MailGet API is a method for you to “add” contacts in your email subscriber list in MailGet from an opt-in form.

In other words,

With the help of MailGet API, you can grow your email subscriber list simply by adding a subscription form in your website.

Programmer? No? Go and find one right away.

And if you don’t have any in your contact, then just take a look at the Documentation for  MailGet API For Email Marketing.

How does It work?

  1. Web Designers can create an opt-in form.
  2. Integrate it with MailGet API to add contacts.
  3. Place it on the desired location in a website.

Its advantage is that contacts will automatically get synchronise in your desired contact list in MailGet every time a user subscribes through a contact form. There’s no need to import subscriber list explicitly.

Learn API Integration in detail for adding subscriber sign-up form in your website using MailGet.

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