Pre-filling or Auto-Populating form fields is a time-saving feature in Pabbly Form Builder. If you already know the answers that your users going to fill, you can Pre-fill those fields before sharing the form with your users.

Auto-Populate Form Fields through URL

Every form field has a unique pre-fill key which is available right away when you click on a particular field. You can use this key in your form URL to pass a value for that field.

You can use this key to pre-fill a field.

How to do that?

  1. Copy the pre-fill key of your selected field.
  2. Put a “?” after your form URL and paste that key and equal to value.

For Example, your form URL will look like this:

Pre-Fill-Key-Form-Preview (2)

You can pre-fill multiple fields by adding “&” between the values. 

For example;[email protected]

Pre-selecting multiple choice fields

Pre-selecting multiple-choice fields like radio/checkbox/ dropdown is very easy. Just pass the option name in the URL. 

For example; form_url?key=First Choice