Below are some of the commonly asked questions regarding FormGet that will occur to your mind. So to get the instant solution to these usual queries, you can go through the following answers. In case if you are looking for the FAQ of MailGet/MailGet Bolt then click here.

General Queries

–  What is FormGet..?

FormGet is an online “Form Builder” application for building various kinds of amazing online forms within few minutes and without any coding knowledge. It has a powerful dashboard, integrated helpdesk, custom branding, payment integration, security, customizable font style and color, all of which makes the form richer in feature and instant use.

– What can I build with it..?

We can’t count on fingers, as you can build almost every kind of form. For Instance- surveys with complex conditional logic, plain contact forms, order forms, registration forms, quiz and much more!

– Why should I use FormGet..?

Basically, forms are the key point of any website. They act as a medium/interface of communication between two entities, which is considered to be an authenticated path of contact other than emails.

They are most efficient in gathering the data. Online forms can also be used as a branding and marketing tool.

If you can get all these in a single platform then why to Google other form building apps. Simply login to FormGet or download FormGet WordPress plugin and generate your amazing online forms instantly.

–  Is it right for me..?

“Until you won’t try you would not be able to get into knowing things”.

To know if it is right to use then you have to go for “Try before buy” and get familiar with the app by playing around with it and explore the features. Then you can take a firm decision for yourself. It will definitely make up your mind in building forms with FormGet.

– Is my data safe with FormGet..?

Your data is valuable to us. You can be assured about your data. Your data will never ever be shared with anyone else. Your form data will never be sold or distributed to a 3rd party, and we will never view or access your data without your permission for support reasons.

– How long do you keep my information..?

We keep your data safe until and unless you ask us to erase it.

– How much does it cost..?

FormGet plans/extensions start from FREE to $297/yearly. You can opt it according to your needs for instance: A form that accepts payment, File upload feature in form, Export form entries for backup, Email Notification customization, Email Autoresponder Message Customization, Track and Analyse form entries, give branding to your form, Email Marketing Tool and various other factors.

– Any yearly contract or schemes..?

If we release some FormGet offers, we will notify you via an email. Make sure you are subscribed to FormGet’s newsletter.

– Benefits of paid plans..?

It depends on the plan you opt for based on which you can create a payment form, customize email notification id, can do effective email marketing with popular marketing tools, export form entries into a CSV file for backup, brand your form according to you, track form analytics, integrated help desk and much more that you need !

– Is it compatible with Joomla/Majento etc..?

Yes, it does support other frameworks too.

– System configuration (Recommended browsers)..?

You can use FormGet on Windows, Mac & Linux computer as long as you’re using a supported web browser and have an Internet connection. The supported browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 9.0+
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Google Chrome

It also works fine on all smartphones and mobile browsers.

– I don’t have a website, can I still create my form and receive messages..?

Yes, even without a website you can create your forms and collect leads. There is a direct link provided under form embed section that you can use to share your form directly. It will help in improving your marketing strategy as well.

– Which type of support system do we provide..?

We provide support via emails. We do our best to answer your question as quickly as possible. We do take care of every single user.

– Do we accept suggestions and feedback..?

Of course, we always welcome your suggestions/feedback. It is valuable for us to improve the app and make it more simplistic for you.

Queries Related To Payment

– What types of payment do we accept..?

As of now, you can pay via PayPal or Stripe. We offer both monthly plans as well as yearly plans. You get a special 20% OFF on all yearly plans.

– Can I get an invoice..?

The only receipt, we issue is the automated PayPal or Stripe receipt which is generated right after you complete your transaction. That receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.

– How to become an affiliate..?

You can read our Affiliate Terms & Conditions before you start referring someone. You will get 30%, i.e., if someone you refer clicks your link and become a paying customer you will get 30% of their purchase.

– How can I change monthly recurring subscription fee..?

If you have made payment via PayPal earlier and want to change your monthly subscription, you have to first cancel your earlier plan and then you can buy a new plan.

In case, you have used Stripe payment option earlier and want to change your plan, you can simply ask us to do it for you.

– Can I collect payments via forms..?

Yes! You can collect payments via forms for the services you offer. You can easily integrate your form with PayPal and Stripe using extension provided separately for each of them. Follow up this tutorial guide for further assistance for PayPal and for Stripe.

– How to integrate PayPal in Form..?

To integrate PayPal with your form  <<<<click this link>>>>

– For PayPal integration, do my customers also need a PayPal account..?

Yes! Your customers are also required to have an account with PayPal. PayPal is in complete control of the user experience after a user is redirected to

– Benefits of yearly service to monthly service.

You will get a 20% discount for yearly FormGet plans. You can choose Stripe Payment gateway while making the payment.

– Refund policies.

FormGet is one of the best Form Building App. Just in case if you are unhappy with the service, then we have a 30-day refund policy.

If you cancel your account within the first 30 days and request a refund, we will provide one.

Of course, we will ask you a few questions just to see if we can resolve your issues and make you feel good again.

– How can we change billing information..?

If you wish to change the billing information kindly reach us at- and we will get back to you.

– How to integrate Stripe in Form..?

To integrate Stripe with your form <<<<click this link>>>>

Queries Related To Account Information

– How many accounts can we create..?

