If you want to rank high on Google or spot your website on first pages of different search engines, then you should have an SEO optimized website.

For that, you will need an SEO PHP Script which will help you accomplish this goal.

This is the reason why we have mentioned 6 best SEO PHP scripts that are equipped with multiple site optimization features and facilities.

The scripts listed here are capable of providing detailed SEO reports, multiple optimization metrics, info related to domain authority, page and website content details.

So, if you are planning to get your website optimized perfectly for higher ranks, then you should check out the PHP scripts explained below.

1. SEO Analysis Tool – PHP Script

SEO analysis tool is one of the best PHP script through which you can review website details. It provides elaborated SEO reports and statistics which are beneficial for web analysis in PDF file format.

With this SEO script, you can easily optimize URL information and calculate the domain age from the date of domain registration.

That is not all, the script also collects social share counts, checks both internal as well as external links and helps you enhance page load time.

SEO Analysis Tool SEO PHP Script

Price Plan Offered By This SEO PHP Script:-

  • The script with cost you $149 for lifetime usage, technical support, report and other SEO analyzing facilities. All these features in this plan come with full access.


  • Helps you fetch domain related information like the domain age on the basis of registration date, website IP, server city, server country, etc.
  • It provides various page details like title, meta description, meta keywords, heading tags, images, text/HTML ratio and more.
  • With this PHP script, you can refine page load time as it includes DNS lookup time, connection time, waiting time, file load time, etc which can help you optimize page speed.
  • This script automatically brings out details of all websites which are related to the website which is being analyzed.
  • Competitive analysis can also be done as this script extracts the number of backlinks and page rank of matching websites.

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2. A to Z SEO Tools – PHP Script

A to Z is another PHP script which comes loaded with 50+ SEO tools that help you track various SEO issues on a website. With this script, you can magnify the visibility of your website on different search engines.

The script conduct full analysis of the content available on your website for keywords, on-site links, page speed, broken links and multiple other SEO options.

It offers a system to manage users, single click ads integration, page creation, Captcha protection and more.

A to Z SEO Tools SEO PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This SEO PHP Script:-

  • The regular plan of this PHP script will charge you $40. This plan will include basic SEO optimization features, multi-browser support, and quality check by Envato.
  • The extended plan will cost you $274 for all SEO optimization tools and services which are provided by this script.


  • The dashboard of this script displays pageviews history in the form well-explained graph. You can also view online users, daily pageviews, new users, and the number of unique visitors.
  • You can manage complete SEO tools list with details like UID, tool name, status (active/inactive), position, etc. Plus, you can easily edit or disable these tools.
  • This script also includes advanced Captcha protection system for different types of SEO Tools.
  • With this PHP script, you can easily manage website pages. It also allows you to create pages as well as links for your website.
  • It also provides interface setting options using which you can easily switch templates and select different types of languages.

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3. SiteSpy – Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools

SiteSpy is designed for people who want details for unique visitor, page view, bounce rate, average stay time, average visit and other visitor analysis.

This PHP script provides an API through which you can simply integrate it into other applications.

Plus, it holds SEO tools for link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion, page status check, etc.

SiteSpy SEO PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This SEO PHP Script:-

  • The first plan of this script comes with multiple entry-level features and facilities with a price tag of $49.
  • The second plan has got various website analytics features and SEO tools which will cost you $349.


  • Allows you to perform visitor analytics on various parameters like the unique visitor, page view, bounce rate, average stay time, average visit, etc.
  • You can generate website analytics reports in PDF format. This report will hold info related to Whois Info, MOZ Info, Google backlink, search engine index and many other details.
  • With this PHP script, you can also analyze domain details like Whois search data, server-related information, DMOZ directory listing, etc.
  • It supports all latest browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge and provides frequent updates as well.
  • You also get link analyzer and page status check with this script. Plus, keyword analysis tools are like keyword analyzer, keyword position & suggestion are also available.

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4. SEO Information Portal – PHP Script

If you are willing to compare details of multiple websites and want to create reports for competitive analysis then you should have this SEO script.

It has got a powerful admin panel which helps you manage various SEO options, reports, API keys, custom pages, advertising spots, etc.

SEO Information Portal script can also count HTML tags, get domain as well page authority and you can analyze traffic cost as well.

SEO Information Portal SEO PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This SEO PHP Script:-

  • Regular license will cost you just $20 with which you will get future updates, 6-month support, and basic SEO features.
  • Extended license is priced $100. It will provide responsive PHP script that holds advanced SEO optimization features and enhanced functionalities.


  • Allows you to export different type of SEO metrics in the form of XLS, CSV, JSON, XML file formats.
  • Using this responsive script, you can easily compare the SEO metrics of multiple websites.
  • It helps you track details related to Google backlinks, Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Moz backlinks, etc.
  • You can effectively analyze social share counts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, and Delicious.
  • The script also provides around 17 different themes which you can choose to build a custom website which is SEO optimized.

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5. ProRank – Analyzer Stats Website Script

ProRank is an easy to use website analyzer PHP script which helps you fetch out improvements and list suggestions for better website rank.

It offers details related to website unique visitors, page views, traffic statistics and Alexa rank map.

You can simply email reports and allows users to login through social media platforms like Facebook, Google, etc.

ProRank SEO PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This SEO PHP Script:-

  • For the regular plan, you will have to pay $35.
  • The extended plan will charge you around $404 for advanced SEO features.


  • This PHP script helps you analyze page speed, bounce rate, and domain authority as well.
  • You can easily generate reports for success, warnings, and errors available on a website.
  • The script provides optimization tips for website title, description, sitemap, page speed, and many more.
  • You can perform domain analysis to fetch details like creation date, domain age, expiry date, domain authority, keywords cloud, etc.
  • Allows you to conduct a website analysis for Moz Rank, Alexa Info, Google preview, website score and more.

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6. SEO Monster 2 – SEO Analyzer Script

SEO Monster 2 is one of the most effective PHP script which can be used to generate custom SEO reports with multiple details.

Through the admin panel, you can define SEO settings, select layout options, manage Ads and analytics with ease.

It allows you to create unlimited profiles for SEO, upload files which can be edited and provides support for multiple languages.

SEO Monster 2 SEO PHP Script

Price Plans Offered By This SEO PHP Script:-

  • $21 is the price which you have to pay for the regular plan offered by this script.
  • For the extended plan, an amount of $85 will be charged.


  • With this script, you can define multiple SEO settings like site name, site slogan, meta description, main page text and other details.
  • This script provides a fully customize SEO report which can hold over 30 SEO checks like page rank, hosting info, crawling checks, and multiple other site analysis.
  • It also extracts domain related information like Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Alexa popularity, and Whois info.
  • Using this script, you can also check internal and external link details. Plus, it allows you to manage the URL structure and provides multilingual support.

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We are here at the end of this blog and I am hoping that you would have made your choice about which SEO script to select.

We have tried to explain some of the best PHP scripts here which are capable of optimizing your website with the help of various tools and facilities.

Still, if you have any type of doubts or queries related to these scripts, them feel free to ask them in the comments section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, have a look at the blogs listed below, you may find PHP scripts on various niches in them.