People thought for a while that RSS Feed WordPress Plugins have gone with the passing winds of Google Reader. But it is still a hot favorite choice for many.

In fact, presently RSS Feed WordPress Plugins are widely used to divert traffic to websites & contents. But that’s the case when you choose an RSS Feed WordPress Plugins with eyes wide-opened.

But first, let’s know RSS a bit more.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is a web feed which allows users to access the updated web contents in a computer-readable format.

Let’s keep it simpler. RSS will keep updating the users on any new updates, or new feeds on their favorite websites.

And this RSS Feed Plugin lets the user keep track of many different websites in a single news reader or news aggregator.

This whole process of passing of contents is done by web syndication. Website use RSS feeds to publish the updated information like blogs, audio, news headlines and more.

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In this post, we’ll be discussing few best RSS Feed WordPress plugins from the stack.

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1. RSS AutoPilot

RSS AutoPilot Widget allows you to display the recent posts of your blogroll links and capable of downloading RSS feed. It creates posts in WordPress using unique Content Extractor feature.

This feature allows to manually pick contents or detect it on anywhere on your website.

RSS AutoPilot

Pricing –

You can buy RSS AutoPilot Plugin exclusively at $21, and extended up to $105.

Features –

  • With AutoPilot Plugin, get news directly from website’s pages.
  • The plugin is completely multilingual.
  • It supports both Atoms and RSS Feeds.
  • It has an automatic link remover tool.

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2. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is simple and latest WordPress plugin for RSS Feed. You can import and display your articles, videos, news headlines and more anywhere on your site.

The plugin is best in use for easily importing and displaying RSS feed on your WordPress site. Build your entire site in minutes, or enhance your existing one with this RSS Plugin.

More than hundred & thousand people satisfied and given 4.5/5 their satisfaction rating.


Pricing –

It offers its services at just $80.00 for a single site and extended up to $300.00 for up to 20 sites.

Features –

  • It allows the user to import any number of feed items from various RSS Feeds.
  • Allows you to import full post content for an unlimited number of feed items.
  • It also offers a number of premium add-ons for additional functionality
  • Completely multilingual and responsive.

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3. Feedzy RSS Feeds

We all know caching is the most effective way to optimize your website. This light weighted WordPress Plugin adds caching to feeds.

The plugin allows you to display the recent posts on your blog or article. You can insert the widgets into your site and RSS feed will automatically filter the contents wherever you want in your website.

Feedzy RSS Feeds


3-stages of plans –

Personal Plan – Offer its services at $46 for 1 Year.
Business Plan – Offers its services at $105 for 1 Year.
Agency Plan – Offers its services at $176 for 1 Year.

Features –

  • The plugin is Shortcode friendly so it defines the way feeds to display on your site.
  • Themeisle is completely mobile responsive and caching is done automatically.
  • It allows you to display the images in the feed.
  • Gives unlimited feeds for your website.

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4. Curated WP RSS Aggregator

The plugin is highly revered and the best tool that is responsible for importing, merging and displaying RSS on your WordPress site.

The Curated WP RSS Plugin lets you import and aggregate various RSS feeds and arranges them by category in an easy to use list style.

It is easy to use and customized and responsive to any theme.

Curated WP RSS Aggregator

Pricing –

WP RSS Aggregator Pro version for a single site at $39 and extended up-to $69 for up to 5 sites.

Features –

  • Allows you to create multiple lists of aggregated RSS feeds.
  • Add more keyword filtration for each feed source with Filtering Options.
  • With Update Interval plugin you can refresh the feed content based on the interval parameters.
  • With Wide Format Images, images can be displayed in a wide format for better visuality.

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5. Echo RSS Feed Post Generator

This powerful tool will generate a blog that will automatically post articles without any hassle.

This plugin is one of the key success of the business to generate passive income. Echo RSS Feed plugin is easy-to-use tool permits you to build a website like Envato Marketplace and much other feed.

Echo RSS Feed Post Generator Plugin for WordPress

Pricing –

The plugin offers its standard license at just $11 for 6 months and extended up to $95.

NOTE: Get it now and save up to $3.

Features –

  • It provides the opportunity to import contents to your blog from any feed.
  • The plugin has a responsive design and fully compatible with any screens.
  • Supports shortcode to customize your post title and content.
  • It gives lifetime updates and support.

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6. Auto RSS News

Auto RSS News Plugin is a lightweight and straightforward WordPress plugin. It helps you to start news site over more than 100 of news with less than 15 minutes.

Increase the work rate by adding plugins in your website. Just add RSS source in your website and leave your entire work on plugins.

Auto RSS News

Pricing –

You can take its tons of features at just $10 and extended up to $50.

Features –

  • It supports all languages source such as German, English, Spain and more.
  • It allows importing the news manually and automatically with a wp_corn tool.
  • There’s no restriction of adding an unlimited number of RSS Source.
  • It modifies the structure of links to add referral suffixes.

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7. Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

This WordPress RSS Feed Plugin permits you to show a menu that contains various RSS feed subscription options to your visitor’s site.

This WordPress plugin allows you to configure up to 8 and more different custom topic of RSS feeds. It satisfies its more than hundred and thousand users through its ultimate service and getting 4.8/5 satisfaction rating.

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

Pricing –

The plugin is completely Free. You can use its services unlimited.

Features –

  • This RSS Feed Plugin is simple and user-friendly.
  • Fully customized and responsive.
  • Allows you to add multiple custom topic of RSS Feed.
  • The plugin permits you to create specific RSS tags feed menu as well using a simple shortcode.

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8. RSS Post Importer

This RSS Post Importer Plugin is the best choice for importing, merging and syndicating Full-Text RSS feed and Atoms on your websites’ blog.

The Plugin brings an RSS feed and publishes the contents of an article of your each Feed Item to your WordPress blog. It allows you to share relevant content with your readers as well.

RSS Post Importer

Pricing –

Gets its unlimited features and functionalities for a lifetime of FREE.

Features –

  • It displays the full content of the article.
  • Provides Piechart for feed items distribution & Bar Charts for every post.
  • With Cloud-based processing, it gives full-text RSS feed engines, Real-time full RSS Feed engines and much more.
  • With CSV File you can export/import your feeds.

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And this is where my writing comes to end. These are the collection of 7+ WordPress RSS feed plugins which will surely give your readers and visitors the info that they’re looking for.

If you think that I’ve left something then let me know in the comment section below!