Send Emails to Non Opened Email Subscriber .? 

If your subscriber don’t open your email for the first time and you want to send emails again to subscribers who have not opened your first emails then this feature helps you to increase open rate of your email. One click feature available in MailGet to try this.

As a result, your emails will not reach to the right place leading in failure to achieve your business target.

Do you want to segment your contact list.? 

Segmentation helps marketers to achieve high click-through rates, best-in-class email delivery and generates more revenue from the sent emails.

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MailGet’s subscriber segmentation feature helps you to identify the most and least profitable customers that in a result, improve the customer service and assist in customer loyalty and retention.

What is Customer Segmentation?

Segmenting a contact list is simply a process of dividing a list into subgroups so that a user can target on a set of customers.

Customer Segmentation is simply a practice of grouping the customers based on their similarities they share.

The goal of customer segmentation is to decide how customers relate to each segment to maximize business. !!

Using segmentation, you can send very specific or targeted emails to a particular group when the occasion arises. This lets you target individual readers who are more likely to read your messages.

Why Should You Start Segmenting Your Customer.?

A solid list segmenting strategy is the key to differentiating your marketing from competitors. 

Customer segmentation is an important element of every successful marketing strategy.

Email marketing campaigns will not survive if, they are dependent upon targeting the whole audience as every customer has individual needs, behaviors, and preferences.

They are dependent upon targeting the whole audience as every customer has individual needs, behaviors, and preferences.

And so, the marketers need to group customers based on some common characteristics.

The marketers need to group customers based on some common characteristics.


Carefully chosen segments help you understand what your customers want and what you can offer them. It also explains how grouping your customers into segments is a good foundation for winning and keeping profitable customers.

So, Start Targeting The Most Profitable Customers..!! 

Features Of List Segmentation

MailGet’s subscriber segmentation gives you the freedom to split your subscriber’s list into the number of subsets according to their activity.

Your question might be,“What activity?”.

Let’s take a look at it : –

1. Number of Opens –

According to the number of opened emails, a segment of unopened emails gets created, so that we can resend the campaign to only the ones who’ve not yet opened the campaign.

2. Number of Clicks –

According to the number of clicks, a segment of email gets created who have not clicked in any of the links in the campaign.

3. Number of Purchases – 

According to the number of Purchases, a segment of emails gets created who have not purchased anything, so that we can resend the campaign.

Benefits Of Contact List Segmentation

See how list segmentation can help you to drive more user engagement through welcome emails and get high conversion rates –

1. Improve Conversion Rates 

Segmenting helps to improve the conversion rates.

The number of messages you target to a group who sees or receives it, the better it will perform.

2. Achieve Higher Open And Click Through Rates 

As segmenting the contact list helps you to understand what exactly your customer want.

So, keep profitable customers on your list –  

Send emails to only those readers who are most active on your list rather than those customers who have no interest in receiving your emails.

3. Increase Click-Through Rates 

By delivering the content that your customer actually want to read, click and interact, you can grab their attention and increase click through rates.

4. Increases Profitability

 Segmentation increases brand equity, brand recall,  customer retention, competitiveness, which in result increases profitability.

5. Better Communication: Retain More Customers & Build Healthy Relationship 

By limiting the audience, one can easily understand the target by understanding what your customers are more likely to see or read.

This increases the communication and makes your marketing effort more efficient.

6. Improves Customer Service: Assists In Customer Loyalty & Retention

Segmentation helps you to identify your buyers and the demands of each customer group and facilitates the right choice of target market which in result make your customer service better.

7. Target Selling

By segmenting all the customers into specific groups who regularly buy certain products, you can target them with relevant offers and also maximize the opportunities for up-selling which encouraging them to increase their spend.

Contact list segmentation helps you to identify the potential buyers and your target audience which in result increased sales, improved opened rate and enhances your reputation.

So, start expanding your business exposure by sending right messages to a right customer.