We all are aware of the facts that live chat PHP script, Live chat support systems and customer chat rooms on a website very essential. As they help you attend customer who wants to know more about your products, business, and services that you offer.

So, it is pretty necessary to have a live chat service which looks great and facilities you customers as well as support agents.

In this blog, we are going to talk about Live Chat PHP Script that will help you add an attractive chat box on your website with ease. Most of the Live Chat PHP Script that we have defined here offer facilities like responsive design, multiple chat support, chat room customizations, conversation history, offline messaging, cross-browser compatibility, and more.

You will also find support systems that are capable of handling multiple accounts simultaneously and auto response to visitors queries on the basis of his/her input.

In addition, we have also done a good research and testing to dig out PHP scripts that are affordable, effective and helps you attend more and more customers online.

But before diving in the details have a look at the blogs below:-

1. WebSocket Live Chat

WebSocket Live Chat PHP Script is a responsive support system developed for websites, which is suitable for social messaging and live support systems as well.

It has got easy to use dashboard through which each and every visitor details like the number of members, number of accounts, online guests and users information like last user, date time and conversations related details can be monitored.

This Live Chat PHP Script comes with chat demo, admin panel, and a fully explained documentation.

WebSocket Live Chat Live Chat PHP Script


  • The first plan holds regular features which will cost you $20 and give you 6-month support.
  • Next plan comes with extended services and facilities which is priced around $125 and gives you demo access, admin panel, and documentation as well.


  • This Live Chat PHP script has a user-friendly dashboard which provides online and offline user details like the number of online accounts, online members, online guests and registered accounts, etc.
  • With WebSocket live chat system you get options to share different types of files on the chat room like the photo, video, doc file, audio as well as locations.
  • It is an instant messaging system which provides sound and desktop notifications, allows you to conduct personal as well as group conversations.
  • This Live Chat PHP Script permits you to ban users and IP’s on permanent & temporary basis.
  • It’s a simple live chat system with which you can create groups, add a profile pic, change group name, list online user, get online & offline user details and more.

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2. iChat – Live Chat PHP Script & Support System

iChat is a realtime online chat support system which provides both chat widget for direct chat from a webpage and chat button for separate chat window. You can also add customer rating, create multiple departments, agents, and user rules.

The dashboard is extremely user-friendly and it allows supports agents the facility to end chats and transfer users from one department to another with the help of chat transfer. Live map, instant notifications, customer locations are also available.

iChat Live Chat PHP Script


iChat offers two different plans

  • Regular license:- $20 is the cost of this license with which you will get a PHP script for live chat support system. It offers an easy to use dashboard which has easy to access options like chat room, departments, agents, offline requests and more.
  • Extended license:- $95 is the price charged for this license which holds extended services. It helps you view conversations, offline messages, chat time, agent details, along with other important information.


  • Agent option is one through which you can have a quick look over things entire agent details like agent name, his privileges, the position of agent, phone number, department, number of conversation, customer rating, etc.
  • The dashboard projects daily conversations, offline message details, department activities and other summarised details as well.
  • Departments section helps you to filter chat details easily on the basis of different departments. From here you can view the number of conversations attended by a specific department and the agent details as well.
  • Allows you to have multiple agents, multiple departments with sound notification in a single chat room.
  • You can accept an unlimited number of conversations, plus, you also get offline message functionality and IP geolocation with it.

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3. Skype Live Chat For PHP

This is one of the most popular Live Chat PHP Script as it helps you to put Skype live chat box straight on a website. With this PHP script, you can provide customer support via an APP, Website or through Skype.

That’s not all, it allows you to handle multiple chats, add customers through Skype. Plus, an unlimited access to chat history is also available which requires no setup or customizations.

Skype Live Chat For PHP Skype Live Chat PHP Script


Skype Live Chat For PHP Support System has got two types of plans

  • First is the regular plan which comes with a price tag of $20. It gives you 6-month support and allows you to add Skype live chat box on your website.
  • The next is the extended plan which will cost you $75. It comes with additional amenities and extended services.


