When it comes to recruitment and hiring process, you can easily get the crowd of passive candidates on the sites like Linkedin.

But to find out the right candidate, you need to communicate with all of them.

Email marketing is one of the best and effective approach through which you can easily and quickly connect with the candidates by sending them emails.

Why Email Marketing Only?

Email marketing is the only channel which makes it possible to reach every candidate individually, and you can make sure that not a single candidate is missed out.

Moreover, various email marketing services have grown up. Here I would like to describe of MailGet, an email marketing service which I also personally use for my business.

It has some great feature such as –  

  • Drag & Drop Email Builder – Allows you to create and design great emails that too responsive in nature i.e. can be viewed on any device.
  • Email Tracking System – You can monitor your email sent. Like you can know how many emails get delivered, how many emails get opened and much more stats.
  • Email Scheduling – You can schedule your email delivery by specifying the email sending date and time.

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An independent and hassle free email marketing service – MailGet Bolt that lets you send trackable emails via its own SMTP service with high inbox deliverability assurance.


Next up is that while performing email marketing for recruitment purpose, you should make sure that your emails are eye-catching as then only you can grab the prospective candidate’s engagement and urge them to make a response.

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Check out here some of the best email templates that you can use for hiring and job recruitment purposes.

1. These type of recruitment email templates are preferable for job consultancy agencies and organisations. 

Recruitment Email Template 1

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2. These form of recruitment templates can be used by big corporation for recruitment and hiring process. 

Recruitment Email Template 2

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3. Big companies and businesses can use these sort of recruiting email templates for their hiring process.  

Recruitment Email Template 3

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4. A modern type of recruiter email template.

Recruitment Email Template 4

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5. Email templates for recruiters, who organizes job fairs and expos.

Recruitment Email Template 5

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6. Hiring email templates specially designed for manufacturing and industrial organisations.

Recruitment Email Template 6

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7. Simple but striking form of recruiting email template. 

Recruitment Email Template 7

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8. Recruiting email templates, especially designed for hiring organisations and agencies.

Recruitment Email Template 8

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9. A good and impressive type of email template, that can be used for recruitement and hiring purpose.

Recruitment Email Template 9

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10. An truly engaging form of email template, that can be used for recruitment process.

Recruitment Email Template 10

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I think that these sort of recruitment email templates will definitely help you in making your hiring and recruitment process a lot effective one.

Want To Design Your Own Email Template..??

 Try MailGet – email marketing platform which lets you to design stunning emails through their Drag & Drop Email Builder.

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