In MailGet, you can easily import email contacts and manage bulk email lists. Managing contacts is easy if you have a good list management system.

Importing contacts in your contact list can be accomplished using following options-

1. Import contacts in the list by uploading CSV file of contacts.

2. Write contacts manually and upload it to your list.

Follow These Steps To Import Email Contacts –

Step: 1  Click on the “Contacts” tab in your MailGet dashboard then click on “ADD NEW LIST” button.


Step: 2  Give a name to your list and click on “ADD” button,

Here, I’ve created a list named as “Demo List“.


Step: 3  Once the list is created click on this “Demo List” and then click on “ADD CONTACTS” button as shown in the following image.


Step: 4  Now you will see an “ADD CONTACT TO LIST” panel. Here, you can choose the list in which you want to import contacts.

You can upload a CSV file of contacts, you can download a sample CSV file from here for reference.

Note – If you want to use any custom tag then just make a column with name custom in your CSV file and write custom values for all email addresses. Further please make sure you don’t use comma anywhere in the email list.  

Import Contacts Manually – 

After you choose a CSV file/write contacts manually, click on the “IMPORT CONTACTS” button.


Step: 5  After successfully importing of your contacts, you will see following message box. Just click the “OK” button. 


Now your contacts are successfully imported, and you can send mails to that list using MailGet.