What is a Webhook?

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks (a piece of small code linked to the web applications) which are triggered when a specific event takes place. For example, if a user signs up to a website (www.example.com) then an automated call configured to ask the server to send the welcome message.

In other words, Webhook is the easiest way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps.

How Add a Webhook in FormGet?

 1. Log on to Zapier and make a new zap.

FormGet Webhooks

2. Choose Webhook from the given applications.

FormGet Webhooks

3. Now select on Catch Hook.

FormGet Webhooks

4. Copy your webhook Url.

FormGet Webhooks

5. Open your FormGet account. Go to Integrations then click on Webhooks. Now paste the copied URL there.


Note: The selected form must have at least one submission to test Webhooks integration.

6. To test the integration, go back to Zapier and click on “Ok, I did this“.

FormGet Webhooks

7. Your hook is created. You can see your form submission by clicking on the hook.

How to Setup a WebHook with FormGet

8. Now it’s time to connect your another app for integration.

How to Setup a WebHook with FormGet

Submission Payload?

Webhooks POST a JSON payload on submission to the webhook URL. The JSON payload looks like the following:

    "form_id": 123456789,
    "ticket_id": 79879873434,
    "ip_address": "",
    "submission_date": "2019-05-16 09:25:55 (GMT)",
    "First Name (text_element6)": "Jhon",
    "Last Name (text_element7)": "Doe",
    "Email (text_element8)": "Jhondoe@outlook.com",
    "Number (text_element9)": "9181716151",
    "Single Line Text (text_element10)": "Some single line text",
    "Multi Line Text (text_element11)": "Some multi line text",
    "Date (text_element12)": "01-01-2010",
    "Add Your Products (checkboxes13)": [
        "Product 1",
        "Product 2",
        "Product 3"
    "new_payment(13)": "$15",
    "Select a Choice (select15)": [
        "Second Choice"
    "Multiple Choice (checkboxes16)": [
        "First Choice",
        "Second Choice",
        "Third Choice"
    "Select a Choice (Radio17)": [
        "First Choice"