If you are looking for a Contact Form PHP Script that is cost-effective, efficient, easy to integrate, server supportive, trusted & tested. Then you have landed at the right place.

As here, we have listed and defined PHP scripts that are currently popular in the market and offer plenty of facilities at a low cost.

All these PHP scripts that are described in this article are not limited to contact form creation, most of them can be used to create different types of forms like feedback forms, login forms, order forms and more.

Moreover, you also get data validation, multiple file upload, pre-designed form templates, captcha, auto emailing, notifications and other facilities.

Get the Advance Contact Form Script, it manages the user-submitted entries through a dashboard with the features of effective dashboard, message status, send & reply section, etc. Apart from this, you can perform edit or delete operation on a specific record and can manage profile settings.

Below we have got a comparison table which can help you in the better selection of Contact Form PHP Script

PHP Script Pricing  Validations Demo Ratings

Easy PHP Contact Form Script

$6 3 4.2/5.0

PHP FormBuilder

$17 19 4.1/5.0

360 PHP Contact Form

$6 All Fields 3.6/5.0

Easy AJAX Contact Form

$7 3 4.1/5.0

Simple PHP Contact Form

$6 All Fields 3.2/5.0

Multi-Purpose Form Generator

$16 15+ 3.8/5.0

Before diving into the details of the PHP scripts, have a look at the blogs below:-

1. Easy PHP Contact Form Script

Easy PHP contact form script enables you to create a fully configurable contact form that can have file upload option, Captcha for spam prevention, SMTP integration for email delivery along with various data validations on form fields.

Other than contact form you are free to design and implement different types of forms like feedback form, order form, contact form with location detection, job application form, request form with this PHP script.


  • The price of Easy PHP Contact Form script is just $6 which is one of the cheapest in the list. It is a powerful PHP script that comes with SMTP authentication, updates and more.

Features Offered By Easy PHP Contact Form Script:-

  • This PHP contact form script helps you create forms that are responsive in design and looks great on all type of devices like desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Easy PHP Contact Form script allows you to redirect the user to a specific URL after the form submissions process. It also permits you to accept different types of files through the file upload facility.
  • It allows you to apply various form validations on fields like empty field, email format validation, maximum characters required, etc. Errors are generated by the forms when the validations applied are been violated by the user.
  • In order to avoid spamming the Captcha Anti-Spam feature can easily be applied to any form. You can also club image and text Captcha both in one or use them separately.
  • Auto detects the location of the user as it is capable of tracking the country as well as the city of the client. Plus, it also provides support for different fields like textbox, text area, email, phone, combo box, checkbox, radio button, etc.

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Pabbly Form Builder

2. PHP FormBuilder

With this PHP form builder script, you can easily create login forms, feedback forms, data collection and survey forms as well. All these forms can hold multi-option fields like – textboxes, text areas, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down boxes, and more.

All these fields come with a wide range of settings which will help you set up its view and validate the submitted value. Once a form is filled and submitted all the errors are displayed right beside the fault field.

Other than that it offers easy to use dashboard, user-friendly interface, change view facility through CSS and other functionalities.

PHP FormBuilder Contact Form PHP Script


  • The regular license of this PHP form script will cost you $17 with which you will get multiple form validations, options to add attractive form fields and design responsive as well as logical forms.
  • The extended license of this PHP script comes with a price tag of $85. It includes various advanced features and facilities along with all the basic amenities.

Features Offered By PHP FormBuilder Script:-

  • PHP FormBuilder script allows you to verify passwords, emails, URL, IP, character strings, etc entered in the text fields. You can also use text fields and text areas available on a form to check the length, spaces, special characters and more.
  • Instantly displays successful form submission and validation errors that occur once the form is been submitted.
  • This PHP script permits you to create buttons that are loaded with optional JavaScript and also supports Data Validator.
  • It allows you to automatically send form submission results to one or more email addresses.
  • The forms created are multi browsers compatible and support IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and other browser versions.

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3. 360 PHP Contact Form

This is a bootstrap based contact form PHP script that can easily be integrated within PHP and HTML pages of a website. It offers PHP mail and SMTP mail functionalities along with various customizations and jQuery validations.

360 PHP contact form is one of the newest contact form PHP script available on CodeCanyon. But with this PHP script, you won’t get any type of demo for testing purposes.

360 PHP Contact Form Script Contact Form PHP Script


  • For the full access of the regular plan of this PHP contact form script, you have to pay $6. This plan includes various advance amenities and form creation services.
  • The extended plan will cost you $40 and it has got the multiple features and fields with jQuery validation script.

