The world we live in is connected to a digital platform called social media. Furthermore, with the boom in the social media networks, the expectations of users have increased for using the intranet. If you are looking to create a secure workspace for your staff or members of your community. We are providing a collection of very best intranet WordPress themes in this article.

Intranet WordPress Themes

Moreover, these themes include all the communication, networking, and interactive features to satisfy your intranet requirement. Some of the basic features of intranet:

  • Document Management, that lets you share a variety of documents within the network.
  • Mobile Responsive Design, which makes it easy to access on mobile devices.
  • Social Tools, which help the members of the intranet socialize and connect.

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Now, let’s dive in together!

1. ConnectNet – Best in Intranet WordPress Themes

The ConnectNet is a well-designed intranet theme. It’s a fully responsive, one-page layout that loads and works smoothly on multiple devices and browsers. Additionally, the theme offers a variety of features like full-width slider section that catches the attention of the visitor. The theme is suitable for Broadband service providers and network providing companies.

ConnectNet Intranet WordPress Theme

Cost Estimation:

  • This theme can be yours along with the user license at a cost of $79 only.

Features of this Intranet WordPress Theme:

  • Full-width slider with animation that makes it attractive in nature.
  • Hexagonal portfolio section that lets you showcase your products and services in style.
  • Social media buttons that let the visitors share your website on various social media platforms.
  • Video section provides you with ease of sharing videos on your homepage.
  • Testimonial section makes it possible to share reviews and experience of your clients.

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2. Net Provider – Internet Service Provider WordPress Theme

Are you an internet service provider? If yes, then the NetProvider is the perfect WordPress theme for you. This theme is most suitable for mobile communication and internet service providing companies. This theme looks professional and also user-friendly while using it. The layout of it is well balanced along with the features like gallery and blog section available on the homepage.

NetProvider Intranet WordPress Theme

Cost Estimation:

  • This theme comes with the user license at the charge of $79 only.

Features of this WordPress Intranet Theme:

  • The full-width slider lets you feature images and description on the homepage.
  • Social media buttons let others share your webpage content on their own as well as others feeds.
  • Gallery Section provides you an area to showcase images of your products and services.
  • The widgetized footer integrates various features like contact us, gallery, blogs at a single place.

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3. WebHost – Domain And Web Hosting Service WordPress Theme

The world of internet is growing exponentially. Every person who owns a business wants to have an exposure and outreach globally. It is crucial to choose the right web hosting platform for your website. The WebHost theme is the most suitable theme for providing storage space as well as access to websites. Its fully responsive layout and featured image section give it an appealing look to it.

WebHost Intranet WordPress Theme

Cost Estimation:

  • This theme is available with the user license at a price of $79 only.

Features of this Intranet WordPress Theme:

  • The full-width slider lets you showcase images and description on the homepage.
  • The image slider feature section looks attractive and lets you feature images on your webpage with hover effect.
  • 4 column feature section lets you exhibit your services in a professional manner on your website.
  • The lead capture form helps you generate leads, giving you growth in your customer base.

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4. Woffice – An Intranet WordPress Theme

Woffice is another intranet WordPress theme with lots of customization & tweaks. It comes with lots of plugins such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce, LearnDash etc. Through them, you can provide too many services to your clients like community, school networks, government & business intranets & many more.

Woffice Intranet WordPress Theme

Cost Estimation:

  • Its standard plan costs $75 without any extra charges on the end users while using it.
  • This theme also has another plan of $2100. It includes both the item fee & the buyer price.

Features of this Intranet WordPress Theme:

  • It comes with WP Bakery page builder to create a page of any kind of layout.
  • Apart from it, you can get the notifications from your WordPress site on your slack channels.
  • On its widgetized footer section, you can add any information or widgets according to your needs.
  • With 600+ font awesome icons, you can groom the content of your site without any hindrance.

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5. Alliance – WordPress Intranet Theme

Alliance is a WordPress intranet theme which is built to make the communication inside your company healthy enough to provide easy access to corporate data. Apart from it, this theme has an attractive dashboard on which, you can post events, calendars, notifications & many more kinds of stuff for the people in your organization.

Alliance Intranet WordPress Theme

Cost Estimation:

  • The regular plan of this WordPress intranet theme charges only $59 with the access for a single user.
  • Apart from it, $2950 is also the charge of this theme with lots of tweaks & customizations.

Features of this WordPress Intranet Theme:

  • After applying this theme on your site, you can run online courses for the employees of your company under both free & paid categories.
  • Through its BuddyDrive plugin, you can share reports, documents & other types of files with your colleagues without any hindrance.
  • On its header section, you can add the search icon such that the others users of your site can easily find the information which they are searching for.
  • Also, you’ll be able to feature any event of your company in a fancy style on its site.

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So above are some of the best extranet/intranet WordPress themes which you can surely count on. They all are well designed & easy to use. Some of them have an attractive slider area to display the high-quality images.

While others have the feature of 500+ font awesome icons such that you can transform the look of your content. If the content looks attractive then only others will find it promising for their work.

So we would like you to try out these WordPress themes & finalize the best one for your work!

For any queries & suggestions, please comment below & we will reach out to you soon!