You can create one account with one email id.

– Difference between free account and paid ones..?

In a free account you can create unlimited forms but with limited features but in a paid account you will get powerful FormGet features. FormGet has robust extensions for each feature that you need in your form.

– How to assign/replace existing login email id..?

If you wish to change/replace existing login email id, then kindly contact us at- and we will get it done.

– Can I change my account details..?

Yes, you can change your account details by going to “Account Settings” option under your dashboard. Just hover on to your profile picture, you will get the option there.

– How do I cancel my account..?

To cancel your account you can mail us/contact us and we will do the needful.

– Upgrading and downgrading my account..?

If you wish to upgrade/downgrade an account, then you can contact us at- and we will do the needful.

– Can we add Team members..?

Yes, you can add team members using Team Management Extension. It can be your support staff or your clients with whom you want to share your data.

Agents have the privilege to access form data and reply back to the entries. When you add a new agent, they get login access to their emails. They can login to their FormGet account and access the form data assigned to them by admin.

– What If I cancel my account? Will my forms or data also get deleted..?

If you cancel your account, you don’t have to worry about your data. It will be safe with us and won’t get erased until you won’t ask us to do so.

– Can I cancel my account and upgrade it later..?

Yes, you can cancel your account and upgrade it later.

Queries Related To Security

-Is it spam protected..?

Yes, we have given a Captcha feature in Forms which helps to prevent spamming.

-Is my form submission data safe..?

We do our best to keep your data safe on FormGet. Your data will never ever be shared with anyone else.

Queries Related To Email & Form Integration:

– How to Embed forms?

For embedding a form kindly refer this link – How to create and embed form on your website

For embedding forms in non-WordPress websites refer this link  – How to embed forms in non wordpress sites

– Types of Contact Forms we provide?

  1. “Embed Sliding form”:It appears as a tab on your website. Paste the embed code on your website between the opening and closing <head> tag.
  2. “Embed Form” for website page:It is classified further into two:

          –> Embed Form1 (With Design including Header & Footer): – In this form mainly “Header and footer” are provided which differentiate with plain forms. In this, you can add your company’s logo and much more. It has an improved look and feel.

         –> Embed Form2 (Plain Form): – This form is simple as other contact forms with required fields.

– How to modify the height of the forms..?

Go to your js/iframe code. There you will find an option “height”. Just change it according to your need and it will be resized. You can also preview it before embedding.

– I would like to change my email id for notification. Can I..?

You can change your email notification id using Email Notification Extension. With this extension, you will be able to add, remove and change multiple/single email id.

– Can I recover the deleted forms..?

No, once the form is deleted you cannot recover it again. So be careful.

– How many forms can I create with Free plan..?

You can create unlimited forms and can receive unlimited form entries in a free account.

– How to redirect to another page after submission..?

For redirecting the user to a specific URL refers the following tutorial will help you how to redirect forms after form submission.

– Can I add two email address to one custom notification..?

Yes! You can add multiple email address separated by a comma to one custom notification.

– Point to remember while applying condition logic to prevent submit button from blocking..?

Do not hide the fields which you check as “REQUIRED” (i.e. Which you want users to fill compulsorily) in your form, as it will block the submit button to work.

The reason is if the “REQUIRED” field gets hidden then users won’t be able to submit it until unless they fill that particular field. So all the necessary fields which you want your users to fill, place it in front of form by not keeping them hidden.

– How to export all my entries to CSV..?

To export your entries into a CSV file you need to have Export Extension. Follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial for more assistance:-

– Can I see reports/graphs of entries..?

Yes, you can see the reports/graphs of your entries using Analytics & Reporting Extension. This extension also contains three more features:  Google Analytics, Email Report, User Location.

– How many forms can be embedded in a single page..?

There are no restrictions for embedding forms in your website, but for sliding form embed type it is recommended to embed only a single form per web page, so as to fasten its processing.

Queries Related To Form Builder

– Can I change “Powered by” or “create your own free account” links..?

Yes, you can remove it with Custom Branding extension. This extension will How to change text style, font style of header?

To change text style of header do the following steps:-

-> Go to form builder page.

-> Click on “Untitled Form”.

-> A window will pop up, under which comes the field title where you can insert the text using HTML tags as shown below:

<font color = “green”><b>Insert your title </b></font>  

help to convert your form according to your branding.

– Maximum file upload size..?

You can upload files up to 10MB.

– Edit design of forms (themes, colour, font style)

To change the design, do the following steps:-

-> Choose the specific form that you need to edit, in your dashboard and click Edit then Edit Design.

-> On the right side you will find the tools to customize your form.

-> Now you can customize accordingly.

For extra customization feature, you need to have Custom Branding Extension.

– Maximum size of Banner Logo..?

Maximum size of the banner logo is 5MB

– How to change the submit button font and color..?

Go to form edit design section, there you will find the option for font and button color under Form colors.

– How to change the sliding form button text..?

Follow these steps:

-> Login to your FormGet dashboard.

-> Click on “Embed Form” option.

-> Then choose “Embed Sliding Form”.

-> There you will find the option as “Slide Text“.

Change it according to you then copy the given code to use it.

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