Features Offered By 360 PHP Contact Form Script:-

  • 360 PHP Contact Form has got Ajax script with the help of which you can display success or error message once the form is completed without a page refresh. In addition, it will also deliver emails after the form submission without conducting a page reload.
  • Super easy to integrate on web pages as this PHP contact form is built using HTML, CSS, and PHP. It essentially requires PHP as the emails are sent through a PHP script.
  • Allows you to add file attachment fields on the forms. Using this field you can apply various file size and file extension restrictions on the forms as well.
  • Forms created using 360 PHP contact form helps you perform effective spam prevention as they are pre-equipped with Google Recaptcha and Math Captcha facility.
  • It also includes PHP mail function and PHP SMTP function along with bootstrap based alerts.

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4. Easy AJAX Contact Form

With this Ajax contact form script, you can generate responsive and custom contact forms without a user interface. This is one of the best contact form PHP script as you can create Ajax forms which mean no page reload or no page refresh will be required after form submission.

Success or error message will be displayed on the same page as soon as the submission is clicked. It also supports Javascript and jQuery which will help you add animated error and successful message for attractive client-side effects.

Moreover, validations like required field, maximum characters, phone characters, email format, file extension, file upload size can be applied to multiple form fields.

Easy AJAX Contact Form Contact Form PHP Script


  • Easy Ajax contact form has got only a single price plan which costs $7 through which you can have numerous form building features and facilities.

Features Offered By Easy AJAX Contact Form Script:-

  • Multiple spam prevention options like text Captcha and image Captcha are available that can easily be added to a form.
  • This PHP contact form script helps you create custom error and success messages for different types of forms.
  • This PHP form script includes 4 pre-designed themes for contact form creation which you can customize according to your needs or you can create one of your own.
  • Forms created using this PHP script are fully responsive and comes along with phone fields and different types of validations.

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5. Simple PHP Contact Form

Simple PHP contact form provides a PHP script using which you can create and place a contact page on a website with ease.

This contact form page is one of the best-selling PHP contact forms at CodeCanyon as, it is affordable, easy to integrate, allows customizations, offers Ajax version and more.

Plus, you also get full documentation, server requirements, and support with it.

Simple PHP Contact Form Contact Form PHP Script


  • $6 is the price that is payable for the full access of the regular plan of this PHP script. It allows you to build forms that can easily be attached to a website page.
  • The extended plan will cost you $35. It offers advanced features along with a quality checked by Envato and future updates as well.

Features Offered By Simple PHP Contact Form PHP Script:-

  • All the form fields hold various validation scripts which are capable of providing the required information and error details when rules are violated.
  • Allows you to integrate custom thank you and success pages which are shown once a form is successfully filled and submitted.
  • This PHP script comes with “Are you human?” feature which can be applied to any forms to avoid spamming.
  • It is super easy to integrate into any web page of a website as you just have to add 2 files in the PHP code to display the form.
  • Helps you customize email messages that are received and allows you to create custom subject lines for those emails.

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6. Multi-Purpose Form Generator

Multi-Purpose Form Generator comes loaded with a self-explanatory interface, multiple form fields, various field data validations with custom messages and more.

With this contact form PHP script, you get easy to use drag & drop interface for contact forms, feedback forms, event registration, and other form creation.

In order to add forms to a page using this PHP script you just have to follow three simple steps:- install the script, create a form, download the code and add it on the web page.

Multi-Purpose Form Generator Contact Form PHP Script


  • For all the regular features and basic services, you can opt for this plan which will cost you just $16.
  • $84 is the cost which is payable for the extended and enhanced services of this PHP script.

Features offered by Multi-Purpose Form Generator PHP Script:-

  • With this PHP form script, you will get Ajax submit forms functionality that will help you avoid page load at the time of form submission. Plus, you also get the option to redirect the user to a thank you page as well.
  • This PHP script supports more than 10 types of fields and 15+ validations with custom messaging facility.
  • Email notifications, automatic email replies along with 100+ font awesome icons are also supported by this PHP form script.
  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of forms and you can display different types of forms on a single page. These forms can also have reCaptcha for anti-spam protection.

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Pabbly Form Builder


Finally, we have arrived at the end of this blog and I hope you must have found the right PHP script to create contact forms which are responsive, Ajax-enabled, offer data validation and other important facilities.

Most of the PHP form builder scripts described here can easily be tried and tested as all these services hold proper documentation, demo, and other testing details.

But in case you are stuck somewhere, you can mention your doubts and queries in the comments section below. We will be happy to help you.