Managing any task online always be a priority nowadays. And I guess hospital management is one of the recent topics in a management field to manage their tasks online. But to manage all the hospital tasks at one place we always need a perfect platform so today we came here with some of the easiest and popular platforms i.e., Hospital  PHP Script that will manage all your hospital related task under the single roof.

So, if you’re are a hospital administrator or a doctor and managing a website then embedding one of these PHP scripts into your site will definitely make you a hassle-free. Yes, with these scripts you can make a direct connection between the health care service and the customers.

It also helps the administrator to maintain all the aspects of hospital operation both on-premise or remotely. It is responsible to manage overall patient’s registration, appointments, patient’s & staff details, medical records, financial details etc. In fact, some of the script in this blog includes a search facility to know the current status of each room allotted to per patient, search availability of doctors, medicines availability and so on.

Now, this is a brief introduction of each script but I would like to suggest you to go with these products one by one to know them deeply.

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1. Doctorist: PHP Hospital Management System

Doctorist is one of the best PHP script with the help of which multiple doctors in a particular hospital can manage and see things related to patients. Doctors can manage the patient’s details, scheduled appointments, prescriptions & overall billing of a particular patient at one place.

It provides a wonderful user-interface which makes your site eye-catching. It provides a security check and invalid page submission feature so that any invalid users will not be able to access your system & data.

Doctorist Hospital PHP Script

Other Useful Features:

  • It allows you to view overall statistics of your system via its dashboard.
  • You can see past, present or future appointments in an appointment page present in the script.
  • The script allows you to easily store & print prescription and invoices of a particular patient.
  • There is a calendar feature which allows you to view & manage the details of appointment easily.
  • It provides an invoice analytic which show you the details of paid or unpaid bill of a patient.

Pricing Details:

This product will cost you $27 for all the above-listed feature & functionality.

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2. Bayanno Hospital Management System: Best Clinic System PHP

By using Bayanno Hospital Management System you can manage the complete & multi-functional or medical center at one place. It allows you to manage the patient, doctors, nurses, laboratories, pharmacists details effectively and makes the paper or manual work automatically easy.

Bayanno Hospital PHP Script

Other Useful Features:

  • The product comes with a private communication section where the patient can privately communicate with their doctors.
  • By implementing this script into your site you can efficiently track the details of medicines, blood donors, number of rooms booked etc.
  • It provides 8 type of different user accounts such as admin, doctors, nurse, patient, laboratories, pharmacists, etc.
  • User can search various doctors list with their profile and choose them according to their health requirement.

Pricing Details:

You can purchase this product at $46 where you will get all the above-listed features & functionalities.

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3. Hospital Care: Health Care Management System

One of the ideal choice for every web owner or doctors who want to manage their hospital management task online by sitting in a home. This is the ultimate solution for any kind of hospitals, diagnostic center, clinic, nursing home etc. It consists of a full manageable doctor & patient database where both can manage their details.

Hospital Care Hospital PHP Script

Other Useful Features:

  • It has a separate accounting management section where admin can manage the overall financial status of the hospital.
  • Hospital care also contains SMS functionality where doctors can easily communicate to their patient via SMS.
  • It comes with a doctor’s commision calculator option with which doctors can easily collect commissions on per reference of a patient.
  • Doctors can see or operate the patient’s medical history via patient’s history section.


You can buy this multi-purpose script at $39 only.

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4. Hospital Management System: Best Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management System is a powerful and a complete management system for hospital that allows you to keep track of everything related to hospitals, clinics, medical institutes, diagnostic centers etc. Through this product, you can create many relevant sections such as patients, doctors, nurses, receptionists, laboratories, pharmacists etc. It will also provide the users to have their own user account so they can manage their accounts effectively.

Hospital Management Hospital PHP Script

Other Useful Features:

  • On its dashboard, you can manage all your management section such as patient’s entry details, a number of bed allotted to per patient, blood bank, blood donor etc.
  • You can easily manage the medicines on a particular section of medicine with their name & complete description.
  • It will not allow the public user to make registration, only patient and related users can access the services of your hospital.
  • The product provides a login section on its homepage where the doctors, nurses or admin can directly login into their account.

Pricing Details:

This powerful product comes at $25 for all its above-mentioned features & functionalities along with 6-months support.

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5. Doctorss: Hospital Management System in PHP

Doctorss is an ultimate solution to manage all your hospital related task online. It is an online appointment & scheduler software which allow your patient to make an appointment to consult with the doctor easily over the internet. With the help of this software, the doctors can create a prescription online for their patients and later patient can take those prescriptions from anywhere.

Doctorss Hospital PHP Script

Other Useful Features:

  • It manages the doctors’ entry/outing time, availability/non-availability details at one place so that user can easily search & view doctors presence.
  • Doctorss contains easy patient management feature where doctors can easily manage the patient’s appointments, their reports, bills and so on.
  • The product contains a bootstrap based design which makes your site responsive or even more faster.
  • It supports all browsers such as opera, chrome, firefox, safari etc.

Pricing Details:

It will cost you $36 for all its advanced and basic features.

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Now these, are the collection of the best Hospital PHP Script which is really effective to manage all your hospital related tasks at one place. Use one of these products for your website and makes your paperwork easy.

These scripts are available for both beginners & the advanced user so that they can use it on a regular basis. So, how would feel after reading this blog, comment us your opinion or feedback.

We appreciate your valuable timing which you have given to read this blog.