to monitor their purchase pattern so that you can reach potential customers. Also, you can make them aware of your brand or product.
  • Further, you can also monitor the user activities on the basis of their behavior. For example, you can track new users (first-time users) as well as returning users.
  • Through admin panel, you can easily configure the entire website settings such as website name, logo, theme etc.


  • Get this super amazing PHP script at a very economical price of $20 where you can have all the basic features along with future updates.
  • You can purchase the extended license of this script by spending $100. It provides tonnes of enhanced features, future updates as well as a guaranteed support system.

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2. Google Social Tracking

This PHP script allows you to track social interaction on your website easily. This means you can monitor the traffic impact of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn on your website with this script.

For instance, if you publish various articles on your website, you can track which of them are most liked or shared. Besides this, you can also find from which social media network the article is shared.


  • The script also allows you to add social buttons (like, share, follow, comment etc.) on your webpage with your preferred URL, layout, size & language.
  • Furthermore, it provides you Google Analytics report for the social plugin. For example, you will get accurate counts of page views, average visit duration, pages/visit for traffic from each social network.
  • The script is very much compatible with all the modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome & IE 10, IE 11 and a lot more.
  • Moreover, this ready-to-use script does not require any database as well.


  • Avail the regular license of Google Social Tracking at a minimal amount of $11 and get all the basic features in it.
  • The extended license will cost you only $55 and you will get a list of enhanced features along with dedicated support & future updates.

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3. SiteSpy – A Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools

This is an all-in-one solution for you to have visitor analytics of your website as well as analytics for other websites. It also comes with various SEO tools for multiple utilities such as link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion, Google Adword scraper and many more.

This is a multi-user SaaS application where you can use it for your website tracking and also resell the it to others for the same purpose.

Further, to receive payment from your end users, it is integrated with PayPal & Stripe payment gateways.


  • The admin can have utmost updated statistics from the most trusted tools like Link Analyser, Alexa Data, Google Backlink Search etc.
  • SiteSpy includes the most popular security tools to provide you a detailed report of malware scan & VirusTotal scan for the websites with various fields like domain names, scanned date etc.
  • It also facilitates you with multiple utility tools such as email & URL encoder/decoder, plagiarism check, duplicate email filter, meta tag generator etc.
  • This Google Analytics PHP script provides you with all-round analysis report in terms of social analytics, IP and domain analysis, website rank & index analysis etc. with the highest accuracy.
  • Further, it has built-in 12 languages for global usage and provides 12 distinguish themes for eye-catching layouts.


  • You can buy the regular license of this script a very reasonable price of $49 and get all of the fundamental features along with the best support system.
  • In addition to this, you can also purchase its extended license at the cost of $349 and avail all the premium & enhanced features, future updates, support and much more.

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4. WRanalyticsRealtime, Multiuser Website Analytics Platform

With WRanalytics, you can create and run your analytics website effectively which can be equivalent to Google Analytics or GetClicky.

This analytics solution lets you track website performance using different metrics and also sell the application to others at any desired price.

WRanalytics gives you live visitor information for faster analyzing so that you do not have to wait until a report is generated with other details like browsers, pages, devices etc.


  • This analytics platform lets you collect 12 metrics such as location, OS, page load time, referer, device and much more.
  • You can allow users to use this platform with one-time payment option or you can create various subscription packages for them. Further, you can enable them to configure various settings like turn on/off ads, make an additional payment to know more history etc.
  • Further, you can accept payments from your clients via secured built-in payment gateway Braintree.
  • Lastly, the script is loaded with various advanced features such as a unique name for tracking code, multiple themes etc.


  • Get the regular license of this Google Analytics PHP script at an affordable price of $15 only with basic features and support for 6 months included.
  • The extended license of the same script will cost you only $125 and you will be provided with unlimited enhanced features, future updates, & a dedicated support.

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5. gAnalytics Automated Reports In Mail

This Google Analytics PHP script is best known to facilitate you with automated Google Analytics reports generation that you have directly in your emails.

The best part about the script is, it is absolutely compatible with almost every browser, say IE7 to IE11, Firefox, Opera etc.


  • You can have reports on the basis of the top 10 countries, mobile device, source, social network referrals, pages etc. in your emails.
  • Besides, you can set up the cron job to schedule the reports as per your choice. For instance, you can set the frequency of report generation to daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Further, the script helps you to track unlimited domains and also analyze other user metrics like visitors, bounce rate, page views, pages/visit and much more.
  • Moreover, the script comes with a comprehensive guide to assist you in every possible way.


  • The regular license has got a price tag of $11 which include all the basic features, support for 6-months, updates etc.
  • The extended license is available at $75 which will provide you with enhanced features, frequent updates & support, and other advanced facilities.

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Hereby, we have reached the end of this article and I am sure you must have chosen the best Google Analytics PHP Script from the above PHP scripts that we just discussed.

The scripts are being used in abundance and hence you can figure out how much site owners have count on them.

If you are still uncertain about any of the services that we have mentioned or have a suggestion for the betterment, drop your valuable comment in the below section now.

Thanks for reading.