Email marketing PHP script allows you to spread the awareness about your services to a large number of audience via bulk emailing in a short period of time.

You can create and send unlimited emails using beautiful templates (comes with an editor) to any number of recipients with the help of PHP email marketing application. In fact, you can easily change SMTP username or password while sending emails using these email marketing tools.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 best email marketing PHP script which helps you to promote your business in a simple way.

All the below-listed email marketing PHP scripts are best in the market as it consists of a lot of features some of them are-

  • Autoresponder – Its a sequence of email marketing messages that get sent to subscribers in the order and time period that you decided.
  • Customization – You can create your own templates and send unlimited emails with the help of these email marketing PHP script.
  • Reports And Productive Analysis – One can check their campaign statistics such as clicks and bounces on the daily, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Documentation – All the listed script consist of useful installation guide which helps you to easily setup the software.

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There are so many other features present in these email marketing tools. Let us discuss each one of them in detail.

1. Berevi Newsletter – Email Marketing App

It is one of the most powerful email marketing application whose script is written in PHP. You are able to send thousands of emails without any limitation with the help of CSV file imports.

It provides you full PHP newsletter system which includes dashboard overview where you can see the number of subscribers, total number of group lists or newsletters and more. Further, it provides SMTP or PHP mail, easy IMAP mailbox system and a lot more.

This email marketing app is easy to install because of the friendly installation wizard. Moreover, the multilingual feature helps to convert it in any language.

Berevi Newsletter Email Marketing PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The script gives you multiple theme and layouts selection by which you can send emails in a beautiful format. In addition to this, it has a feature to handle bounced emails automatically.
  • You are allowed to add QR (quick response code) images to campaigns as they are working as a highly secure barcode. Also, you can add social networking tags to campaigns easily with the help of this PHP script.
  • It has a registration form which you can modify according to your need as it is highly customizable. The best part of this email marketing PHP script is the functionality of automatic email format verification so that if any modification is required it will send a message to the user. This will make your work easier.
  • Berevi Newsletter has an autonomous tracking system that includes open and clicks rates this works exactly like a view counter. Here you are able to track the number of subscribers/unsubscribers, and a lot more.


  • Berevi Newsletter is available at a reasonable price of $23 with a 6-month support.
  • You can even extend the support up to a year by paying $6.75 with regular updates.

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2. Email Marketing PHP Script

It is a simple and clean email marketing script which consist of a lot of features such as powerful email listing and group management where you can make a list of the total number of emails.

Further, you can create groups for various types of emails such as spam, incoming, outgoing emails and more. Also, this email marketing PHP script has a beautiful dashboard and it is translation ready in nature so that you can change it in your required language.

The noteworthy feature in this PHP mail script is you collect payment from your customer by selling subscriptions. The payment can be done by various payment gateways such as Stripe and, PayPal which were integrated into this email marketing PHP script.

Email Marketing PHP ScriptEmail Marketing PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • You can create beautiful email templates which you can edit accordingly with the help of rich editor present in this tool. Also, you can send unlimited emails with your created template or from the existing templates.
  • The important functionality is you can use multiple SMTP or PHP mail. At the same time, you can integrate various Mailgun, Amazon SES, Maildrill API etc.
  • One can track their user activity such as subscriptions, payments etc, and manage users in a well-organized manner.
  • It has an option of schedule email by date, day and time so that you can send an email according to your preferred time. In addition to this, it helps in validating an email address this will keep email marketing process secures.


Buy the regular license of this script at $46 with all the future updates and full support up to 6 months. You can extend your support up to 12 months by paying $15.38 only.

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3. Email Flow – Simple & Easy Email Marketing Tool

Email Flow is the simplest tool in the list of email marketing PHP script as there is no need of coding skills to set up this app. The only thing you have to do is download it and setup it with the help of given useful installation and usage guide.

The best part is its useful dashboard which comes with the calendar functionality, using which you can see the number of emails sent on every date and you can further manage them accordingly.

Moreover, you can create multiple groups and send email to group clients. Also, you can make a separate section for group management where you can keep data regarding the group emails. One can check the total number of group emails in the group management section.

Email Flow Email Marketing PHP Script

Other Useful Feature

  • Using this PHP script, you can create email accounts with your own domain name means you are allowed to change SMTP username/password etc., for an outgoing mail.
  • Email Flow allows you to select a template and create a template with editor 2013 Office. Also, one can easily add an email template with HTML using this email marketing script.
  • It is not compulsory that the person whom you send the email is your subscriber (have a record in your database) you can send emails to the new client too for promotion purpose. And, after sending the email you can check the status of sent email like delivered/not delivered, in process etc., in just a few clicks.


You can buy this script and get all of its features along with future updates at two varied prices-

  • The regular license cost you $50 with quality checked by Envato.
  • You can buy the extended license, at a reasonable price of $63.

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4. Lethe PHP Newsletter & Mailing System

This is a unique PHP newsletter script with the help of which you can send appealing newsletters to your subscribers within a few minutes.

It is a highly customizable mailing system where you can design your own email templates. Also, you are able to purchase email templates online to add to your template archive. These existing templates can be edited with the help of rich editor present in the tool.

Lethe PHP Newsletter & Mailing System Email Marketing PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • This application offers various autoresponder action these are –
  1. After Subscription/Unsubscription– Here it will send messages like welcome or goodbye automatically after the subscriptions or unsubscription of the services.
  2. Specific Date: This will help you to send emails automatically, on weekdays, or on the date which you already selected for the emailing purpose.
  3. Special Date: It will help you to send automatic emails before reaching the target date. e.g: Send 2 days before the date of the anniversary of your client or any other special occasions.
  • It provides remote control for your subscriber. That means you can call API URLs from different servers for a new subscription, check or cancellation of services to a subscriber and more.
  • Consist of useful shortcodes which will help you to replace your texts in your letters that’s why you are not required to retype the same information in each campaign. Its somewhat work like an auto dictionary functionality.


There are two different licenses available at different pricing plans these are –

  • Regular license – $45.
  • Extended license – $385.

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5. EHLO Mailing – Email Marketing PHP Script

This is one of the finest email marketing PHP script with which you can do bulk email marketing of your products and services in a perfect manner. You can import contact manually or by CSV file with the help of this email marketing script.

EHLO Mailing Comes with full documentation and useful user guide which will help you to set up this software with ease.

EHLO Mailing Email Marketing PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • It has an advanced HTML editor where you can create your own templates with the help of easy drag and drop options. Further, you can import these templates to another site or server easily.
  • This PHP script uses the HTTPS security protocol and it has its own firewall present in it which protect it from spamming or any other security issue. Moreover, the software uses the Bcrypt functions (it is a key derivation function for passwords) to secure your passwords.
  • Consist of statistical report functionality where you can see the total number of openings, clicks, subscribers etc in a detailed manner. Its a type of view counter available in graphical form.


Buy the regular license of this email marketing PHP script at $84 with all the future updates and full support up to 6 months.

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Now as you read all the 5 email marketing PHP script, we hope you have understood each and every aspect of this article. We have compiled this list after doing a lot of research. So, feel free to choose any of the above 5 email marketing PHP script which best fit for your business.

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