If you want to add a feature-rich online calendar functionality to your website then the collection of this blog on Best Selling Calendar PHP Script will be helpful for you.

Yes, PHP calendar script is a great option to add versatile calendar feature on your website. The script allows you to manage all your event management tasks, appointments times or dates etc. In fact, it also manages the upcoming Quizzes details, projects details and many more in one place.

And thus, the online calendar scripts listed in this blog does all the works which are mentioned above, also they are handy for organizations of any size to help team members to share events & tasks and keep each other updated about every detail either it is for events, project details, appointments etc.

Their usefulness isn’t only limited to companies but also the artist, writers, performers, bloggers and any other individual can use it for their convenience. These PHP scripts let you integrate the booking engine into any web page – HTML, PHP. ASP, JSP, etc.

Moreover, these scripts also provide an option to the users if they want to register themselves for any of your events. They can also purchase tickets, and integrate your website calendar with a service like Google calendar.

So, dive into the blog and find the best Selling Calendar PHP Script which fits your requirements. Meanwhile, you can also visit few more blogs we’ve attached below for your business purpose.

1. PHP Events Calendar Control: Datepicker Script In PHP

PHP Events Calendar Control script is a complete solution for all of our calendar needs. It offers a wide range of features, such as publishing and viewing calendar events, event schedules details and overall statistical information of your events in a user-friendly design layout.

This calendar script is very simple to install, and can easily get integrated into your website. It has clean, clear and user-friendly navigation which provides your user a better experience.

PHP Events Calendar Control

Other Useful Features:

  • There is an option to display the two calendar on one page ( i.e. Small & Big calendar).
  • You can set events and can view the events in various ways such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and list view basis.
  • It contains DIV element to divide the HTML document into section so that you will be able to add more event forms.
  • Exporting data feature is available so you can easily export event details via CSV, XML or iCAL file format to the other location.
  • You can also print the details of each event via print the page option.

Pricing Details:

PHP Events Calendar Control provides its regular license at $23 with 6-months support whereas its extended license will cost you $125 with 12-months support.

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2. Gcal: Add Google Calendar Event

Gcal is another powerful PHP calendar script which is growing in popularity today. It allows you to add Google Calendar Events easily or directly to anywhere on your webiste. Also, it permits you to create and edit events according to the requirement. The event locations, email id of users, start or end date, time slot etc can also be added in Gcal.

It is simple to install and can easily get integrated on other projects. Moreover, it also enables you to make a video call with your customer by using join meeting button.

Gcal Add Google Calendar Event

Other Useful Features:

  • It provides the options of an event listing management and event updation to make event details up to date.
  • By using Gcal you can get a daily agenda on your email if you don’t want to constantly check your calendar.
  • It has an ability to send bulk email to all your attendees to remind them about tomorrow or future’s events.
  • With its popup feature, a user can easily and instantly view the event details.
  • There is a countdown timer is available for the next event or upcoming events.

Pricing Details:

Buy its regular license at $15 with 6 months support & future updates. Or, to avail more benefits of it, you can buy its extended license at $175 with 12-month support.

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3. Caledonian PHP Event Calendar: Datepicker Script In PHP

Caledonian is one of the best choices for event calendar purpose which is a user-friendly PHP based multi-user calendar/scheduling script. It comes with so many advanced features like timeline option, shared calendar’s details option, event reminder facility and so on.

This is fully customizable and it takes only a while to integrate into your application. You just need to have a web browser or HTML5 supported mobile devices.

Caledonian PHP Event Calendar

Other Useful Features:

  • On its dashboard, you can find various options like mini calendar visibility, upcoming events, today’s event, and language translation option.
  • You can set an event reminder by using its event reminder functionality.
  • There is a note icon is available to make any kind of note just for remembrance.
  • It supports Bootstrap style customizable feature.
  • Supports WYSIWYG editor for better user experience.

Pricing Details:

This powerful PHP event calendar will cost you $17 if you will buy its regular service. Moreover, if you want to get its more extended features then you need to buy its extended plan at $70 only.

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4. Tiva Events Calendar For PHP: Time Slot PHP Script

Tiva event calendar is the most versatile PHP calendar script which allows you to manage and display all events on a calendar. It is flexible in use and very easy to install and can get easily integrated into your website. You can display the events on a lively basis also you & your user can quickly view event information via tooltip interface.

Tiva Events Calendar

Other Useful Features:

  • It provides full layout as well as a compact layout of the calendar so you can set the calendar according to your need.
  • This PHP script is available in JavaScript, WordPress, and Joomla version also.
  • It is fully customizable so you can customize it whenever you want and it can be put anywhere on your website.
  • You can view events via calendar or list style option.

Pricing Details:

Get all the above features of PHP event calendar script at $19 which is its regular license or you can also get its extended plan at $95 for more extended features.

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5. PHP LBEvents: Event Calendar PHP Script

PHP LBEvents is a versatile PHP script that will allow you to create and manage events to display on a calendar. It enables you to create limitless calendars for every event. You can create those events with its settings and drag & drop widgets for the sidebar. The script includes various social networks like Facebook & Twitter links so you can share the events on your social network as well.

PHP LBEvents

Other Useful Features:

  • It provides 3 inbuilt widgets for event lists, user’s timezone, and user’s location details.
  • You can manage media by easy to upload images on event section, location, organizer section etc.
  • Provides map on every event for the user to get the exact locations.
  • It supports 3 layout views such for Month event, Weekly and Day event.

Pricing Details:

Get this PHP script for the calendar at $16 which is its regular license and buy its extended license at $80.

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6. Weekly Calendar: Time Slot Booking Calendar PHP

Weekly Calendar is a simple PHP script which can be used to manage and display your weekly events in your website. This allows you to add, edit and delete events through its admin panel. Moreover, you can also display the event’s start time as well as end time with the full details of events via the popup section.

Weekly Calender

Other Useful Features:

  • It has an ability to display the events by categories, locations, participants or statistics.
  • Gives you an opportunity to create an unlimited number of calendars.
  • It stores and searches client info, contact details etc.
  • Supports multiple languages.

Pricing Details:

This predefined script will cost you $11 for its regular license and provides you unlimited feature & functionality.

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So these are the 6 best Selling Calendar PHP Script of 2018. You can schedule bookings, events, quizzes and many other things online by sitting at home. Generate appointments in real-time, connect with customers and maximize your schedule with these PHP Scripts.

I hope one of these great products will definitely hold your interest. So, what experience do you have after using these scripts, share your thought with us in the comment section below!