  • With this chat support system, you can conduct real-time chats and conversation with customers.
  • You get different button customizations like style (rectangle, square, etc), label (allows you to add custom button text), show icon (icon enable & disable).
  • Allows you to apply color customizations on the chat room like button color, message color, chat room theme, and other custom changes for better looks.
  • This Live Chat PHP script is compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge and supports various software versions like PHP 7.x, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x, and more.
  • Helps your support agents to attend multiple chats and visitor conversation at a single time. Plus, unlimited chat history is also available.

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4. PHP Smart Robot Chat Support

If you want to add a smart chat support system to a website which is easy to install and comes with an API then you should have PHP Smart Robot Chat Support. It has one of the most intelligent A.I that response according to the user’s replies in the chat room.

It helps you refine the replies and you can create your own replies with the help of Add Command feature. It uses Microsoft search engine to fetch different types of details like news, articles, etc.

PHP Smart Robot Chat Support Live Chat PHP Script


  • In order to enjoy live chat service on your website with the regular plan of PHP Smart Robot Chat you will have to pay just $17. With this plan, various AI features along with 6-month support will be offered.
  • $105 is the amount which is payable for the extended services of this plan.


  • Various setting options like theme selection, chat visibility, text alignment, message limit, default start message and more can be defined with ease.
  • You can add different types of custom replies and responses with the help of Add Command to automate chat replies. This option is of great help as you can mention command texts and attach a response message to it.
  • With this live chat system you can easily manage, add, customize and delete chat commands straight from the dashboard. It comes pre-loaded with more than 600 chat commands.
  • Plus it also gives you the option to generate widget script for the custom chat room which you have designed with multiple changes and customizations.

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5. Wchat – Fully Responsive PHP Ajax Chat Script

Wchat is a responsive web app kit that can effectively be used for unlimited chatting and web support services. It provides multipurpose theme with light & dark versions, various theme modifications, plugin integrations, font icons, file upload options and much more.

In addition, with this live chat PHP script, you also get frontend demo as well as admin panel demo for proper testing.

Wchat Live Chat PHP Script


  • Get full access over this PHP Ajax Chat Script with all its regular services at a cost of $29.
  • For the extended features and services of Wchat PHP Ajax Chat Script, you have to pay $199.


  • Super easy to install as you just have to select the language, fill database details and add usernames & password for admin panel access. This is all you need for successful installation.
  • You also get the facility to save chats, send them through emails, view last seen, and improve online as well as offline functionality.
  • It provides more than 1000+ smileys and emojis, along with the option to send an image, video, and other types of files via Wchat chat room.
  • This is the Best PHP Chat app which looks great on android, iPhone devices, desktop as well as tablets of different sizes.
  • Also provides user management, message management facilities, along with multiple admin user and multiple themes.

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6. Zechat – Facebook Style PHP Ajax Chat

If you are familiar with facebook chat then you will be comfortable with Zechat because it projects the same style and design. It is a stylish Live Chat PHP Script which can simply be used to conduct real-time chats, messaging and more on a website.

Zechat gives you options like chat box close, auto-resize of text, auto-scrolling of chat text, easy integration on a live website, Facebook & WhatsApp like smiley and more.

Zechat Facebook Style PHP Live Chat PHP Script


  • Regular license of Zechat is priced $29 for people who want real-time chat script on their website.
  • The extended license of this live chat PHP script will cost you $149 with which you will get future updates, file share and multiple other options.


  • With this live chat script, you can easily handle multi chats and user messages in the chat room all at same time.
  • Allows sharing pictures, and files of different formats in the live chat without any hassle.
  • Once installed on a website it displays a facebook style chat box at the bottom right corner of the website which is very helpful for your support agents.
  • Auto generates a ping whenever a new message is been received from a visitor.

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Final Closure

Live Chat PHP Script are somewhat complex and hard to find, I hope my blog will help you fetch one which is beneficial for your website.

Here, we have tried to present the best live chat support systems which are easy to use, cost-effective and loaded with features & facilities.

This doesn’t end here, if you have got any type of doubts or queries related to this topic or PHP scripts defined here, you can freely ask us in the comments section below.